Tuesday, May 31, 2005

With the first Ops Gempor at Sg. Long, we are now looking at Ops Gempor #2 showdown at Rawang. The date is tentatively set on 18th June 2005. Those interested kindly leave yr particulars on the web or call your local squad commandant. All news update will be posted.
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Monday, May 30, 2005

Web Poll results - How often 2M Net

Should the 2M net be held ?

Once a week

9 Votes52.94%

Twice a month

6 Votes35.29%

Once a month

2 Votes11.76%

Only when there is an announcement, tentative on Friday

0 Votes0%

Total votes : 17

Seems like the majority would like to have the 2M Net on a weekly basis, so here is the next question, pls take part in our weekly poll..

Remember, the 2M Net can only be active if there are volunteers, come one, come all .. we need your support.
You need not be good , nor be a star to run the 2M Net, all we are looking for is a gusty person who could spend an hour of their time, so Pls sign up..


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Latest documentary from a local director, entitled :- Papai - Pemancu Gelombang Udara will be screening at Ali Baba 27/05/2005 at 9.30pm; duration of documentary - 20 mins. Screening will only take place if there is a projector, so guys with projector out there and want to assist, please say 'Yes'. Admission is free to all. Just order your regular tea-tarik. 73s
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2M Net calendar

This schedule guideline is drawn based upon volunteers who have expressed interest to conduct the 2M Net. Volunteers only need to confirm their date of participation and assistance will be extended to all who choose to participate.

To make an entry :-
goto - main page - link - 2M Net Calendar Schedule
- select month's view
- locate date required
- click '2M net calendar' icon
- edit 'event'
- in the 'Event Discription' enter your callsign
In the event you have 2 net controllers for the day, kindly indicate which handle is #1 and the #2.
- click on 'Save'

if you would like a reminder, click on reminder and an email will be sent to your favorite mailbox.

This is setup to facilite the running of the 2M Net and we hope that this will not be abuse as this calendar is not moderated.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Wesak Day 2 Meter Net

Pak Dollah 9M2DS voluntered to be the Net Controller for the
Special 2 Meter "Celebration Net" on Wesak Day,
22May2005 from 2100 to 2130 hrs. A total of 11 Stations
Checked-in to convey their special"greetings" traffic to all
Ham Radio Operators that Celebrated Wesak Day.

9W2-SAI Mobile
9W2-YJ Mobile
9W2-MCT Mobile

Due to Pak Dollah had to go for dinner, he had to close the
2 meter Net session at 2150 that night.
We all hope that more stations would be listening to
9M2-RKK approximately around 2100 to 2130, especially during any special occassion days,
for an impromptu 2 meter Net session.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Group email for latest updates

Would you like to be kept up to the minute of latest posting / comments from fellow bloggers in www.martsnews.blogspot.com via your favorite email account?

Its now possible !!!! visit and join this group
http://groups-beta.google.com/group/martsnews_email. This group is setup to distribute emails automatically to all registered user who wants to follow the progress of Marts News bloggers.

This announcement group will not be updated and its sole purpose and intend is to assist in automated email distribution only.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Calling for volunteers!!! Calling for volunteers!!!

We are calling for volunteers to run the 2M net at your convenience, all you have to do is indicate the date you are available to conduct the net.

Tentatively, it would be held on Fridays until we find a suitable day to accommodate our volunteer Net Controllers. So drop us a note to indicate when will you be available to help out.

You may conduct the 2M net at your home, from your mobile or at Ali Baba Rest. A huge white board is put up for our convenience and at our disposal.

We have 9W2SAI who is the first volunteer who stepped out from the crowd. A big thank you to you , 9W2SAI.

Calling for any station, CQ CQ CQ

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2 Meter Net on World Telecommunications Day

With 9M2-DS moving to push for an impromptu 2 Meter Net on 17 May 2005, (being the 140th Anniversary of the World Telecommunications Day), we then started the Amateur Radio machinery to organise the Net session.

The above is also a very good yardstick to see if we can muster the
Amateur Radio fraternity to be called upon during any crisis situation.

Pak Dollah, 9M2-DS, who voluntered to be the Net Controller for the night, came on the air around 2115 hrs. Prior to this, he was given the OK by the MARTS VP
9M2-RS for this special session of 2 Meter Net.

Thank You very much to the following Stations that responded to the call of this
2 Meter Net.

1. 9W2-TTT 2. 9M2-RS
3. 9W2-BAD 4. 9W2-WHO
5. 9W2-YJ 6. 9W2-VVH Mobile
7. 9W2-SAI 8. 9W2-AMR
9. 9W2-ADR 10. 9W2-SSJ Mobile
11. 9W2-SF 12. 9W2-SBA
13. 9W2-MCT Mobile 14. 9W2-HZA
15. 9W2-GL 16. 9W2-AXN
17. 9W2-MEJ Mobile 18. 9W2-XL Mobile
19. 9M2-CJ 20. 9W2-ZN Portable
21. 9W2-CPT Mobile 22. 9W2-AZL Mobile
23. 9W2-ACE 24. 9M2-SC Mobile
25. 9W2-XEP 26. 9W2-TU
27. 9W2-YD 28. 9W2-THR
29. 9W2-MAA 30. 9W2-KV Mobile
31. 9M2-AI 32. 9W2-MN
33. 9W2-QZ 34. 9W2-XI
35. 9W2-YR 36. 9W2-CCP
37. 9W2-MRR 38. 9W2-QS
39. 9W2-IYZ 40. 9W2-OZ Mobile
41. 9W2-WF 42. 9W2-NIK
43. 9W2-CRJ

The above tally makes 4 9Mikes and 39 9Whiskies who participated in the 2 Meter Net.

