Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Wesak Day 2 Meter Net

Pak Dollah 9M2DS voluntered to be the Net Controller for the
Special 2 Meter "Celebration Net" on Wesak Day,
22May2005 from 2100 to 2130 hrs. A total of 11 Stations
Checked-in to convey their special"greetings" traffic to all
Ham Radio Operators that Celebrated Wesak Day.

9W2-SAI Mobile
9W2-YJ Mobile
9W2-MCT Mobile

Due to Pak Dollah had to go for dinner, he had to close the
2 meter Net session at 2150 that night.
We all hope that more stations would be listening to
9M2-RKK approximately around 2100 to 2130, especially during any special occassion days,
for an impromptu 2 meter Net session.


Rodney 9W2YJ said...

Dear All,

Is there any hams in Ipoh, Perak? There is a "OCS Fire Officer" from Jabatan Bomba Ipoh by the name of "En. Zaman Bin Wok" from Ipoh who like to joint as a SWL.

His hand phone number is 012-5553067. His email is mailto:zamanwok@tm.net.my Can anyone from Ipoh please help him to joint our ham society?





9W2ALX-alex said...

seem the 2meter net is also in conjunction of world telecomunication day...

9W2XYZ said...


I tink I met this swl. He has been hanging around LowYatt. I redirected him to 9M2CW and his gang. I think he should be well taken care of.

Can we suggest topics for the 2m net ?

1 What is MARTS doing to ensure MCMC is inline with IARU and ITU developments? For that matter, what is MARTS doing?

2. An Indian national can transmit in Canada with his call. And a slash of course. But why is this possible? Because India has a reciprocal agreement with Canada. We should have reciprocals too. Are we doing anything about it?

3. What are we doing to make sure 2007 happens? Are we going to be loosing any more bandwidth?

4. Is Morse in the interest of ham? For growth, for sustainability and for pertinence?

5. Why so many clubs in Malaysia? Is this efficient, necessary and avoidable? Who should fix the problem, if there is one? What is the situation in other ham developed countries?

6. Are ham members equipped with the proper skills to conduct themselves on the air? Can a Malaysia ham in general get into an international qso and not end up looking like an amatuer? No pun intended.

7. If MARTS is what it is supposed to be- does it mean that equipment wise, we should have top notch sound quality? Instead of eyeballs to homebrew antennas.... should we have one to teach members how to install mobiles properly?

8. 5, 9 via repeater. What exactly does this mean? This is the signal report for the repeater. The RST code is misused by many. We hear a lot of people awarding 5 9s to various stations. Should we be brutally honest with bad transmissions? How can a ham help someone else if they are not honest with the signal report.

9. Are our repeaters underused? Is MARTS just a collection of repeaters?

10. Why are most of the new inductees as hams in the 30 to 40 year group? Why are we so unsuccesful at attracting young talent?

11. 6 and 10m are now open to whiskeys. WHy so few takers? Can and should anything be done to address this?

12. We are at a time where we can remotely operate a server linked Kenwood radio in another continent. There is aslo E-QSO, echolink, internet connectivity, etc to name a few.

13. By the looks of it, our exams and syllabus have no mention of this. Maybe this is why we cant attract new members. Our equipment and best practice is not good enough to draw in the typical teen.

14. How can we help the council in Penang. I think they need a LOT of help. If they are too far away, can they appoint 'area represetatives.

15. Within the ham community, there are many gifted and talented people. Are we using them correctly?

16. Is Marts doing enough to warrant its existence? If not, are there more capable people outside Mdoes it.

Thats all for now.