Tuesday, May 31, 2005

With the first Ops Gempor at Sg. Long, we are now looking at Ops Gempor #2 showdown at Rawang. The date is tentatively set on 18th June 2005. Those interested kindly leave yr particulars on the web or call your local squad commandant. All news update will be posted.
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Anonymous said...

Hello Brother,
This site was established by members to see the interests of amateur radio in Malaysia protected.I think you have strayed far away for ham band.Please look into your mission statement.I would like to suggest that you get a good frequency
counter, trim your mission and make sure we go back into the ham band.Otherwise you may be contravene the MCMC Regulations and become irrelevant hi hi.There is no place for paint ball shooting in this forum.
Jangan marah ya
Just a passing comment only and to put you in the right track.Maybe dual track from KL to Haadyai.

Marts News said...

Hello Brother,
Welcome & a big thank you for your time spent reading our site. All critisicm is welcome, positive or otherwise. However, we hope you will come back on and qualify your statement. As you are probably aware, we would appreciate solutions. How about a few suggestions on where you think we could best utilise the time and resources we have at hand.

Moving forward, this site has grown to include interests above and beyond ham. After all, a ham member usually has many interests and this is a common interest group. It is a source of pride that this site and our band of members are a non-political driven interest group.

While the mission statement and its intent remain intact, we also acknowledge that it is not possible for us to directly effect the directives for which this group was set up. So, we work the periphery and allow for a creative outlet for our members so that we dont dwell on the obvious --- the radio community has fallen from it previous glory and a lot of rebuilding is necessary.

While it is understandable that you think we should trim our mission and go back to a solely ham based activity club, we beg to differ. This is not a club. This is not a society. This is a group of ham members who happen to be more vocal and less tolerant of beauracracy and narrow mindedness.

By the way, how on earth are we contravening the MCMC regulations? Since we are not a registered body, we dont represent anyone. We are just a group of people who have access to media and the web. Like someone once said, you can't fire volunteers.

So..... if you think paint ball is not a proper forum, dont join in our paintball fun. THe rest is still open to you. Lets not segregate members. This forum is meant to group collective interest, not to isolate or ostracise people. SO, let us extend the first hand of friendship to you. Come and leave your comments, and allow us to persuade you to shoot a few paint balls.


Anonymous said...

Hello Brother,
Thank you for your immediate response.Pse do not take my comments abt contravening CMC Regulations seriously. Play Play only.There are many ham related activities that can be done.
1. Antenna construction.At the moment pay and get it.There is nothing like building one and it works equally good with the commercial one.Satisfaction guaranteed.
2. How to read SWR.Many do not know what is SWR and how to read.
3 Morse code oscillator.. good for people who would like to upgrade to 9M
4 Safety for amateur radio.. all should know
5 Lightning protection
6 Linear power amplifier
7 Power supplies
and 1001 more.
Hopefully I will come out of the caves someday and give a helping hand.At the moment Caves activities do not permit me to be involved.
Bye Cheerio.. 73

Anonymous said...

Something to read on what blogging is all about:



Anonymous said...

Cheers to all listening stations,
the technical stuffs such as point no. 1 and no. 7 could be address in MartsNews website (not the current blogspot). Anyway where is that site now lah...? it suppose to be online back then.

Or it could be address in http://amateuradiomalaysia.blogspot.com/.

Just sharing my opinion.
73s all.

badman said...

originally, the gerakgempor was supposedly a combi of paintballing & 'fox hunting'. instead of just using directional antenna (possibly home-brewwed) to look for specific target, paintball was added to make it more challenging & fun.. it'll be a war-like game where strategy comes into play.
unfortunately the last one didn't get much participation & the fox-hunt had to be cancelled, leaving only the paintball. nevertheless, the guys had fun while at it. so, it IS still radio-related kinda thingy lah..

too many anonymous, donno if it's from the same person or diff.. maybe should some identification there.. without revealing who the person really are, of course..