Net Controller for that night : 9M2-DS
Net controller No.2 (20 Mins) : 9W2-SSJ (to enable Pak Dollah have Dinner & Drink)

For an impromptu 2 meter Net, it is most encouraging to see that there were many
Stations monitoring and checking-in on that night.

To keep us for "crisis readiness", it has been suggested for all Stations to monitor 9M2-RKK around 2100 to 2130 hrs on special occasion days. Who knows..that night could be another impromptu 2 Meter Net session!

Lets keep the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitting Society Active.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Web poll results - should we have office representation

Current MARTS home is in Penang, Should MARTS have a business office / address in KL and be seen?
No Need, we have PO Box
1 Votes 6.67%
Yes, we need representation here 14 Votes 93.33%

0 Votes 0%

Total votes : 15

Thank you for your participation

Marts Council, please reconsider your decision to have a business office and be seen in KL - after all we have funds in the bank and we are not a co-operative to 'give' out loans. Why have it in the bank? Its time to consider extending some facilities & benefit to all Marts members, its time for Marts to compromise.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

2 Meter Net

Dear all,
The recent 2 Meter net held ( 13th May 2005) at Taman Tun Dr Ismail organised by Marts members received a warm welcome by Ham/Swls & Ham enthusiast, a much awaited event - in view of the coming World Telecommunication Day 2005 (17th May ) to help create awareness.

Below is the list of Ham members from various radio clubs (ASTRA,NS radio club & Marts)

The following Stations checked-in on 9M2-RKK during the 2 Meter Net on Friday 13May05.

9W2-TTT Mat Klang 9W2-YJ Rodney Klang
9W2-AMZ Suhaimi Port Dickson 9W2-GL Wan P.Jaya
9W2-TZI Chin
Mobile 9W2-HHL Heng Melaka
9W2-TWO Wan Seremban 9W2-ADL Adeli
9W2-HLY Haly Mobile 9W2-PU Subash S.Hartamas
9W2-SAI Saiful KL 9W2-XI
Wilson Mobile
9W2-ZE Munzir Seremban 9W2-ZEY Mizey KL
9W2-GP Ruzman KL 9W2-RV Mior
9W2-MRR Syed KL 9W2-ADR Adrian KL
9W2-RYS Raja
Mobile 9W2-MCT SWL/Arshad KL
9M2-RT Razif KL 9W2-PO Ong
9M4-CRN SWL/GOH Seremban 9M4-CRN SWL/Heng Seremban
9M4-CRN SWL/AYU Seremban 9W2-ZU Zuraidah KL
9M4-CRN SWL/Mazlan Seremban 9M4-CRN ANA Seremban
9W2-ZN Zakran
Mobile 9W2-LAR Lukman Mobile
9W2-OO Maarof Klang 9W2-TU Hamid Bangi
9M4-CRN SWL/Phua Seremban 9W2-JBJ Jamli
9W2-CBO Chris KL 9W2-KEN Ken KL
9W2-VA Andy KL

Following Stations were present at Ali Baba during the 2 Meter Net on Friday 13May05

9M2-DS Dollah KL 9M2-SC Steven KL
9M2-RS Rashid KL 9W2-JAR Jar KL
9W2-XYZ Alan KL 9W2-WHO Prem KL
9W2-ALX Alex KL 9W2-AXN Adlin KL
9W2-RAW Ng KL 9W2-MEJ Oon KL
9W2-EVA Eva KL 9W2-THS Tang KL
9M2-CJ Thiam KL SWL Rahman KL
SWL Niezal KL SWL Zachary KL
SWL Ezad KL SWL Juhelmi KL
SWL Abdul Aziz KL SWL Idris Ishak KL
SWL Saiful KL 9W2-ORI
Alvin KL
SWL Liew KL 9W2-MAL Mal KL
9W2-SSJ Sucahart KL 9W2-MCT Tony KL

Thank you all for YOUR participation..

