Monday, February 27, 2006


VK3 - Australia? Well, in commemoration of the upcoming 18th Commonwealth Games, to be held in Melbourne, Australia, The Australian Communications and Media Authority will be issuing the special event callsigns , Ax3MCG and AX3GAMES.

For more information click on the link located at the sidebar of this blog and scroll to newsflash. Happy DX'ing, go get the limited QSL card . .


Sunday, February 26, 2006

MARTS 53rd Annual General Meeting

Sunday - 26th February 2006.
It was slightly gloomy, the weather. What was in store for the members who gathered at the Caring Community Centre, was anyone's guess. Judging from the past AGMs, there were always unsettled issues. The first order was to get the EGM going. An Extraordinary General Meeting was called and without much objection from those present, a vote to change certain points in the constitution was motioned and supported by the majority. This was relayed to me by another member who was there from the onset.I was late for this part.
A verbal objection was relayed to the Secretary the day before as voiced by certain members in the central region. The most common, being, what would be the impact for such change in the constitution? And why? so the argument goes . .

After a very detailed and well organised registration process , I proceeded to have my coffee, as everyone was enjoying the break, which followed the EGM.

The bullhorn call viz a megaphone was done, and we slowly chuffed into the room.
The opening address was made by The President, and subsequently to officiate the opening, En Husin Ali (MCMC , Northern Region) made a very welcomed opening speech. he touched on the good relationship that MARTS has with the Norther Region Office, and congratulated the Council for a good job done there. He also cautiously touched on the need to have members of quality rather then quantity. This was perhaps made in view of the incident whereby a licensed ham member encroached into the Law enforcement frequency. For the record, the perpetrator is not a MARTS member. En Husin proceeded to call the meeting open. He was presented with a momento from MARTS, the person in honour to present it was 9M2FK-Ishi (Ismail). He is widely acknoledged as the leading Most Awarded Ham operator in contest, and acknowledgements.

The President made a notice to all present about the recent passing of 9M2SMS (formerly 9W2YY- pls refer to previous obituary posting ) and rightfully called for a minute's silence in honour of our late Mr Tee. The meeting then proceeded with The Secretary (9M2CL-Bob) running through the past minutes with detailed reminder from 9M2LR-Richard, pertaining to the do's and dont's, gentle, I might add. With the relevant changes made due to typo errors, the meeting moved through the agendas without much objection.

One point that was brought up during the council report, when each council member, holding different portfolios, was the relevance of MARTS stance in view of the CW issue. (The CW Issue during discussion with MCMC was to remove CW as a requirement for Class A operators) The president gave a quick overview of the intention of MARTS to motion to members to decide on thier stance, by show of hands, and this is to be handed to MCMC in a form of formal declaration. It is hoped that the council will provide a detailed working paper on this issue. Following that The President also mentioned the IARU Region 3 Directors, working visit, with the Council, and the KL Office, as well as their intention (IARU) to seek an early opening of the 40m band, specifically the 7.1 - 7.2 mhz frequency. It was here that a reminder was made again, to compile detailed data for the review of the authorities to help release the band to Amateurs (If required, please refer IARU R3 link - Bandplan)

The items for discussion quickly passed, without any hitches. Given that some members did not receive their notice of meeting, the council gracefully allowed for inclusions in the matters arising. A letter was then read out in part by 9W2MCT-Tony, pertaining to certain issues.
1. To Motion a stand from MARTS on the CW Issue (which was already addressed by the Chair)
2. To seek a reciprocal link for with (on the grounds that the blog has achieved its objective of being a forum for local HAM community, mostly MARTS members, and having had 10000 hits)
The reply from the chair was that MARTS already has a website, and have no intentions of linking to blogs which are deemed not neutral, and often consisting damaging postings. The President later said that moderated sites can be considered, and have no objections, if any postings are sent to the Marts webmaster for consideration.
3.To seek a motion from the council to adopt IARUs stance and also address the 'missing link'
4. To officially seek mention of the relevant regional offices, so that each is known to the other for ease of communication.
5. To seek a motion where members present can take a pledge, of allegiance (This motion was put to vote, and only 7 people agreed to take the pledge, and hence was not adopted)

In all, the meeting was a success, and the many stations which I met were certainly very welcoming. Most were ready to submit that it was a good and rewarding meeting, with the exception to those who were not there to object the adoption of the new constitution.

