Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Updated list @ 24/11/2005

This are SOME of the names which are attending. Please be inform that as at 24/11/2005 there will be around 250 participants.

1) 9M2CF
2) 9M2CM
3) 9M2IR
4) 9M2RT + XYL
5) 9M2LC
6) 9M2NCL
7) 9W2RYZ
8) 9W2GL
9) 9W2WAN
10) 9W2ICE
11) 9W2ISH
12) 9W2SBS
13) 9W2RAB
14) 9W2XI
15) 9W2SSJ + family
16) 9W2AKT
17) 9W2ZED + XYL
18) 9W2AXN
19) 9W2AXE
20) 9W2EET
21) 9W2EEW
22) 9W2BSR
23) 9W2OOM
24) 9W2ALT
25) 9W2LYZ
26) 9W2GTR
27) 9W2CLS
28) 9W2CPN
29) 9W2MIK
30) 9W2CNT
31) 9W2ELM
32) 9W2RJH
33) 9W2END + family
34) 9W2PRO + XYL
35) 9W2KMA

Sorry guys.. From now till the day itself, its gonna be RM40.. Kindly email me if u guys are interested. 9w2ish@gmail.com I will provide my account no for anyone to bank in. receipts will be provided.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Amateur Radio Reunion Day (ARRD) (updated)

Hi again,

The gang met up at PD to further discuss the matter and in short those that sign up early will enjoy a discounted rate of RM30 per station - those that sign up after 15 Nov 08 will have to pay RM40.00 and those that sign up after December 2008 will have to pay RM50.00.

Payments can be made to me 9w2sbs or 9w2ish. Accomodations will have to be made personally at the numerous hotels/chalets at PD. Please do so early as the dates for the ARRD is set during the school holidays.

Activitives includes

- Lucky draws
- Shows
- Talks
- eyeball all night long

Referring to comment no 1, there is a list of hotel /motel listing for your reference.

Visit www.arrd08.blogspot.com for info.

See ya all


Amateur Radio Reunion Day (ARRD)

Hi All,

The members of the community have sat down and are contemplating an Amateur Radio ReUnion Day (ARRD) to be held sometime in December 2008 in Port Dickson. The brain child of 9M2PD who misses the camaraderie and friendship that was evident during the Annual General Meetings in the past.

So let all support the event regardless of our affiliation and regardless of our personal feelings and lets all try (the key word is 'try') to forgive what happened in the past . At the inaugural meeting it was decided that the respective heads of the organisations and clubs be responsible for collecting the amount to be paid and the respective heads would be channelling the monies collected to the Organising Chair.

The tag line for the event is "Amateur Radio Reunion Day (ARRD) Celebrating 80 years of Amateur Radio in Malaysia" (which incidentally for the correct minded amongst us is Malaya and Singapore). So - lets give it a go, make a date and see you there.

The event is tagged as 'A REUNION TO REMEMBER' and will be held at Port Dickson, (actual venue will be announced) on (tentatively 13th and 14th December 2008. The Reunion Day is planned as such to be a place for all hamsters (SWL's included) to meet up and celebrate 80 years of doing it on air.

The tentative program is as follows:-

Dinner and show (music, dance, fashion, etc)
Flea market
Show and tell
Lucky draw
Who’s who – the veterans

Accommodation: hotel, chalet, or DIY on camping ground.
Event date: Saturday 13 Dec – Sunday 14 Dec 2008.
Registration closing date: 8 Nov 2008 or first 300 paid registration.
Charge: RM30 per person (station) and RM10 for family members.
Children below 7 free
Family members (paying RM10) not eligible to participate in lucky draws.

The Organising Committee are:-


Kamil 9M2/V8BDI
Aziz 9M2AU
Pak Yeop 9W2YR
Aiznin 9W2SBS
Azizul 9W2FD
Sham 9W2ISH
Sam 9W2SAM
Azhar 9W2AXE

Authorised collection point

For more details and the latest update please go to:


73 and see you there...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Dear friends,

In the spirit of Ramadhan, MARTS Selangor cordially invites you, your family and friends to join us for a "pot luck" berbuka puasa gathering, and tahlil in rememberence of our fellow HAM members who have left us.