9W2XI - Wilson said...

Hi anonymous,
The technical link is on our main page, look under LINKS - Marts News Tech Help
or you may go directly to www.amateuradiomalaysia.blogspot.com
Pls feel free to roam around.

9W2XYZ said...

Dear Anonymous Caveman.

I read your comments and refer you to the editor's response. Since our intentions are not clear, let me make it crystal.

Some members have responded to your blog. I tell you why. People here feel strongly about common interests. Sometimes, if you are a radio diehard, you have to accept that there are hams who get their callsigns just because it allows them to run a rig in their 4WD. Just so they can convoy. This is not a mainstay hobby for them. In this respect, anything a group of hams can do around a common interest - is a ham related activity. It does not need to be directly related. Let's accept that for some, life does not revolve around radio. It is just equipment. They are in the hobby to meet people and have fun.

I have gone through your list. I know there is nothing like building your own stuff and finding that it works equally well as the commercially available stuff. So tell me.... you driving your own kit car? And when was the last time you read the time off your home made watch? Do you have a well in your kitchen?

Back in the days when radios were vacumn tube driven and pushing QRO and Morse was the order of the day, sure... that made sense. These days, tiny handies are pushing out 7 watts. Army signal corps have stopped using Morse. Sure, there are some people that love restoring and waxing lyrical about their antique cars. But give me the auto Kancil anyday over the Model T Ford.

These days, do you know what it takes to build a dual band mobile antenna? Or a mobile rig? I buy my radial larsen antennas because they make them better than I can. They make em prettier. And a darn sight more robust. Acid test completed. However, if you can do a better job, hats off to you. Bring em to our 40 thieves den, and put a price on it, we will sell em off for you by consignment.

As for the SWR, I dont think we need a class to teach anyone that. That takes about 5 minutes. If you cant read an SWR meter, why bother being a ham? That is first step self diagnostic. Like being able to see if your fuse is open circuit.
As for the other items like -
3 Morse code oscillator.. good for people who would like to upgrade to 9M
4 Safety for amateur radio.. all should know
5 Lightning protection
6 Linear power amplifier
7 Power supplies
and 1001 more.

Well...... We group together to be stimulated. If the 40 thieves has a pressing need to know more about this stuff, someone has yet to bring it up. We are still setting up our jam session studio here with the drums and guitars and amps and keyboards et cetera. Maybe we should hook this up to radio. By the way, we need sound baffles if anyone can donate any, to kill off standing bass waves.

In other words, we make no apologies for the activities that we indulge in. We make no excuses for what we do. If you think you can add value, please come out of the caves into the sunshine, let the sun warm the parts of your anatomy that dont see light... and offer to help. ANY HELP IS WELCOME> but.... (Disclaimer) dont get pissed if not everyone gets a hard-on when you do. If you cannot come out of your cave ( too much bondage ) no problem. Start posting it up here. The editor will give you a weekly column.

Cheerio... dont get upset.. play play only ah.... Actually, your blog was discussed at an eyeball not too long ago. So... you see.. what you write here reaches people. Do continue.

;-) 73s 9W2XYZ

p.s. do you have a name.... we give more serious consideration to those who we can assign an identity to. Stand behind your conviction. We welcome contrarian views. And if you have recommendations for tech sites, articles, etc. We hope you will contribute. Also gives you a chance to prove us wrong.

Roll on, man.

