Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ramadan Buka Puasa Eyeball

We are organising a buka puasa cum eyeball session
this event will be held on the 6th of October 2006 @ 6.30pm.

Venue : masjid al -mukarramah
Jln saga, Bandar Sri Damansara ( masjid bandar sri damansara )

all amateur stations are cordially invited, this is also extended with xyl & harmonics

We are also extending to all non-muslim members. Proper attire is required ( ladies must wear scarf)

Food will be provided as the event is sponsored by 9w2axe. A collection box will be passed around to members in aid of orphans ( anak anak yatim) any amount welcome. Solely on voluntary basis.

The menu for the day

1. bar-b-que lamb
2. briyani rice
3. etc etc etc

Pls rsvp by the 4th October with the number of pax to 9W2AXE - 019-2225724 or 9W2ICE - 012-2830002

eg. 9w2xxx + no of person(s)

calling channel V.40


RAE (2006-2) Announcement by MCMC

Better late then never, they say. Such, this blog has missed the all important announcement by Big Bro on the next RAE dates !
click on the above link to see the full text of the announcement made by MCMC.
In summary, it will be on November 29, 2006, Venue TBA.


just our small part to encourage others to HAM!
de Martsnews.blogspot

*YeeMah KooCheah is a phrase widely used by the Cantonese to refer to relatives . .

Saturday, September 23, 2006

9M2RUK - Ulu Kali (Local Repeater - 147.900mhz)

9M2RUK - Ulu Kali Repeater transmitting at 147.900mhz, with the usual offset and tone is now back live on line. A team headed by 9W2ZN - Zakran summitted Ulu Kali on Thursday, 21st September 2006, and provided the long needed manpower to put the repeater back on air.
For the record, the antenna cables was the primary problem, with water seepage, due to weather exposure, and these cables were donated (Benefactor - not known).
However, it will be useful to note that 9M2RUK does have serious 'spill over' problems from a commerial taxi repeater, so if you get the feedback,upon the release of your PTT, don't be too alarmed. Another thing to note is that 9M2RUK, situated on the Ulu Kali summit, right next to Genting Highlands, will provide you with good receiving signals, but please reconsider triggering with 5w from handy, as you may not get the same results. However, do try, and feel free to comment here on your signal and readability report, with power output, as well as set up/area of transmission.
This will be very useful for us to provide to the next team going up to do maintenance works.

Kepp on Dx'ing.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Mobile Rigs

To all hams who are interested to acquire these models - you may sent an email to




Friday, September 08, 2006

QSP...Messages Text or otherwise . .

Excerpt from NST Daily, 8 Sept 2006
When text messages can backfire
08 Sep 2006
KUALA LUMPUR: It may be hip and a sign of the times, but the growing trend of circulating text messages on kidnap and abduction cases is making matters hard for police.

Different types of crime require different approaches. What may work in a case of car theft or snatch theft may not work when there’s been a kidnapping.

In advising the public to stop this practice, Federal CID director Datuk Fauzi Saari told the New Straits Times yesterday that kidnappers would have warned the victim’s family not to go to the police. "There is the danger that the widely circulated text messages may reach the kidnappers’ mobile phones. This would endanger the victim.

"Also, the element of secrecy is required as police have their own plans and action to set into motion," he said.

"If a crime is committed, then lodge a report in person. There are procedures police have to follow before investigation papers can be opened.

"Sending text messages does not constitute lodging a police report. We do not know if it is a hoax or genuine call for help. Even those who forward the messages don’t know if it is a hoax or not."

Fauzi said at the very least, police would need a "first information report", which detailed the crime, its nature, where it happened and who was involved, so that they had something to work on.

"But what is happening now is that the text message is being circulated far and wide before it reaches the police. We will not act on it as it is difficult to determine its authenticity."

As an example, Fauzi cited a case which created a stir on Aug 28: A girl who was abducted by five men at the parking lot of the Ipoh Shopping Parade.

Her boyfriend sent text messages to friends, urging them to contact police if they spotted their vehicle. The messages took on a life of their own, reaching the Klang Valley.

"By then, the original message was distorted to such an extent that no one knew where the girl was abducted from. Some received a text saying the incident had occurred at Subang Parade!"

Selangor police sent a team to Subang Parade. By then, the girl was safe and the vehicle found. Two days later, the messages were still in circulation.

Fauzi advised victims to send the text message to Rakan Cop, which would be constituted as a report.

Also, enlisting the help of friends by chain text messaging can be applied when it is a case of snatch or car thefts.