Details of the event are as follows:
Date: Sunday, 21 September 2008
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Venue: Pointgate Systems Sdn Bhd, Lot 3419 Jalan Tembusu, Kampung Melayu Subang, 40150 Shah Alam (Download map here)

Event Programme
1830 - 1900 - Tahlil - Yassin reading and Tahlil for our dearly departed HAM members
1920 - Breaking of fast - tea/coffee/sirap limau, kurma, and bubur lambok (and other pot luck items) followed by Maghrib Prayers
1945 - Dinner - white rice, gulai kawah, ayam goreng, sayur campur, air teh/kopi/sirap limau (and other pot luck items)
2030 - End - Free and easy, PHOTO session so please try to stay back.
2100 - 2 meter NET (Calling frequency to be advised)

Admission :
Admission is FOC, but for those who like to help out can chip in into the DONATION box.

Food is prepared by our resident chef Aiznin 9W2SBS, so do come and make this a meaningful event.

PS : Arwah Pak Dollah always said that whenever we have a gathering, he wished that we would display our callsign so easy for other stations to know us. So please, if you have anything that has your callsign, please wear it (we will provide sticker labels for this purpose too).

See you there~

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Small Makan & Tahlil

We're organising a tahlil & berbuka puasa on the 21/09/08(sunday) in Kg. Melayu Subang. Tahlil will start at 6.00 pm till 7.00 pm. Berbuka will be at 7.11 pm & afta that will have Maghrib prayers. After prayers makan will commence again. All race are welcome to come & have some makan2 & socialise..

Map & GPS coordinates will be posted up soon.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Silent Key - 9M2DS

With a heavy heart, we bid our final farewell to our beloved Pak Dollah (9M2DS)... Much love was shown as many members from the HAM community came to his house to pay their last respects... He will be sorely missed by all of us...

Pak Dollah was recently admitted to General Hospital Kuala Lumpur... He was said to be in critical but stable condition... he was 77 years old. He pass away at 7.10pm on 28/08/2008.

Last & not least, whoever had a grudge or he owed anyone money, we hope that you can forgive him & just halalkan whatever he have owed you. Let him rest in peace. Al-Fatihah. May god always be with him.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

9M2DS is admitted

Dear friends,

9M2DS - Pak Dollah is in critical condition and admitted to KL General Hospital.

It is said that he is in the Main Tower , Tingkat 5 , Wad CRW.
i receive a sms from 9w2axn.

Thank you 9m2mrr

Let us pray that Pak Dollah get well soon.

de moderator

Friday, August 22, 2008

100 years of Scouting in Malaysia 2 Meter Net

MARTS and the Scouts Association of Malaysia are holding a 2m on MARTS-Motorola national linked repeaters to celebrate the 100 years of scouting in Malaysia on August 22.

The Net will start at 21:30 hrs, and to be controlled by Abdullah bin Abdul Samat, 9M2DS. So let get on the airwaves tonight. 9M4RGH - 144.125MHz


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dear Friends....

MARTS Central is proud to bring you our first piece of merchandise - the car windscreen sticker. With this, we hope to build comradeship among MARTS members in the Central Region with sightings and QSOs on the road...

Here's how the sticker will look like...

Each sticker will be priced at:
~ RM8 (as shown) or
~ RM10 (with callsign printed in the white box)
(Sticker dimensions : 5 inches by 3.5 inches)

We hope to have the stickers ready for sale at our next eyeball session. Customisation will need some time, so advanced orders are encouraged.

If you would like to place an order, you can email us at altlyz@gmail.com with the following details:
~ Email Subject: MARTS Central Car Windscreen Sticker
~ Your Name / Callsign
~ Customisation: Yes / No
~ No of Stickers

We look forward to your support which we precede with a million thanks!