9W2MCT said...

wahliau man...........

anyways.........this was suppose to be for the intended participants of Ops Gempor 2.....so anyone interested
please log in here, as we have yet to meet the minimum requirement for headcount.
so I will be keeping a keen watch on this to check on our (hopefully growing) list.....
List of confirmed Pax so far
3.9W2 XI
4.Friend (AXN)
(location and cost will be announced upon request - call 9W2MCT on RKK)
Cheerio, 73s - 9W2MCT

badman said...

phew... reading xyz's response was tiring, need to get a teh tarik lepak after this lah.. ;-P
just to sum up (like it needs any..) what've been said, tho the radio has brought us together, doesn't mean we can't do other 'common interest' too. when a couple fall in love (& lust) with each other, certainly they won't be doing the love&lust thingy day in day out, surely they'd be doing other stuff too such as attending functions etc.

abt the tech stuff, a tech page is already up & contribution of any expertise relating to it is highly appreciated.

anyway, donno if we r responding to the same anonymous or not, could be more than one of u out there. just hope u guys can contribute more & maybe we can have a chat over teh tarik (or any drink u fancy). cum over & leave ur 'mark' at the 40thieves.. ;-)


9w2MCT said...

Hi Hi Bad...
at 08:53 hrs...and the first thing you do is respond to the blog ....
now that's the true spirit............

73's 9W2MCT

Bugger said...

Okay, now what 9W2XYZ wants to say has been said. Let me give my point of view to Mr Anoy..Any..Anymonius..Anynonymus..(would be better if you just gave your callsign).

The 1st paintball session that we had if you didn't know, drew strong interest from the MPA (Malaysian Paintball Association). This is because we are the 1st ever team to play it in an actual jungle scenario. Even the MPA who is running events like these has never played in a real jungle scenario. The reason they don't do so and never did encourage any other parties to do is because MPA is afraid that the participants may get lost, different from us coz we all had portables. In case of any emergencies, we are able to communicate to each other which not only made the game more exciting but also more safe. We can in times of emergency or lost, communicate to the other team to stop the game and regroup or worst case scenario, get external help.

Another reason is that after listening to what HAM radio is all about the MPA people are interested to learn and take the RAE this coming September.

Sometimes getting people to take RAE is not just about learning to make antenna's and radios all the time. Of course that is the basic of it and can be explored but if you to learn tennis, don't talk about ball weight, line tensile strength so on and so forth. Get into the play, get interested, get excited and see where that leads to. You never know that out of 100 people who are cherries in HAM 5 will take up the hobby seriously and more will follow suit.

I for one am shocked to know that after more than 40 years of HAM in Malaysia, we have about 2,000 HAMs ONLY?? You got to be kidding me! Someone is not doing things right here. When I carry my portable around, people think I'm a contractor or if they see my jalopy they think I'm a call man (tow truck guy). I think the tow truck guys are more popular than HAMmers in Malaysia since everyone knows about them and not US the HAM community.

What the HAM community needs is to first expand the HAM community. How? By doing all these and letting everyone know about it. Tell everyone what HAMmers can benefit from community perspective, not about homebrewing antenna's. I can tell you, if we need to expand the HAM community, don't scare them away talking about technical details first, they'll fall asleep and get bored and lose interest. Get them going by another way, let them join and only later, will they know the real benefit of being a HAM member.

We try in every aspect to get more people to recruit to become HAMs and we are proud that personally, we have touched almost 50 people to take the RAE and pass within the past 2 years and that was within the people that I knew. We are going to go on and ensure that HAM community grows and grows by the year and from there, you will get people with specialized skills and interest that can help bring forward radio communications with the latest in technology together.

We invite you to come and see what we do and how we interact to make this a more 'wholesome' HAM community.

No hearts taken, just pointing out my views.

73's to all those monitoring 9W2SAI

9W2MCT said...

All enthusiast of Paintball in our community..........

Sorry...bad news, no confirmation (Due to my fault), we have to postpone the next ops Gempur.
Will announce, via the usual channels, for the next one, in the meantime, do collect a general list of
would-like-to participants, for immediate, call up for duty!

73s, Keep in touch

Bugger said...

9W2MCT de 9W2SAI,

Need to confirm the date and location for my side. The soldiers can't jump at the last minute coz we too have other missions to accomplish. Need at least 2 weeks notice before ops insertion to prepare hardware and gear. Tango Kilo.


9W2MCT said...

QSL...point taken.