Thursday, May 19, 2005

2 Meter Net on World Telecommunications Day

With 9M2-DS moving to push for an impromptu 2 Meter Net on 17 May 2005, (being the 140th Anniversary of the World Telecommunications Day), we then started the Amateur Radio machinery to organise the Net session.

The above is also a very good yardstick to see if we can muster the
Amateur Radio fraternity to be called upon during any crisis situation.

Pak Dollah, 9M2-DS, who voluntered to be the Net Controller for the night, came on the air around 2115 hrs. Prior to this, he was given the OK by the MARTS VP
9M2-RS for this special session of 2 Meter Net.

Thank You very much to the following Stations that responded to the call of this
2 Meter Net.

1. 9W2-TTT 2. 9M2-RS
3. 9W2-BAD 4. 9W2-WHO
5. 9W2-YJ 6. 9W2-VVH Mobile
7. 9W2-SAI 8. 9W2-AMR
9. 9W2-ADR 10. 9W2-SSJ Mobile
11. 9W2-SF 12. 9W2-SBA
13. 9W2-MCT Mobile 14. 9W2-HZA
15. 9W2-GL 16. 9W2-AXN
17. 9W2-MEJ Mobile 18. 9W2-XL Mobile
19. 9M2-CJ 20. 9W2-ZN Portable
21. 9W2-CPT Mobile 22. 9W2-AZL Mobile
23. 9W2-ACE 24. 9M2-SC Mobile
25. 9W2-XEP 26. 9W2-TU
27. 9W2-YD 28. 9W2-THR
29. 9W2-MAA 30. 9W2-KV Mobile
31. 9M2-AI 32. 9W2-MN
33. 9W2-QZ 34. 9W2-XI
35. 9W2-YR 36. 9W2-CCP
37. 9W2-MRR 38. 9W2-QS
39. 9W2-IYZ 40. 9W2-OZ Mobile
41. 9W2-WF 42. 9W2-NIK
43. 9W2-CRJ

The above tally makes 4 9Mikes and 39 9Whiskies who participated in the 2 Meter Net.

Net Controller for that night : 9M2-DS
Net controller No.2 (20 Mins) : 9W2-SSJ (to enable Pak Dollah have Dinner & Drink)

For an impromptu 2 meter Net, it is most encouraging to see that there were many
Stations monitoring and checking-in on that night.

To keep us for "crisis readiness", it has been suggested for all Stations to monitor 9M2-RKK around 2100 to 2130 hrs on special occasion days. Who knows..that night could be another impromptu 2 Meter Net session!

Lets keep the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitting Society Active.

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