This is the latest list of who have ordered :-

9W2GL - 5 pieces
9W2ISH - 2 pieces
9W2LYZ - 1 piece
9W2ALT - 1 piece
9W2MIK - 2 pieces
9W2ZSH - 2 pieces
9W2TQQ - 2 pieces
9W2SSJ - 4 pieces
9W2BSR - 2 pieces
9W2AXE - 4 pieces
9W2BIL - 2 pieces
9W2ELY - 1 piece
9W2ZIZ - 2 pieces
9W2ICE - 2 pieces
9W2ZED - 3 pieces
9M2CJ - 2 pieces
9M2DS - 1 piece
9W2LL - 1 piece
9W2VXP - 1 piece
9W2BPY - 2 pieces
9W2FRR - 1 piece
9W2PKR - 1 piece
9W2KBS - 1 piece
9W2MUC - 2 pieces
9W2LJS - 1 piece
9W2AZX - 3 pieces
9W2AXN - 2 pieces
9W2RYZ - 1 piece
9W2OBR - 1 piece
9W2XI - 3 pieces
9W2DTR - 2 pieces
9M2YYY - 1 piece

Thanks for the support. We will still receive orders. Please send your orders to altlyz@gmail.com.. List will be updated once new order receive.

Monday, July 28, 2008


We wish to inform that on the 9th August 2008, MARTS will have their Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) which will be held at Hotel Sri Malaysia, Bayan Baru, Penang. Hope that everybody could attend the EGM.

Hotel Seri Malaysia
7, Jalan Mayang Pasir 2
Bayan Baru
11950 Bayan Lepas

We hope we could raise a few issue with the National Councel on behalf of Central Region. Please give us feedbacks on what issue that we could raise on that day.



Monday, July 21, 2008

Selangor Fox Hunt

Thank you to everyone who came participate & supported the event. Altho only 8 teams participate, its was a well run event. Everything went well altho the organizers we abit late due some logistics problem. It's our first event & hope more to come. We learn for our mistakes and hope that to improve on it. Thank you again to everyone.



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Selangor Open Fox Hunt 2008

I hope its not too late to announce the upcoming Fox Hunt which will be held this comming 20/07/2008 at Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. Its open to every HAM members & also SWLs.. If not participating, the will be a Q & A session on SOP & also anything to do with HAM Radio which will be conducted by 9M2DS.. There will also be a checking session for thoes who have problems with their rigs or cables.. For more info, kindly check out www.martscentral.blogspot.com for more infomation. Hope to see you guys there..



Monday, June 23, 2008

Appointed by the people

Hi All

Dear friends,

The people who were elected :-

State Liaison Manager - 9W2SBS
Repeater Manager - 9M2CJ
Secretary - 9W2GL
Assistant Secretary - 9W2ISH
Events/Publicity Manager - Allen Tan 9W2ALT
Assistant Events/Publicity Manager - 9W2LYZ
Community Radio Services - 9W2AXE
Education Bureau - Advisors - 9M2DS,9M2CF
- Members - 9W2OBR, 9W2BSR

for more of this you may visit here.

Thanks Bob !!

73s de moderator

Thursday, June 19, 2008

RAE Class - 22nd June 08

Those interested in attending the RAE class organised by 9W2sbs - state liason mgr & volunteers , pls register asap.

Remember that the RAE preparatory class will be held this SUNDAY 22 JUNE 2008 from 10 am till 4 p.m. Location at No 3D, Jalan PJS 1/48 (Previously Jalan Petaling Utama) Batu 7 Off Jalan Kelang Lama Petaling Utama (next to England Optical Group)

Fees: RM20 to cover costs of the room and printed materials.

Time will be from 10.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m.

Limited seats are available as the class can accomodate 20 pax only.

Date: 22 June 2008.

Inform your friends and SWL's. Hope to see you there.

taken from martsmanager.blogspot.com or you may contact 9w2sbs via sms.

de moderator

Election - 20th June 08

Dear friends,
We need your support this friday, do stop over to lend your support for this coming election

Remember !!! 20th of June 2008 2100H at Anis Putri 2. That is the date for the election of the State Liaison Manager for Selangor (including Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur). Nominations form will be made available from Tuesday next week at this site.

