Monday, May 09, 2005

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Our Tech website is moderated by 9W2SSJ and his 'team' of ham operators. They will take issues / questions and interests by you and add information and resources to quench your need for technical info.

If your interest is sparked by something you "see" .. err!! you hear , you can satisfy that curiosity by posting your question on the blogsite.

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Rodney (9W2YJ) said...

Dear All SWL,

Get to know Amateur Radio via Comic Book...

Here is where to look for ham radio equiptment in Singapore.

Good Luck...



9w2xi said...

Dear all,
Pls keep abreast with the latest news, technical annoucements, 2M Net agenda - you will only get these info at www.amateuradiomalaysia.blogspot.comblogsite. Do visit the blog for your regular technical dose.


Anonymous said...

You have blogspot for amateur radio all over the place. Do you think we have the time as you do to log into these blogspots. Please confine to one. If you have extra
energy conduct some classes for newbies or do some social work or maybe sweep the roads of Taman Tun.

9w2xi said...

Hi anonymous,
Thank you for your 'constructive' feedback, it would be helpful if you would leave your name - even thou you are SWL..


9WizzToBAD said...

the net owns by nobody, the sites are free for anyone to put up a blog or whatever, nothing wrong there, one doesn't have to see what one doesn't like, there's no gun held to the head to do so.. there's also no restriction to which one should choose..

just as the many organisations in the country, if same rule to be applied then we all shoud be 'confined' to only one organisation of same interest instead the many we have in the country now, or maybe we all should be 'confined' to only one body for the whole world..??

doing voluntary work for the benefit of the mass is not wrong, encouraged even.. the perbandaran would be very happy if there are ppl willing to sweep the street for free but then we have to think of the others - those who are paid to do so.. apart from their income depends on it, they do a better job with all the machines they have... no need to kacau their rice-bowl laa.. :-P

it's easier to critisise rather than actually do the work. all that's been done so far doesn't up anybody's agenda, well, there's no complaint till now.. these are just some activities for club members, by the club members, since nobody else is doing it..

as for the saying... don't ask what the organisation can do for u but what u can do for the organisation - some ppl need to really think abt that b4 even making any comment on such effort by the few..

9M2SC said...

I must say ' A job well done' to those who take the time and effort to get these information compiled.
And should also say 'Thank You' to those who provide interesting 'feedback'.
Without feedback, we will never improve and make things better.



Rodney 9W2YJ said...

Dear SWL and Hams,

Re:Cables for your Amateur Radio Setup

Here is some technical infomation on cables to use when you setup your rig in the car. It the in appropriate cables is use then the performance is degraded... always look for low lost in transmision cable and minimum amp a cable can take to power your rig hungry RF output.

For the Antenna Cables use ...
Manyfacturer: Mitti Cables Mfg Sdn Bhd
Coaxial Cable = RG-58A/U = 50 ohms, Atten(db/100m) 16.1, 100 Meters.


For the DC Power Cable use ...
Manufacturer: Fajar Cables Sdn Bhd
PVC Auto Cables = Multi Strand = Size :28/.26, 30 Meters. 14.9Amp.
PVC Auto Cables = Multi Strand = Size :35/.26, 30 Meters. 18.6Amp.


Good Luck



For more happening info go to...
For more amateur radio techincal infor go to ...

Rodney 9W2YJ said...

Dear All Hams,

Here is a interesting high gain homebrew antenna...

3 stacker x 3/4 wave for 2 meter Vertical antenna