Some of us in the HAM community may have received this message and feeling the need to help, may have circulated this to other stations, via sms as well as through the local 2M network.
So perhaps, it is wise to take a step back and evaluate using this simple steps;
1.verify statement from the person who received it (make sure that it is first hand info, not QSP from QSP from QSP)
2.As a responsible person passing on information, you are responsible for the facts
(If some of you may recall, a simple message sent some time ago lead to some serious twisting of facts, as in the case with this sms)
3.If it involves element of crime, do take the steps as advised by the authorities (refer above article)
4.Messages sent through Amateur Radio waves should follow the guidelines set by the governing authorities (refer MCMC guidelines as to do's and don'ts)

In summary, we all mean well, but do not get yourself prosecuted for sending wrong news!
de martnews.blogspot

Renewal of Apparatus Assignment - QSP!

CQ CQ CQ all those listed below, or if you know them please QSP ! This is their data as per MCMC active call book, note that some have already expired. Please ask them to renew.
Wew ould like to see the register grow not shrink!

MOHD TAHA BIN YAACOB 9W2TAH 01400037-000SU/122005 27-Sep-06
P.RAMANUJAM MURTHY 9W2WW 01313627-000SU/122005 27-Sep-06
SUHAIMI BIN AZMIL 9W2SAS 01355675-000SU/122004 16-Sep-06
ROSMADI BIN KHAIRI 9W2FV 01355207-000SU/122004 01-Sep-06
ABDUL GHANI BIN ABDUL WAHAB 9W2VG 01354563-000SU/122004 21-Aug-06
JUNAIDI BIN IBRAHIM 9W2QJ 01354380-000SU/122005 19-Aug-06
MO LEAN CHOO 9W2QD 01354069-000SU/122003 12-Aug-06
NOR FITRI BIN CHE HAMID 9W2PWR 01397972-000SU/122005 02-Aug-06
ABDUL RAHIM BIN ABDULLAH 9W2KK 01305237-000SU/122004 30-Jul-06
WAN ABDUL AZIZ BIN WAN JUSOH 9W2WAJ 01397914-000SU/122005 28-Jul-06
KAMARUL HAFIZ BIN MUHAMED 9W2YOE 01397916-000SU/122005 28-Jul-06
SALEH BIN MOHAMED 9W2ALQ 01397861-000SU/122005 27-Jul-06
IDRIS BIN KAMARUDIN 9W2YOB 01387636-000SU/122004 25-Jul-06
ABDUL RAHIM BIN SALLEH 9W2ARV 01387525-000SU/122004 19-Jul-06
AHMAD ASRI BIN HASSAN 9W2ASS 01387526-000SU/122005 19-Jul-06
NOR HAKIMI BIN RAZMI 9W2HRR 01387527-000SU/122004 19-Jul-06
MAS AYU BINTI BACHOK 9W2MYZ 01397239-000SU/122005 17-Jul-06
MOHD RAZLI BIN AWANG 9W2RZY 01397238-000SU/122005 17-Jul-06

However, we donote that though the data was copied from MCMC website, some of them may have already renewed their license . . lets nurture and grow the community . . .

73s de Martsnews.blogspot

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

NATIONAL LINK Repeater back online . . update on 9M2RUK too

To all stations that appreciate concise news, here is the latest on the National Link repeater of MARTS on Ulu Kali.
Previously transmitting on 146.925 Mhz, the Repeater was emitting serious QRM on a commercial repeater belonging to MTD, the Highway Concessionaire operating the Central-East-West Highway, resulting in our National QSO's being copied through their commercial network. Which resulted in it being decommissioned, until today!
As previously explained (or if you so wish, refer to MCMC Bandplan) the 146.000-148.000 Mhz is allocated to Amateur Radio in Malaysia on a 'secondary basis'. In other words, on a need to basis! So lets keep flooding the airwaves to fully utilise our bandwith!

Our repeater team (9M2CL-Bob Chee, 9W2EY-Edward Yeoh, 9W2TE-Charlie and others, which we may not know of) summitted Ulu Kali today - 6 Sept 2006, at midday, and readjusted the necesarry, resulting in better RX and DX'ings ! Syabas to them, and as you are reading this, are on their way to Malacca, and subsequently to Gunung Pulai to do the needful for the improvement of the National Link Network.

On another note, 9M2RUK, is now awaiting final adjustments, as well as reinstallation of the repeater and antenna, thanks to the efforts, of 9M2CJ-Thiam (for coordinating), 9W2AA-Jit, for his help in duplexer tuning, 9W2ZN-Zakran and his team (Rosli/Khairul/Roslan) for ascending and reinstalling the duplexer (but for the rain and lightning, 9M2RUK would have been live already!).

So if you are keen to use the National Link again, please do so at 147.125 mhz . . .with the usual Tone & Shift! See you on the link....

73s de Martnews.blogspot