Thursday, May 19, 2005

Calling for volunteers!!! Calling for volunteers!!!

We are calling for volunteers to run the 2M net at your convenience, all you have to do is indicate the date you are available to conduct the net.

Tentatively, it would be held on Fridays until we find a suitable day to accommodate our volunteer Net Controllers. So drop us a note to indicate when will you be available to help out.

You may conduct the 2M net at your home, from your mobile or at Ali Baba Rest. A huge white board is put up for our convenience and at our disposal.

We have 9W2SAI who is the first volunteer who stepped out from the crowd. A big thank you to you , 9W2SAI.

Calling for any station, CQ CQ CQ

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9w2xi - Wilson said...

Guys, we are still looking for volunteers and till date we only have

9w2sai Saiful
9w2tzi Chin
- net controller for 3rd Jun 2005

9w2who Minied
9w2law Azlan
- net controller ( date not determine )

anymore takers?