The above taken from martsmanager blog.

de moderator

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ICOM V8000 for sale (Item Sold)

For those who is interested, kindly call 9W2BSD via SMS. Item Sold.

mobile rig : ICOM V8000
ownership : 1 owner
Duration : 10 months

Asking for RM 500

Reason for selling : upgrading

Monday, May 12, 2008

Last Upper Hand

Dear friends,

9W2ICE - more commonly known to his friends as BOB tied the knot over the weekend. Congrats to the newly weds Bro Bob & Siti . May you be blessed & most certainly a blissful marriage.

Is the is the last time Bob has an upper hand in things to follow, we will have to wait and see .

de moderator

ps. will try to hijack a pic or two from the group of Ham photographers ..

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Not again ....

Dear friends of RKK,

Yes! RKK Tx is dead and our repeater manager has send the unit back to Penang for repair.
Got a sms from 9M2CJ.

When is RKK coming back online? Your guess is as good as mine ...

de moderator

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday gathering - 9M2DS

We are having a birthday bash for Pak dollah on 1st May at Nabila Restaurant at sec 16 PJ. Food and drinks $10 bucks each. Menu- Beriani ayam , Dalca , Beef rendang, Sayur Campur. We plan to give a small gift a pen set with engraving of marts logo. For his years of contribution to Marts and Amateur Radio Society. Estimated $300 any extra collection we shall donated to him. (about $10 each for gift). Please advice if you would like to join the makan and/or gift by email to me. Pak dollah has given a lot to us lets make it memmorable for him.

Below short clip video with Pak dollah

qsp from 9w2axe

- reply from 9w2ice

Hi to all,
First of all thanks to Azhar to organise Pak Dollah birthday, I think he will get all of our support. Count me in azhar for the makan and gift.Best we meet up this coming Friday at anis putri, and we can confirm on the no of pax that will be attending this great birthday bash for 9M2DS. Not forgetting its his 77th birthday. Thanks again..............73s
arshad iqbal

so for all of us who would like to thank 9m2DS for all his contribution, i say to ye , Come join us
on 1st May 2008

de moderate

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes or No ?

Dear friends,

Not too long ago, 4th of April to be exact Marts News posted a relevant question. This is in line to the health of 9M2RKK. Question was - " In light years? " . The answer to your questions is as good as mine. However, hantu today indicated that Mart Council meeting approved the budget for the replacement of 9M2RKK's antenna & cables. However, this budget does not include installation of the antenna & cables - i wonder why?

This has brought renewed faith , speaking of myself , of the current council members of their trials and jubilation which by no means, did not meet with
obstacle - having committee members who would just ain't contributing which led to further delays.

Syabas!! for the undying support rendered, not only to the central region and to the quest to bring forth changes & promoting Ham activities in Malaysia.

Just like the recent 'tusnami' in Malaysia, remember, it is the members who is boss.
Kindly continue to uphold your responsibility as a elected council member and our vote is for you.

Looking forward to a 'effective' 9M2RKK

Syabas!!!! once again.

de moderator


MARTS will hold its AGM 2008 in Kota Bharu on April 26, 2008 at 10:00 hrs.

Bayu Melawi Chalet
Lot 3066 Kg Sungai Dua
Pantai Melawi
16300 Bachok

MARTS Kelantan State Council election will be held at 09:00 hrs at the same location.

ARDF antenna workshop and hunt, pre-AGM dinner (Kelantan delight), post-AGM buffet luncheon are on the final planning stage.

More details inlcuding accommodation will be available online and by mail to members.

Lance M T Lai, 9W2LAI
Honorary Secretary 2007-2008
Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society

qsp from State Liaison Mgr - 9w2sbs

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

1st RAE for 2008

Latest from MCMC web site:


Closing Date
25 April 2008
at 5:00 PM

Pursuant to Regulation 26(2) of the Communications and Multimedia
(Technical Standards) Regulations 2000, the Malaysian
Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) will be
holding the Radio Amateur Examination on 24 June 2008.
Interested individuals aged 14 and above on the examination date
are invited to sit for the examination.

Applicants are advised to read and be aware of all conditions stated
on page 2 of the application form. The applicants will be notified of
their application status by mail latest by 7 days prior to the
examination date. Applicants who have not received any
notification from SKMM by this date are advised to contact
SKMM for confirmation.