For the record, this was the pledge.

I, a valid member of the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitter’s Society, hereby pledge my loyalty to this society, and promise to uphold its integrity by placing its interest ahead of mine.
I shall assist when possible, to better the HAM Community, and will continue to do so in my capacity as an individual to build a bigger and stronger Amateur Radio Society.
From this day on, I will place aside my differences with each and anyone, and work towards a more active, visible, dependable and reputable MARTS.

Nevermind that, but one thing that is certainly true . . . .Line Clear has one of the best Nasi Kandar in town . .

de 9W2MCT-Tony

for more photos, courtesy of 9M2RT-Razif, please click on the link 'MARTS 53rd Annual General Meeting' in brown, above

Friday, February 24, 2006

9M4RPH. . . .vhf . . .147.800

Penang has now had a new repeater installed, 9M4RPH, transmitting on 147.800 mhz.
The offset and tone is as per the usual setting . .

This will be the 'official' repeater if you are trying to make your way to CCC for the AGM.
Good luck, and if you are in the north, try CQ'ing on this frequency . . .

Monday, February 20, 2006

IARU Region 3 Directors visit Ali B and meet MARTS Officials

In conjunction with the Asia Pacific Telecommunity Conference, held in the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, IARU Region 3 Directors, Peter Lake (ZL2AZ) and KC Selvadurai (9V1UV), made the time to meet up with MARTS Officials, in Kuala Lumpur.
An informal eyeball was held at Ali Baba, which ultimately left our two visitors, with the experience of 'Palming' the wall of shame.

A very good eyeball, where IARU Region 3, extended their greetings, as well as keeping informed of the Amateur Radio experience in Malaysia. KC Selvadurai, expressed the keen interest of IARU Region 3's realisation of the use of 7.1 to 7.2 mhz for the use of Amateur Radio in Malaysia. Currently, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore have released these bands on a secondary basis for the use by Amateurs there. MARTS was keen to raise the issue to the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in the meeting on the 20th February 2006. Both Peter and Selva will be attending the meeting officially, in support of MARTS agenda. A point to be raised, will also be the removal of CW as a requirement for Amateur Radio Stations, to operate freely across all Amateur Bands.

MARTS stand was obvious, promoting Amateur Radio through its ranks as well as those out of it. It chooses to promote goodwill by supporting IARU's call for the implementation of these resolutions in WRC2003. It will remain a point to note, when the year 2007 comes around!

Both Peter and Selva, will be in Kuala Lumpur until 21st February, where they leave for their respective homeland. We bid them adieu and hope to catch them on the airwaves. will post further information on the outcome of the MCMC meeting at a latertime.

We continue to call for volunteers who think that they might have the time to do so to help out in any areas they may be able to contribute.

p.s AGM 26th February, c u there

73s de

Big Eye Ball . . .17th February 2006, Ali B

1+1 is two, and so on and so forth.
Friday? when people look forward to a good weekend, I guess . . But if you are an Amateur Radio Station regularly on RKK ? Ali B! Ok, maybe not regular on RKK, but if you hear bout an eyeball, chances are you may want to know who else will be there . .

So it was even more 'happening' when the VSixers decided to hang out there for this particular Friday. You can only imagine the eyeball QSO's! 9M2DS-Pak Dollah took the opportunity to remind a few New Callsign holders on the dos and don'ts of operating on 2m. Pak Dollah was instrumental in helping most of these stations, supporting their application by seconding them. Safe to say, the other 9Ms, were appreciative of Pak Dollah doing the honours. It was taken in good spirit, that even some did not finish their Teh O Ais Limau! (Syabas Ken, will get you a replacement next time round)

As mentioned earlier, even those not on RKK were there for the eyeball.
9W2RWL-Tan Yee Boon, 9W2MRC-Hoh Yook Kong, 9W2MOL - Badarudin, SWL Farid Hanif, 9M2/BG7MSM-Zhong Rui, and SWL Kelvin Chin, were camped at their own table, joined much later by 9W2LL-Lim.

