Monday, January 29, 2007


Dear Friends!!

Time has come for us to carry on the good work and do another charity drive at Alibaba Restaurant TTDI. This time to 5 orang Asli villages in Bukit Ibam Rompin. We have information that their village are very badly affected by the flood and todate no relief has been sent to them. These are the kind of people that our team of Amateur Radio can be effective in our charity drive. Fully equipped with off-road vehicle we can come in and support those out of reach from government and corporate help.

We have received information from the local Balai Polis that these villages were cut off due to the floods and some were flooded with 6 ft of water and are in dire need of food and clothing supplies.

Again , their problem is just beginning, like most of you have seen in our previous charity drive these people don't even have a house to go back to unlike the city victims. Compared to Segamat Kecil, they are in worst situation and they need your help . We also need volunteers who are professionals in off-roading as theses tracks are challenging. These areas are extremely remote ! those planning to go must be prepared.

We, friends of RKK amateur radio will support our HAM off-road team by having this charity event. We do not accept monetary donations. You can donate items which will be purposeful for the flood victims such as used clothes, school clothes, stationary items for the school children, and dry and basic food stuff amongst others. No perishable items, please. This is purely on a voluntary basis amongst friends of Amateur Radio and we appeal that you donate generously.

So far we have collected many items from members of the public and HAM members. Plus we have balance from previous charity drive.

So, come on down and drop-off your donations at the Ali Baba Restaurant - No. 10 & 12 Jalan Wan Kadir TTDI - Behind the old IBM building. Our collection point will open Wednesday night 31st Jan 2007 at 8.00pm until morning. The convoy will leave by 9 am Thursday morning.

We assure you that items donated will go directly to the villages concern. This is an opportunity for us to join hands and contribute to a worthwhile cause. Those who would like to join the convoy and assist in the handling and distribution of the relief items can join us by contacting organizers below.

These people need your help!.

Thank You

For further information you call Aiznin 9W2SBS at 012-2937837

Or call 9W2AXE Azhar 0192225724 .

email received from 9W2ICE

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Gentle Reminder

The Internet does not operate in a legal vacuum. This phrase has recently been used more often than not in view of recent developments in the Malaysian Blogsphere. (here for more on this).

This blog was created in good spirit, to serve as a forum for MARTS members initially to air and share their views on the development in the Society. However, its been almost two years now, and we have grown to be known 'as the Blog' or Ali B, or Ali B Junkies, as some would say it.
We remain a group of HAM enthusiast who share common interest, not limited to Amateur Radio, but as most can see, to other interest like Paintball, Off Roaders, etc.

The one thing that still persist though is the numerous unwanted comments, that anonymous bloggers choose to post. This blog did undergo some strict censorship by the moderators, but backed by the numerous calls by regulars, this blogsite has reverted to the previous operating method whereby comments are now loosely moderated, and personal identified attacks are strictly censured, and will continue to do so.

Here, we would like to remind all users gently, that given the developments in recent days, we would like to inform you that this blog, in serving as a forum, will not stand for unwarranted defaming statements to each and everyone of our visitors.
Here, the moderators of this blog would like to inform all who would like to post their comments that all postings and those responsible for it are liable in any event. Such, we hope that you would post comments in spirit of this blog (please refer to Blog Statement).

In the meantime, please continue to send your messages for postings if you so wish, and hopefully you will be able to benefit from this blog.

de moderator

Monday, January 22, 2007

FLOOD RELIEF EFFORT by Amateur Radio Operators

Amid news of a second wave of flooding in Johor, a group of Amateur Radio operators along which most are off-roaders put their effort and time together to bring relief ie. essential foodstuff and basic toiletries and necessities to the flood victims of Segamat areas and orang asli settlement. Word was put out to the amateur radio fraternity, friends and family and in no time at all, all forms of donated items from rice to school bags were collected.

On the eve of departure, news were received that road leading to targeted Kg Peta in Kahang was not passable to all traffic due to the incessant rain! It was reported that certain stretches of the off-road track leading to the village was under 10 feet of water! Nevertheless, a convoy of 16 4x4 vehicles gathered at a restaurant in TTDI early Saturday morning to load up the items donated by caring Malaysians.

The convoy made its way south entering Damansara toll plaza and exiting Tangkak via the NSE. Rangkaian Segar, the concession holder of the highway provided sponsorship of Touch n Go Electronic cash cards for the journey.

On reaching Segamat, we made distributions at Kg Batu Badak, Kg Pogoh 3, Kg Pogoh 2 and Kg Tungku 3. The only road to Kg Tungku 3 was inundated with about 0.5 meter of fast flowing floodwater. The convoy managed to cross without any incident. Here, we were greeted with smiling village folks and kids who were happy to see us. To close the day, the last village visited was Kg Sri Sekijang. We went in during night fall to provide the relief.