Application forms can be obtained from SKMM’s head office,
regional offices and via the SKMM website at www.skmm.gov.my.
Please mark the top left corner of the envelope with “RAE 2008-1.”
The examination fee is Ringgit Malaysia Fifty (RM 50.00) and
shall be paid in either Money Order, Postal Order or Bank Draft
made out in favour of “SURUHANJAYA KOMUNIKASI DAN
MULTIMEDIA MALAYSIA” and must be enclosed with the
application form. Please send duly completed forms to the respective
SKMM’s offices according to your examination center preferred.

So please get the forms sent in to the examination centres of
your preference, with the RM50.00!

Friday, April 04, 2008

In light years ? - NO !!!

Dear friends,
As we look toward a more efficient 9M2RKK, this might not be too far away.
Hantu flew by and told martsnews.blogspot that the antenna has been approved.
Yup!! changes could, i say could, happen sometime in May.

What about the aging cables? That is still debatable as there is still a final decision to be made as where Marts will source for it.

We certainly welcome the change as this initiative was launch sometime last year, yes! you may ask - why the delay ?
I'm just in awe too but at least there are some truly worthy committee member(s) of Marts who are actively looking to bring improvement.

Syabas! committee - and you know who you are, for looking into Marts central region members plight for a change, a more efficient repeater.

To the goons and fame seekers, you can do yourself a favor by stepping down.

de moderator

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Collection came to a halt.

Dear friends,
A big thank you is in place for all of you well wishers who have in their own way cough up some cash with the recent 'heal the old lady campaign' collection which stands at RM850.

As promised, martsnews will publish these names as soon as we get hold of it in the next posting. 9W2Boi who lead the collection has embark on a new job and has taken much of his time and will email to us asap.
The funds has been handed over to 9M2Cj who is the Repeater Manager.

Martsnews confirmed that 9W2IL - Marts President , Dato' Muhammad bin Ismail has committed to replace the aging cable & antenna during their last visit sometime in January 2008.

We are still hopeful that the commitment will be realized.

Do keep a lookout for the next posting , will our 'old lady' replacement come true?

Once again, a BIG Thank You to all friends of 9M2RKK.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Need to be heard?

Dear all & Swls included

Have you felt that you are the minority and nobody has the ears & time for you?

The time for change is here, just got word from our District Manager - Azinin (9w2sbs) that a blog is setup to receive comments and yet another source for information happening around you.

Pls visit MARTS Greater Klang Valley blog at http://martsmanager.blogspot.com/

We certainly hope that our representative will initiate something similar, anyone?

Thank you DM, keep up the good work.

73s de moderator

Thursday, March 13, 2008

R3 S9 - Pls verify - CQ CQ

Dear friends,

Tomorrow 14th March 2008, organised by your local ham community 9w2axe, there will be volunteers who will be conducting a workshop armed with antenna analyser and SWR meter to determine if your setup in your vehicle is operating effectively.

Do take this opportunity to meet with your fellow ham operators at Anis Putri 2 (ole Alibaba premises ) at Tmn Tun Dr Ismail or just being there to soak up the atmosphere.

This notice is also posted on UNIARM

de moderator

Thursday, March 06, 2008

UNIARM - needs your participation

Dear Amateur Radio Friends,
Friends of RKK,
This is to inform the we have just started a blogspot, the root of its formation is from our charitable and community service activities last year. At that time we called ourselves United Amateur Radio.

The blog address is www.uniarm.blogspot.com

UNIARM is short for United Amateur Radio Malaysia. Its focus is mainly on Amateur Radio activities, educational, community services and assistance to emergencies. Please check out the blog as it is self explainatory. Hope you will enjoy the blog and be able to participate in it. The moderators will evaluate and publish articles that you wish to be published in line with our objectives. We hope that this will be your blogspot. Comments are moderated to protect the interest of members who publish their articles/reports. The success of the blog also depends on you.

Looking forward to your support, comments and feedback.