Ooh Yeah... another 9W6 station made his way to AliB. . .but this time round, we must say, this is another true amateur. Why? He was heard over RKK earlier in the day, testing out his handy. Yup, stand up! 9W6FAN - Faez, who operated with his trusty ICOM handy from his hotel room. Hearing about the eyeball, he found his way without a glitch. Now, that is a true eyeball amateur !de

Friday, February 17, 2006

9M2RKL - 439.600 . . .back live

17th February 2006- 1700 hrs. Good things come to those who wait . . Finally, the restored 9M2RKL was handed over to 9W2MCT - Tony , during the Ulu Kali site visit by 9M2CL - Bob.
Unfortunately, the repeater could not see active duty in time for Chinese New Year. Nevermind that.
Returning to KL , 9W2MCT -Tony and 9W2XL-Bear gave priority in restoring RKL to its location. During what we thought was a break in the rain spell, the team came upon Bukit Lanjan only to find it raining happily away. Nevertheless, that did not stop us. In a jiffy, 9M2RKL was online, and soon thereafter, it was 'radio active!'

Now that it is up, please use the band. Or this privilege may be revoked. Support UHf usage. Use a dual bander today.

Happy DXing.

de 9W2MCT - Tony

9M2RUK & Linking Repeater Site Visit

17 February 2006 - 9M2CL Bob (Secretary of MARTS 2005-2007) with MOTOROLA Officials, Charlie Teoh (9W2TE) and Edward Yeoh (9W2EY) went up to the Ulu Kali Telekom Tower for a detailed site vist, accompanied by Telekom Malaysia's EnAbdul Rahman (Selangor Manager) En Ramli (Nationwide Manager) as well as En Yahcob (Ulu Kali Manager) today. The objective of this visit was to determine the most suitable location for the installation of the MARTS Nationwide 2m Link set up, sponsored by MOTOROLA. (Through Motorola's generosity, the link will be a reality by June/July this year. Incidentally, they have recently completed a similar visit to Brinchang, and phase two will hopefully be completed soon.)

With the notice given ahead of time, the KL Regional Office, managed to dispatch a team from KL to do some rectification works on 9M2RUK. Unfortunately being a weekday, most stations who are deskbound were not able to make the trip. So it was thanks mainly to 9M2CM-Thommy Lim, 9M2CF - Chow WC and 9W2MCT - Tony Yew who rounded up the numbers .
A very big thank you to 9W2NAL - Zainal for his contribution of RG8u cable (30m) for the restoration of 9M2RUK, but due to the lack of equipment (and professional rigger!) an assault on the antenna was not done. However, a very detailed check up has revealed what ails our 9M2RUK.
1. The repeater itself has decreased power output (it has been decommisioned for 2 weeks beginning 17 Feb 2006)
2. The Antenna setup seriously needs to be replaced/serviced (the SWR reading was a high 3!)
All in all, it was a good and fruitful visit by the team, and a big big thank you to TM Malaysia for their assistance (Sure, the site visit meant that there is a charge by TM Malaysia, yes, don't oooh and ahhh, it is standard that TM charges for these visits by their engineers!)

So, now that we are on the move, do you still think that this is a useless rumor mongering, waste of time blogsite? You be the judge . . .

de. Martsnews.Blogspot

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine 2 Meter Net

Valentine falling on 14Feb2006 was celebrated by holding
an impromptu 2M Net.

As our regular Net Controller 9M2DS was a bit under the weather,
9W2SSJ had to take over as Net Controller that night.

The 2 M Net began at 2120 that night (a bit late from the regular
2100 starting time), but 9W2SSJ called upon all available and monitoring
stations to check in and to convey their Valentine greetings/messages
to their yl/xyl.

A total of 16 stations came on the air to say a few words for this
special day.