On second day, the convoy proceeded to Kg. Orang Asli Segamat Kecil traversing dirt roads, off road tracks, oil palm and rubber plantations and muddy trails, accessible only to 4x4 vehicles and motorcycles. This was due to the bridge along the normal access route being washed away. Most of the houses were in low-lying areas and were close to the Segamat River. This village was completely cut off from the mainstream.

We noted they were never short of smiles even when the villagers related the arduous conditions they had endured during the worst of the floods. We were deeply touched.

Many flood victims were still living in poverty and were less fortunate. Some had the ability to reconstruct their lives whilst some cannot afford. They were left to stare abysmally at what was left of their lives, belongings lost, houses wrecked, displaced without basic provisions and having to pick up the parts and pieces left behind by the receding waters.

We also noted houses were swept away leaving only the concrete foundations, trees were uprooted, roads with certain sections eroded and bridges also not spared by the forces of mother nature, personal belongings and household items and even lives was snatched by the power of the water.

The convoy made its way back safely to Kuala Lumpur the next day. We hope this relief effort had created some form of awareness amongst those not affected by the floods and raised their appreciation and understanding of the plight of the orang asli and also the less fortunate. We were humbled by what we saw and were happy that we could provide a little relief to the sufferings they were going through.

The group would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to whom without such, the event will not be successful

A big Thank you to the following:

1. Amatuer Radio Group whom assisted in the initiative
2. Rangkaian Segar for providing pre-loaded Touch & Go cards to the group
3. Restaurant Ali Baba in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail for usage of venue for collection & disembarkment
4. All friends and concerned members of the public whom in one way or another gave a lending hand and or made contribution in kind

from 9W2PO/9W2AFY
click on above link to view more photos courtesy of 9W2AFY

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Our plan to transport medical officers and food relief to Kampong Peta in Johor on 13th January 2007 was cancelled due to heavy floods affecting the Keluang to Kahang stretch which had also destroyed 3 bridges linking Kampong Peta.

With the villagers now relocated to higher ground, we decided to convoy to Segamat where we had a few contacts on the ground level. Our plans for medical and relief efforts are now diverted to relief efforts only and donated items have been redirected to other areas as worsening flood situations hampered reach to other parts of Johor.

Our objective was to send donated goods to flood victims who needed them most, especially those cut-off from mainstream government and corporate assistance – and we managed that.

Our group of 16 offroad vehicles comprising 17 Ham and 12 non-Ham members were fully equipped - we even had a boat ready for action. We offloaded half of the load of donations received on Saturday, 13th January 2007, to the worst affected town areas i.e. the 5 villages around Segamat i.e Kg. Batu Badak, Kg. Pogoh 3, Kg Pogoh 2, Kg Tungku 3 and Kg Sekijang.

On the second day, Sunday, 14th January 2007, we made a breakthrough with most effective distribution. We met our objective to distribute your donations to the most needy and neglected flood victims. Through off-road tracks, we were the first to arrive to provide relief efforts to the folks in Kg Orang Asli Segamat Kechil (population of 400) which were cut-off from the main by broken bridges. The balance of our donated goods were unloaded here. Thanks to Tn Hj Abdul Karim bin Hj Harun, the Pegawai Hal Ehwal Orang Asli of Daerah Segamat & Muar who was instrumental in helping us find Kampung Segamat Kechil.

Children and kampong folks came running to greet us. Seeing the people there made all our troubles worthwhile. Houses wiped out by the first flood, even relief shelters was flooded, schools flooded, lost of income due to rain and lost of belongings. The Tok Batin explained that they were the last to get any help and with all the children running to help carry the goods, I noticed Pak Dollah was close to tears. I must say many others tried to hold back their emotions.

We would like to thank all our generous donors - Ham and non-Ham alike – all being united for a good cause. The response was better then we expected with 16 cars packed full. We estimated goods valued about RM7,000 together with bundles of clothing. We were left with one car full of clothes and a bag of 50 kg rice that couldn’t be offloaded to the affected areas. Items are in my possession to be kept for future use.

Thanks to the team effort of our convoy of 4x4 members who went on their own expense and took time off from work for this purpose, especially, 9W2PO, BIL, YZ, BOI, EET, SCM, BON, ICE, SBS, AFY, KYC, CBO, MKK, CBB, KAT, OOM ,VQand finally, our most senior member, 9M2DS. Many wanted to come but couldn’t. Those who didn’t come but helped out with the charity drive – a BIG thank u. Further thanks goes out to Mohd Syahrullaizam Aris (Atan Aris) and 9W2PCK-Choy in helping to identify the relevant villages.

Everyone played a role in this. Our mission accomplished.!!

We cannot do this alone! These people need your help, with all the equipments, off-road vehicles and appropriate gear, we have what it takes to go to the most remote areas. Let us put our differences aside and our hands together and work as a team to achieve our target to bring help to the most needy.
If we have another charity drive join us to help those who need them most.!!