QSP from 9w2axe

de moderator

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

TTDI Eyeball Location : Re-Opened and Re-Freshed

Ok... this just to inform all those who may be interested (no, this is *not* a promotion stint!) - that the old "Ali Baba Restaurant" - which was "historically" one of the popular Ham eyeball joints in the Klang Valley - had just re-opened yesterday (Monday, 3rd March 2008), and has been "refreshed" into "Anis Putri 2" (as per mention in earlier posts). The place has an entirely new look and feel, and the food has also undergone an apparent revamp.

Just a quick and simple "heads up" for those who may be interested.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eyeball - Cheras

Calling Channel will be V28 -145.350

TO : Friends of RKK and all HAM members.

Time has come for our next central region "HAM CENTRAL ROTATION EYEBALL". The cheras group lead by 9w2KNS , 9w2 EET, 9w2BGL and.9w2SEE cordially invites all HAM members and SWLs to CHERAS on 22 Feb at 9 PM RESTORAN AMEER EHSAN FOR Cheras eyeball.

Finally, at the eyeball, there will be a GOGOPAL road show. Food will be served to members with special offers from the suppliers for their products. Two location maps are attached above close up (micro) and overall view (Macro) for you to find the restaurant. Many Cheras members will be there so come and join us.

GPS Coordinated to Restoran Ameer Ehsan Cheras
LAT=3.129932 & LON=101.731912

Address :-
Restoran Ameer Ehsan Cheras
no 186, Jalan Mahkota, Cheras
Next to Maybank Taman Maluri

I would like to thank the Cheras group for organising this eyeball and gogopal road show.


qsp from 9w2axe

de moderator

Thursday, February 14, 2008

SWL night

new faces & swls mingling with other stations

9w2axe asking for radio check after setting up a portable station at location

To : All friends of RKK , Alibaba Regulars & SWLs

Friday 15 Feb eyeball will be at a new place call Nabila Corner Section 16 Petaling Jaya Behind Castell Steakhouse. A close up picture of location is attached above. GPS coordinate is below.
You can check the location at google earth map link below.
For those with GPS the Coordinates are :-

lat= 3.119069 & lon= 101.642311

We will be monitoring on RKK to give you directions on friday evening.
In addition 9w2SBS Aisnin will be having SWL night there this Friday. For those SWL wanting 9M signatures Two 9M will be there to sign and also they can QSO on the repeater with Pak Dollah.

Come and welcome our new ham operators and meet our SWLs.

de moderator

2meter net - Valentines Day

To : Alibaba Regulars

Please be informed that there will be a 2 meter net for Valentines day 14 FEB Thurday at
9 PM on RKK . Our veteran, 9M2DS Pak dollah will start the net. Please do check in and join us tomorrow and make this happen.

QSP from 9W2AXE

de moderate

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Holiday greetings

Dear friends of RKK,

Taking this opportunity to wish you & your family the very best in this new Chinese Lunar calendar year.

Happy Holidays and best wishes.

Friends of RKK & de moderator team

Thursday, January 31, 2008

APRS - guest speaker

Art san & Martin preparing for the presentation

Art san delivering his presentation & demo

Friends of RKK would like to extend our sincere thanks to Mr.Art & Mr.Martin who are the ambassador of APRS.

To: Alibaba regulars
This Friday Eyeball on 1st Feb 2008 will be at MOSIN at Jalan Aminuddin Baki ( please note there 2 MOSIN in TTDI) Map attached. This is also our temporary hangout on a daily basis until the New Alibaba opens after CNY with new name...... hopefully.
I am also sad to announce that the hand print wall of "shame " is no more. ....gone forever ! for the moment. Unless we decide to do a new one in future.
We are still waiting for HAMs to organise eyeball TT in their Areas perhaps after CNY. Will anounce on email or martsnews.blogspot.com if any changes or new area of TT. Attached above is also a list of HAMS that turned up to our Eyeball TT at Ampang last Friday compiled by 9w2RY.
Automatic Positioning Reporting System "APRS" talk by a HAM member from Japan at MOSIN TTDI 31 Jan Thursday.
We are hoping to have Mr Art from Japan and his friend Martin From Holland to give a talk on "APRS". Today Thursday 31 Jan 2008 at MOSIN at about 8.30 pm. This is a last minute arrangements and unfortunately rush for time. We hope we can organise a proper talk next time. This is the plan so far, however, if there is any change will anounce on RKK about 6pm to 7pm. Please monitor RKK if you interested to join the talk. Alternatively you can email me or phone me for updates. This is a casual adhoc arrangement, nothing formal so those interested in APRS do join us as it would be interesting to learn. Sorry for the last minute arrangements.