1. 9W2AMY mobile - Mohd Aimi
2. 9W2ZZE base - Azizi
3. 9W2XYZ base - Alan
4. 9W2YD mobile - Yusoff
5. 9W2VA mobile - Andy
6. 9W2AXN mobile - Adlin
7. 9W2GU mobile - Hamid
8. 9W2GP mobile - Ahmad Rusman.Bukit Jelutong
9. 9WSCM mobile - Soon
10.9W2LL base - Ong
11. 9W2CKC mobile - Ken from Cheras
12.9W2DTR base - Dexter
13.9W2BAD mobile - Bad
14.9W2TQQ mobile - Teo
15.9M2CJ mobile - Thiam
16.9W2LT base - Lee

Monday, February 13, 2006

CW...Have Your Say (Follow up)

So far, since the last posting (CW....Have Your Say) with a webpoll (hosted by, the poll has attracted 20 voters. Sadly there were only 8 comments justifying these votes. As long as we cannot justify these votes, we will not be able to compile these data to be forwarded to MARTS council in view of making our case.
Perhaps, there are only this many members who want to say something.
Perhaps, these are the only people who are active enough to want to say something.

Here is your chance, say something, and it will lead to a greater voice in hope of being heard.
Remember, YES or NO votes are both compiled.

(Eyeball postings and other artices will be printed following the closure of this poll. Continue sending in your articles, and it will be printed at a later date.)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

CW . . .Have your say

Hi one and all. Nuff been said, last heard MCMC was planning to implement the abolishment of the CW requirement for obtainment of Class A license in 2007.

From the grapevines, Martsnews.Blogspot now know that this is no longer the case.
It seems that the majority of license holders want to keep this as a requirement, for reasons best known to them. Funny though, cause, a gallup poll done by martnews previously concluded that most Class B holders do not want to be restricted in any way where equipment and band limitations are concerned. Then again, this poll was very much restricted to licensed Amateur stations that are identified. (anonymous not included)

So to proove ourselves wrong (and we very very much doubt that we are!) we are again putting this to the public (Amateur Stations only please). In the spirit of blogging, we will allow all permissable postings in the comment sections, so long as you are identified. As this is a very serious poll, we suggest that you do keep to the requirements, or risk facing censure.

So please give your input by;
1. Point your browser to the webpoll on this blog (you won't miss it, if you did, go check your eyesight) and vote YES, do away or NO, maintained.
2. Go to comments and post your reason, and please identify by call sign and handle, MARTS member or non member
3. You may then go back to doing what you were doing before reading this blog!

We will close this poll in time for the AGM, and present this as fact finding.

We thank you for your precious time, and happy DX'ing if you are . . .

73's Martnews.Blogspot.Com

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

'Suitsat' copied . .Syabas 9W2QC

Syabas to 9W2QC-Sion for having QSL the 'Suitsat' transmission.

This is copied from his return comment to our earlier 'Suitsat' posting;

I have solved the recording problem. The recording is now available at Scroll all the way down until you find "SuitSat Audio from 9W2QC, Malaysia"There are 2 files here namely part1.mp3 and part2.mp3. If you listen carefully to part2.mp3 starting at 31 seconds length, you will hear a female's voice saying "This is SuitSat-1 Amateur Radio.........." In part1.mp3 there is a male's voice saying something like "6" but its too brief and i am not sure if this is in English.The voice is deeply buried in the noise and you may need to play it several times especially if you are not used to listen to such weak signals.Thank You.73,Sion Chow Q. C.,9W2QC.

Sion, you are undoubtedly a true amateur in heart. Another first, and hopefully we will be able to be spurred on by your many successful experiments . . .

de Mrtsnew.Blogspot.Com

ARDF Fox Hunt

The following is from an email by 9W2PET-Peter;

Please inform your fellow ARDF hunters in Selangor and surrounding areas.
I have scheduled the next hunt to be held on February 25th (Saturday), 2006.
Venue : Botanical Gardens, Penang
Date : February 25th, 2006 ( Saturday )
Meet at : Car Park
Briefing time : 8:45 am.
Please be punctual. Don't let the fox feed the mosquitoes.
Flag-off time : 9:00 am.

For more details, go to the web site below. you still have not build your ARDF antenna, contact Peter Lim (9W2PET) : peterlm@streamyx.comto arrange for an antenna building workshop some days before the event date.Would appreciate if you give a return email confirming your participation.

