Sunday, August 27, 2006

Merdeka - 2M net

To acknowledge our 49th year of Independence, a few Hams will be setting up a station at Ali Baba@ Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. They intend to usher in this occassion at 1600 hours on the 30th of August and wil continue until 0100 hours on the 31st August 2006. ( 2 concurrent events slated, read on.)

9M2DS, the customary catalyst and driver for our 2m nets, will unfortunately be away in Indonesia and has requested for all his pals to make sure the 2 meter Merdeka net is a reality.

So... in deference Pak Dollah, our/his Merdeka net check-ins will begin at 2100 hrs - 0100 hrs. This year, we will be starting our 2meter net on the back of anotehr 2 meter occassion - the 24 hours QSO................... we hope Man Belon will have enough petrol in his tank to join in....

Other pertinent details.

-Calling channel for the event will be on V40 for the events mentioned.
- We will be streaming our event 'live' on the internet
- pls login in to Skype and contact us at wilsan.yew or manbelon
by clicking on the conference icon.

You are encouraged to stop over to join in the celebration or simply, pick up you mic and make your presence known and your support felt.
We hope to hear from you on the eve of 31st August 2006. Those failing to check in will be reported to Pak Dollah for disciplinary action. Only Legal MCs and those travelling out of state will be excused.


de Moderator

24 hrs QSO - an attempt by ManBelon (9W2RNJ)

Bermula pada jam 8.00 pagi 30hb Ogos 2006 cabaran akan berlangsung sehingga jam 8.00 pagi 31hb Ogos 2006. Atas semangat patriotik satu ‘Check In’ yang dikenali sebagai “Merdeka Net” akan dilakukan oleh Man Belon bermula diambang Merdeka pada jam 10.00 malam sehingga jam 1.00 pagi
Bukan sahaja ketahanan mental dan fizikal yang menjadi asas cabaran bagi menyahut cabaran ini, tetapi juga ia menguji kemampuan setiap peralatan yang digunakan sepanjang cabaran tersebut. Ini adalah penting jika ia ditransformasikan didalam keadaan kecemasaan kita tidak seharusnya menghadapi kegagalan peralatan berfungsi dengan baik.
Man Belon akan beroperasi di Rumah Kelab Persatuan Perkhidmatan Kecemasan Radio Amatur Malaysia (MARES) yang beralamat di 4A, Jalan Tinggi 6/12, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Studio sementara yang dibuat seolah-olah station sementara semasa operasi kecemasan tambah mengrealisasikan cabaran ini semasa operasi kecemasan yang sebenar.

Jadual Penggunaan Jaluran/Pemancar Ulang-alik

30hb Ogos 2006
0730 - Persiapan terakhir Cabaran Ciptaan Rakod
0800 - Komunikasi bermula dengan Jaluran ASTRA
1200 - Berpindah (QSY) ke Jaluran Mares (9M4RES)
1600 - Berpindah (QSY) ke Jaluran Transnasional MARTS
2000 - Berpindah (QSY) ke NESRAC (9M4RNC)
2200 - Berpindah (QSY) ke Jaluran ASTRA Merdeka Net 2006 31hb Ogos 2006
0100 - Berpindah (QSY) ke Jaluran NESREC (9M4RNC)
0400 - Berpindah (QSY) ke Jaluran Mares (9M4RES)
0800 - Transmitting at ALL REPEATERS for 73’s
08:24‘ 24” QRT misi ditamatkan.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
All Ham Stations are strongly encouraged to assist ManBelon 9W2RNJ by participating in his QSO irregardless of allegiance / which club you may belong.
His QSO will be targetted at 9M2RKK & Marts National Link at 16oo hrs to 2000 hrs.
During this period, we hope that all stations will render their best efforts to help 9W2RNJ achieve his record. We also hope that stations intending to use the repeater will observe
protocol and best practise as usual.

We wish ManBelon our best for his attempt, godspeed.


de Moderator

Friday, August 11, 2006

JOTA event held recently

A big thank you for all those who have helped directly or indirectly , the list goes from
- setting up the station
- equipment on loan
- classroom tutoring
- being present to operate the station at BP house till wee hours in the morning , 3am
- mobiling stations who checked in to assist
- echolink setup
and the list goes on ..

Thank you fellow ham for keeping the ham spirit alive & well.


de moderator

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Antenna Party - held recently

Calling any station, this is 9w2ssj mobile asking for radio check ...

Shucart at work ...

Group picture taken after succesful setup, one for the album

Antenna mounted on the back of a pickup

These are a couple of pictures taken during one of our Friday night gathering at Tmn Tun Dr. Ismail. Who says the group at Tmn Tun is not technically savy?? I shit you not .....


de moderator

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

SWR workshop

Curious about how this small piece of equipment can help you optimise your transmission? Heard about the terms :- Forward RF power, Reflected RF power, Dummy load, etc etc and don't have time to lookit up at wikipedia?