For more pics , click on the link above...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

'Council' members portfolio - 2005

Little bird informed Mart News :-

Got a (fax)copy of the MARTS 2005 callbook which contained information about the new council as follows:

President: Phoa Kia Teck - 9M2KT
HP: 019 470 0937
Fax: 04-2261286
Res: 04-6581157
email: phoa@astoria.pc.my

VP - 9M2RS Abdul Rashid Sultan
HP: 019 336 2595
email: rsultan@pc.jaring.my

Sec - 9M2CL Bob Chee Lye Seng
HP: 016 475 1753
fax: 04 828 7840

Treasurer - 9W2KB Khoo Beng Huat
HP: 016- 492 6771
email: none

Public Relation & Publicity - 9W2IL Muhammad bin Ismail
HP 019 445 2145
email: bayanks@tm.net.my

Technical and Repeaters - 9W2LTS Loo Tuck Sam
HP: 016 452 6878
email: none

Publication and Newsletter - 9W2TZ Hanafi bin Mohamad Ishak
HP 019 419 1234
email: mintaka@tm.net.my

Training & Education - 9W2LR Law Poh Cheok
HP: 012 553 4886
Res: 04-281 2324
email: pclaw818@tm.net.my

QSL Manager - 9W2SAM Zaliha bt Ahmad Amran
HP 013-376 3291
email: lady_canoeist@hotmail.com

I hope members make good use of this info and not to abuse it. Perhaps Mr Moderator and have this by the side of the main page.


6:49 PM

Monday, May 09, 2005

Marts News - Tech help

Marts News Tech Help is the ultimate online blogspot for those excited by and curious about all things related to HAM radio.

Our Tech website is moderated by 9W2SSJ and his 'team' of ham operators. They will take issues / questions and interests by you and add information and resources to quench your need for technical info.

If your interest is sparked by something you "see" .. err!! you hear , you can satisfy that curiosity by posting your question on the blogsite.

You can go directly to the pages of Tech Help at www.amateuradiomalaysia.blogspot.com an explore the site. We're sure you'll find something that captures your interest..

News Flash - #2 May 2005

Little bird informed Marts News :-

1) 2M Net is schedule to be held on the 13th May (Friday) - All swl's and friends are encourage to drop by at Rest Ali Baba at Tmn Tun Dr Ismail. Protable station would be setup to encourge swls' to get some 'hands-on'. All are welcome.

Those unable to visit us at TTDI, you might want to stop over at 9M2DS - Pak Dollah, he generously extend his station for swls' and friends alike for this 2M Net..

2) please visit 9M2RT's blog at - http://mycanong6.blogspot.com and help him to associate some faces with callsigns - these are pictures taken during the AGM at Penang.

Marts News blogspot was offline over the weekend , our sincere apology.

Web Poll results - When to begin RAE Classes

Web Poll results - When to begin RAE Classes

How soon should the Council conduct RAE classes to assist SWL's?

Its too soon to say - RAE in June only

0 Votes0%

Is May a good month to start?

1 Votes7.69%

2 weeks B4 the RAE

1 Votes7.69%

Not necessary ... they can do it on their own

5 Votes38.46%

Council, Can we start now?

6 Votes46.15%

0 Votes0%

Total votes : 13

It is apparent there is only a few of us who cares to "vote", If you want a change, you will have to support initiative taken to 'hopefully' make these changes. Make this blogspot your voice!!!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Wi-Fi - hangout?

Official hangout place?

Any takers for free ‘Wi-fi’ usage ? Just plonk yourself there and order your regular ‘tea-tarik’ to go with while you surf the web.
Thanks to 9w2xyz whom convince En. Mubarak that we, Ham members, car enthusiast ( Gti, K2OC) and other IT buffs is a worth while investment..

The owner claim that Wi-Fi services would be made available in 1-2 weeks, so keep a lookout , hopefully by the 17th May 2005

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I-ball at TTDI

Left-Right :- 9w2wan,swl, 9w2axn,9w2mct,9w2pot,9w2ssj,9w2gl,9w2va,9w2bad,9w2alx,swl

Its 9.30pm and 9w2axn is the first station on-site, then came 9w2xi. Our drinks was served as soon 9w2alx and his friends turned up. Soon came 9w2gl , 9w2wan and 2 swls’.
We also have the pleasure of 9w2ssj from USJ and he had the awesome task of guiding 9w2va to TTDI. Soon after 9w2mct join the group, then came 9w2xyz trundling down his vehicle. As our group grew in size, so did the extension of additional table - by then most station were operating QRO.. Then came 9w2pot in his Kenari Nemo., soon 9w2bad came all the way from Sri Petaling when he heard us over the frequency. 9w2ee took the opportunity when he heard that a ‘big’ group is near his neighborhood. The comradeship is felt thru exchanges of handshake and ‘QSO’ throughout the night, not to mention a couple of drinks and cigs to go with. Every good thing must come to an end , the group finally left approx 12.45am

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News Flash

Little bird inform MartsNews

- that a local group of concern ham members are trying to revive MARTS 2M net, so keep a look out and participate. All comments welcome during the 2M Net, voice out you opinons...

- some experience Ham members are trying to piece together a informal workshop for the SWLs, hopefully they will announce it on 2M net

- 9W2XYZ secured a 'hangout' mamak corner with 'wifi' access (in the mist of getting a phone line registered), the premises is open to all alike. Will also have access to office / off-site meeting facilities - courtesy of En. Mubarak.

- 12 ham station and others meet for i-ball (29/4/05) .... great atmosphere !!! Do drop by- Ham stations and friends alike.

MartsNews is always looking out for NEWS contribution ...