Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Collection came to a halt.

Dear friends,
A big thank you is in place for all of you well wishers who have in their own way cough up some cash with the recent 'heal the old lady campaign' collection which stands at RM850.

As promised, martsnews will publish these names as soon as we get hold of it in the next posting. 9W2Boi who lead the collection has embark on a new job and has taken much of his time and will email to us asap.
The funds has been handed over to 9M2Cj who is the Repeater Manager.

Martsnews confirmed that 9W2IL - Marts President , Dato' Muhammad bin Ismail has committed to replace the aging cable & antenna during their last visit sometime in January 2008.

We are still hopeful that the commitment will be realized.

Do keep a lookout for the next posting , will our 'old lady' replacement come true?

Once again, a BIG Thank You to all friends of 9M2RKK.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Need to be heard?

Dear all & Swls included

Have you felt that you are the minority and nobody has the ears & time for you?

The time for change is here, just got word from our District Manager - Azinin (9w2sbs) that a blog is setup to receive comments and yet another source for information happening around you.

Pls visit MARTS Greater Klang Valley blog at http://martsmanager.blogspot.com/

We certainly hope that our representative will initiate something similar, anyone?

Thank you DM, keep up the good work.

73s de moderator

Thursday, March 13, 2008

R3 S9 - Pls verify - CQ CQ

Dear friends,

Tomorrow 14th March 2008, organised by your local ham community 9w2axe, there will be volunteers who will be conducting a workshop armed with antenna analyser and SWR meter to determine if your setup in your vehicle is operating effectively.

Do take this opportunity to meet with your fellow ham operators at Anis Putri 2 (ole Alibaba premises ) at Tmn Tun Dr Ismail or just being there to soak up the atmosphere.

This notice is also posted on UNIARM

de moderator

Thursday, March 06, 2008

UNIARM - needs your participation

Dear Amateur Radio Friends,
Friends of RKK,
This is to inform the we have just started a blogspot, the root of its formation is from our charitable and community service activities last year. At that time we called ourselves United Amateur Radio.

The blog address is www.uniarm.blogspot.com

UNIARM is short for United Amateur Radio Malaysia. Its focus is mainly on Amateur Radio activities, educational, community services and assistance to emergencies. Please check out the blog as it is self explainatory. Hope you will enjoy the blog and be able to participate in it. The moderators will evaluate and publish articles that you wish to be published in line with our objectives. We hope that this will be your blogspot. Comments are moderated to protect the interest of members who publish their articles/reports. The success of the blog also depends on you.

Looking forward to your support, comments and feedback.

QSP from 9w2axe

de moderator

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

TTDI Eyeball Location : Re-Opened and Re-Freshed

Ok... this just to inform all those who may be interested (no, this is *not* a promotion stint!) - that the old "Ali Baba Restaurant" - which was "historically" one of the popular Ham eyeball joints in the Klang Valley - had just re-opened yesterday (Monday, 3rd March 2008), and has been "refreshed" into "Anis Putri 2" (as per mention in earlier posts). The place has an entirely new look and feel, and the food has also undergone an apparent revamp.

Just a quick and simple "heads up" for those who may be interested.