Come on over and get your hands-on, this will also be a great time to ask the expert on advise or just to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Time : 8.30pm
Date : 11th August 2006
Venue : Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Ali Baba
Presenter : 9w2aa - Jit


de moderator

Friday, August 04, 2006

Standard Operating Procedure - activities held

9W2SOO - Selina XYL of 9W2SEE
leaving her mark

The 'Big Big group' in motion

9W2SOO DXing under the 'watchful ears' of 9W2SSJ
Mubaraq joining in the group pix!
GO GO GO on the go! 9W2GGG . . .
The Twins . . . QSL?
9M2DS showing the ropes . .
Time to start the collection, QSL...
I'll do it my way . . . 9M2DS...not karaoke lah!
Powersupply ala Home brew? Can't tell . . .
Apa cerita? Macam macam ada.....

We would like to thank all stations, swl(s) & ham enthusiast alike for making this event the biggest turn up , by far at Ali Baba, and most of all, an event to be remembered.

Pak Dollah kicked off the workshop at 9.30pm by welcoming all stations and started off the session with a brief history of HAM in Malaysia andgladly handed out copies of additional information for stations who wanted more reading material.

He also touched on the topic of QSO cards and brought some samples to be passed around for a closer view. New stations were showed some 'old' 2m hand helds, compared to those handies available nowadays. Pak Dollah recalled his encounters (to the detail!) operating with other stations and spoke about them passionately! He further provided a short briefing on SOP and common practices (on the airwaves)

3 groups were then created with new ham operators taking turns to dx - under the watchful eyes of other seasoned stations.

All good things must come to an end, they say, so this session concluded at 12 midnight.
Some others stayed on till 4.30am, at least that was on record!

There are plans to have another SOP session for those who might have missed the opportunity. So do drop us a line or two if you would like to attend, otherwise come catch the main crowd, normally on Fridays, sometime after 9pm...meantime, happy QSO'ing!

Stations who attended :- 9W2tlc - chan, 9w2ice - bob, 9M2ds - dollah, 9w2del - Fadil, 9w2sbs - Aizrin, 9w2adc - Kayrol 9w2eet - francis, 9w2xyz - alan, 9w2ryz - kin hou, 9w2gu - hamid, 9m2cf - chow, 9w2yyl - yem 9w2alt - Allen, 9w2xi - wilson, 9w2axn - adlind, 9w2cay - nadzmi, 9w2axe - azhar, 9w2boi - boi, 9w2yz - lim, 9w2ssj - suchart, 9w2xz - fadzil, 9w2ely - adely, swl - fairuz 9w2ggg - gale, 9w2see - see toh, 9w2soo - selina, 9w2sib - syahmi, 9w2afy - anwar, 9w2mmm - wong, 9m2cj - thiam, 9w2rt - razif, 9w2zn - zakran, 9w2alx - alex, 9m2aa - jit, 9w2mrz - zack, 9w2bbc - anwar, 9w2ll -ong, swl - mubarak, 9w2ziz - aziz, 9w2ull - zulfadli, 9w2obr -hirdir, 9m2/bg7msm - Zhung ru, 9w2mal - mal, 9m2rzl - rizal, 9w2ee - sharil & 9w2dtr - dexter. Total no of stations :- 46 stations 73s de moderator


de moderator

Antenna Workshop

Please be informed, 9M2DS will be holding an antenna workshop at Tmn Tun Dr. Ismail - Rest Ali Baba at today - 4th August 2006. He will demonstrate how to construct your own (DIY) 2 element copper collinear antenna.

Calling all ham enthusiast, put it down on your scheduler and come on over.


de moderator

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2M net - Hari Pahlawan

Hari Pahlawan net was held on 31st July 2006 at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, and a make shift station was setup. The net was lead by 9M2DS, 9W2ICE & 9W2ADC. The net was conducted from 9pm, with Pak Dollah kicking it off and was officially closed by 9W2ADC at 11.30pm.

Over the airwaves, announcement was made pertaining to Hari Pahlawan and the activities held throughout Penisular Malayisa.

It was also made known to new ham station that a SWR workshop will be conducted when one would be able to gain a better understanding on how to operate this equipment. Date of workshop would be announce shortly.

Ham stations that participated were :

9w2cbo - Chris, 9W2ll - Ong, 9w2gl - Wan, 9w2ice - Bob, 9w2xi - Wilson, 9w2eet - Francis,
9w2myv - Rosli, 9w2slc - Lex, 9m2cj - Thiam, 9w2axn - Adlin, 9w2gt - Hock (Muar / Echolink),
9w2mmm - Wong, 9w2gsm - Kerwin, 9m2/bg7msm - Zhong, 9w2ssj - Suchart, 9m2ds - Dollah
9w2mct - Tony, 9w2ziz - Aziz, 9w2tah - Tahar, 9w2va - Andy, 9w2mrc - Hoh, 9w2wil - Wilfred
9w2yd - Yusuf, 9w2sab - Sabri, 9w2yyl - Yem, 9w2mnr - Nabil (Ipoh / Echolink)
9w2sal - Salim, 9w2gu - Hamid, 9w2boi - Boi, 9w2axe - Azahar, 9w2yz - Lim, 9w2who - Chandran
9w2hsl - Hasli, 9w2boi - operated by SWL Alibaba, 9w2tlc - Chan & 9w2lt - Lee.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all stations for your participation and your continuous support to the activities of Ham Radio.

A special thanks to 9w2dtr - Dexter for facilitating Echolink connectivity.


de moderator.