qsp - de moderator

Meeting with MCMC

In my previous post, I have mentioned that a couple of people from MARTS all around Malaysia came to Kuala Lumpur for the a meeting.

The meeting is set up in MCMC, where our fellow HAM members discuss some of the issues that Amateur Radio members in Malaysia are facing.

One of the few keys that they have discussed.

1. Pirates on the frequency, can anyone do anything?
2. Personalized number plates. See 9W2BSD instead of WQQ 1234
3. Class A and Class B of Amateur Radio in Malaysia

On the same day, MARTS presented the certificate of appointment to our very own Angkasawan as Amateur Radio Ambassador for MARTS.

Friday, January 25, 2008

25/01/2008 TT Session, Mak Jah, Ampang Jaya

Our first Friday eyeball rotation is at Ampang Jaya today 25th Jan  FRiday .

Eyeball at 9pm. At Restaurant naan corner end Restaurant call "Mak Jah"
Near 7'eleven Ampang Jaya

MakJ ah

Click on map for bigger view.


Calling Channel will be V36,  RUK or RKK.

Do join us to make this eyeball rotation a success. Hopefully, once a month.

Organised by 9w2RY AND 9W2CPN (AMPANG ham)

Selangor region welcomes Northen and southen region

Just a short write up on the eye ball session that the National MARTS council had over the table.

Eye ball

Some of the committee members were down to Kuala Lumpur, sitting at the mamak restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail having a tea and to discuss the agenda for the next day; A meet up between MCMC and MARTS.

A few concerns and issues to be raised up is the 'pirates' in the air and a few other minor issues. A certificate will also be presented by MARTS to our very own Angkasawan Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor.


We had a great discussion, and there were at least 20 stations present, and it only grew bigger throughout the evening.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friday Eyeball - Mosin

Alibaba has changed name to Anis Putri2 and is closed for renovations for 3 weeks. I would like to propose our temporary Friday eyeball at 9W2XL place Ithai at Millienium square or MOSIN in TTDI the one behind Mofaz the other side of TTDI jalan aminuddin Baki.
Futhermore , On a trial period the following next Fridays (or day of your choice ) we rotate the TT session areas to Kepong, Ampang , Cheras, Puchong and Kelang. eventually it would be on once a month rotation. Lets just try it out. A few HAM members in their respective areas have offered to organise.

I am taking the initiative to organise a new place for our TT session. We are short of time as Friday is nearby.

Please give your opinions / suggestions / new place to TT?. If you like to organise TT eyeball in your area please give me a call / email. Requirement Minimum Three stations to start TT eyeball Place. Please try to select a place that is Clean, plenty of parking, preferably got Wifi, most of all good food and will try set up a radio station there.

The regular TT place in PJ /TTDI is only temporary until Anis Putri2 begins operation in 3 weeks.

Hope to hear your feed back / choice of place / other places not mention .
Need to confirm soon ....by tomorrow thursday for this Friday TT 18 Jan08.
Look forward to hear from you soon.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Gogopal GPS Road show at Ali Baba Restaurant

Gogopal GPS Road show at Ali Baba Restaurant (note : date changed again*, now to 15th Feb)

Date: Friday, Feb 15th 2008 Time : 9.00PM

Gogopal will be giving a talk on their GPS system and a demo of their product .
Some light refreshments will be served. Furthermore, on that day only, there will
be a special offer on their products . Do come and join us. All are welcome.
For further info please contact 9w2axe@gmail.com


*Date is currently tentative and is based on ongoing renovations of Ali Baba Restaurant (which is in the process of changing its name to "Anis Putri 2").