Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I-ball at TTDI

Left-Right :- 9w2wan,swl, 9w2axn,9w2mct,9w2pot,9w2ssj,9w2gl,9w2va,9w2bad,9w2alx,swl

Its 9.30pm and 9w2axn is the first station on-site, then came 9w2xi. Our drinks was served as soon 9w2alx and his friends turned up. Soon came 9w2gl , 9w2wan and 2 swls’.
We also have the pleasure of 9w2ssj from USJ and he had the awesome task of guiding 9w2va to TTDI. Soon after 9w2mct join the group, then came 9w2xyz trundling down his vehicle. As our group grew in size, so did the extension of additional table - by then most station were operating QRO.. Then came 9w2pot in his Kenari Nemo., soon 9w2bad came all the way from Sri Petaling when he heard us over the frequency. 9w2ee took the opportunity when he heard that a ‘big’ group is near his neighborhood. The comradeship is felt thru exchanges of handshake and ‘QSO’ throughout the night, not to mention a couple of drinks and cigs to go with. Every good thing must come to an end , the group finally left approx 12.45am

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Hello said...

I accidentally left out 9W2SAI , my apology bro ...

Anonymous said...

Hi friends,
Just to record my sincere thanks to all those involved to 'make-it happen'. And I do believed that, our good dream is on the way with hard work, full of determination, dedication, and high spirit to unite with most ethical way possible.
All the best & Congratulations....