Thursday, May 26, 2005

2M Net calendar

This schedule guideline is drawn based upon volunteers who have expressed interest to conduct the 2M Net. Volunteers only need to confirm their date of participation and assistance will be extended to all who choose to participate.

To make an entry :-
goto - main page - link - 2M Net Calendar Schedule
- select month's view
- locate date required
- click '2M net calendar' icon
- edit 'event'
- in the 'Event Discription' enter your callsign
In the event you have 2 net controllers for the day, kindly indicate which handle is #1 and the #2.
- click on 'Save'

if you would like a reminder, click on reminder and an email will be sent to your favorite mailbox.

This is setup to facilite the running of the 2M Net and we hope that this will not be abuse as this calendar is not moderated.

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Marts News said...

3/06/2005 - 9w2sai & 9w2tzi
TBA - 9w2who & 9w2law

Anonymous said...

Malam ni ada "Hari Gawai 2M Nett Ka??

Selamat Hari Gawai