Happy hunting73 KC ~ 9M2LC

This is an open invitation to all Amateur Stations or SWL's, do get in touch with Peter.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

SUITSAT ... ..- .. - ... .- -

A very relevant test was done from the ISS by crew members Bill McArthur and Valery Tokarev as they began a six-hour spacewalk. A 'SATSUIT' , makeshift satelite made from discarded Russian Cosmonaut Spacesuit, emitted signals in six languages . .

Just wondering if anyone in 9M2 land picked up any signals?

For more info refer to this add:

This posting is made possible by the contribution of 9W2AXN .
Picture from www. .please visit this site, great recordings.
Thank you to 9W2QC for information on recordings.

de Martsnews.Blogspot

Monday, February 06, 2006

3 more weeks . .

And so the holidays passed . . Back to the grinding stone . .

3 more weeks, then, the MARTS AGM will be called, so hopefully we can all
meet again. Funny, thre are so many comments about people fighting in the AGM . .
I have been to the past 3 AGMS, but I personally have not seen any fights.
A good debate perhaps, but never any fights . . .

I think it is important for all HAM members who are associated with MARTS to
attend this meet, as it is a time to gather the thoughts, on how best to
extend MARTS as the country's premier Amateur Radio Society.

So lets get together and put forth what should be best for us all . .

See you in Penang . . .hopefully.

73's de 9W2MCT - Tony

Friday, February 03, 2006

2m Celebration Net . . CNY 2006 . .Woof Woof .

And so the year of the dog . . .Yup, the Metal Dog, so says Lilian Too, . . .arrives.
And to continue the legacy of celebration net, the man himself, 9M2DS – Pak Dollah, controlled the net, transmitting via 9M4RKK 147.980 mhz, kicking off at 2115 hrs, and finishing off about 2305 hrs.
It is indeed nice to note the many new stations that checked in with their wishes.
Below is the list of stations (with the exception of no 32 & 33, which call was not clear and hence not noted by the controller)

1.9W2VA - Andy
2.9W2MYV – Rosli
3.9W2WIL – Wilfred
4.9W2CBL – Richard
5.9W2MCT – Tony
6.9W2LL – Lim
7.9W2CKC- Ken
8.9M2CIA – Eric
9.9W2BBA – Bujang
10.9W2ZEY – Myzey
11.9W2NGV – Syam
12.9W2SAL mobile – Salim
13.9W2SAI – Saiful
14.9W2PJI – Fauzi
15.9W2LLT – Lawrence
16.9W2BTL mobile – Lim
17.9W2WF – Fadzil
18.9M2KX – Kam
19.9M2MM – Mahadi
20.9W2AXN – Adlind
21.9W2SSJ – Suchart
22.9W2BAD – Badrul
23.9W2KDN mobile – Azman
24.9W2CCP – Anwar
25.9W2SAO – Saiful
26.9W2LT – Lee
27.9W2GU – Hamid
28.9W2DZU – no handle
29.9W2YCC portable – Chan
30.9W2TZE mobile – Romzi
31.9W2CBO – Chris

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Previous eyeball 20th Jan 2006 . . Recognise the place?

Oops! Bar Humburg . . got the photos late. Anyways, I am sure those who showed up had a good time. Judging from the pictures, doesn't look like we have any drunkards!

Sure it was the week before the long weekend, and the first Friday, after the results, so there were quite a few new comers . .

'Remember, this is the only hobby that you have to take an exam before you can actually put your hands on . . ' that reminder rang out a few times, no money for guessing who from.
It was all nice, and been a while before there were new additions to the wall of shame . .

To those who came by and made new friends, don't be a stranger on the airwaves . . .

martnews apologise for non inclusion of caption, no report of attendance was forwarded to me . .
however, please feel free to identify yourself, i.e, give picture nr (1 uppermost picture - 11 being lowest), left to right (l-r nr standing, sitting etc). If you still have no faith in me getting it right, please then describe your attire . . . .if only you had you handy with you . . .Ha Ha . .OK. . .cya

73s . .de