To the person who donated tons of beehoon - Tok Batin says thanks, he loves beehoon!

(Other participants of the convoy include ..Zawalan and Eelyn, Francis & Christine (Ferroza), Sam Lee (XYL 0f 9W2 EET), Foo & Cherlyn, Eric, Madiha (with KAT), Amy and Siow (with YZ)....Also thanks to Amy Leong (friend of YYL) for the food stuff contribution.

Reported by 9W2AXE
Errors omitted thanks to verification from 9W2AXE

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Charity Drive prelude

The start of the journey . . .

The volunteers returned home with a sense of pride, one that they achieved over the past weekend. They brought not only supplies, but smiles to 6 villages that were cut off from assistance. Sound of cheers (and smiles, of course!) greeted the convoy and this is a feeling that speaks a thousand words.

For the full activity report, kindly stay tune.

We are glad to share these few photos with you. Once again, we thank you for your contribution.

(More photos here courtesy of luminox-9W2EET-Francis)

With great power comes great responsibilities

de moderator

The Call for Help continues . .

The incessant rain down south has not helped the victims in any way. As of yesterday, (15th January 2007) Kota Tinggi was completely cut off from , with all roads leading in to the town completely flooded out or worse off, caved in!
MEDICASIA (an NGO) continues its call for help (Read here) and hopefully the response will be something the victims can cheer about.

Most of the members of the 17car convoy has now returned to KL. Keep your browser here as soon as we get updates from our assigned reporters and photographers.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Do your part for the Flood Victims


We would like to make an announcement that we are making a collection for flood victims in the aftermath of recent flooding in the Southern States. A group of concerned Amateur Radio Operators active on 9M2RKK who are also ‘AliBi Junkies’ are putting our hands together for a common cause to assist with relief efforts to the recently affected flood victims in the more remote areas of the south. There are those who have been missed out by help from the mainstream political groups as well as govt aid agencies.(here for pix)

This is an opportunity for any Amateur Radio Operators and their friends to make a contribution towards this cause.
We have gathered a team to deliver medical assistance and food stuff to the flood victims in these areas.

Our group of friends in this initiative are - 9W2PO-Ong, 9W2YZ-Lim, 9W2TQQ-Teoh, 9W2BOI- Boi, 9W2EET-Francis, LOGISTICS- 9W2ZIZ- Aziz, 9W2BIL - Nabil, 9W2ICE - Arshad, and many more.

It doesn’t matter how small the items may be, e.g. a tin of milo, powdered milk , diapers…etc. This is purely on voluntary basis and we appeal that you donate generously.

So far we have collected items worth 3K from generous HAM members.

This is an opportunity for us friends to do our part for the flood victims no matter how small the contribution. We do not accept any monetary donations.

A collection point will be opened at Ali Baba Restaurant on Friday, 12th January 2007 from 8pm.

We also welcome anybody who is keen to convoy together with us for a good cause but cars have to be fully equipped.

Amongst the items needed by flood victims are:-

Personal clothing ie. T shirts, towels, pants, blankets etc in sanitary condition
Food stuff ie. Canned food, rice, milk, sugar salt, instant food, water etc
Hardwares ie. Cooking pots, ‘kwali’ (WOK), matchsticks, etc

However, priority will be given to foodstuff.

‘Towards a good cause, let’s all do our part’ - 9W2AXE- Azhar


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

1st 2m Net on MARTS NAT LINK

31st December 2006 marked another milestone for Amateur Radio Operators in Malaysia.
Spearheaded by 9M2DS Pak Dollah, the founder of local 2m Celebration Net, a 2m net was conducted both over the National link frequency of MARTS (first 2m net over National 2m freq) and local to Klang Valley on 9M2RKK.
The event which took place in Ali Baba, a local Amateur Radio community with mostly Marts members, kicked off at 2030 hrs (see 2 postings below with all checked in stations over 2m net)
and ended at about 0200 hrs on 1st January 2007.

At least another 30 stations were on location enjoyng their barbeque which was organised by 9W2AXE/ICE. Each station contributed RM15.00 and they certainly had their monies worth!
Special mention to the chef of the day, 9W2XYZ - Alan, which provided his expertise in that area!
(Unfortunately there were no more evidence of the leftovers to convince those who were not there to taste his handywork!!)

Due to location problem, (too much background noise!) a portable station was set up some 100 meters away to continue the 2m net midway.

well done to those who provided vital logistics and manpower!
(please return here to view photos once the undersea cable is restored. Attempts to post photos at myphotosite failed due to bandwidth problem)

Hari Raya Hj & New Year 2m Net on 9M2RKK

2 METER NET FREQ: 9M2RKK – 147.980mhz 31-Dec-06



Net Controller 1: 9W2ICE – Bob

2: 9W2ELY – Edely

3: 9W2BIL– Nabil

  1. 9W2BIL - Nabil
  2. 9W2BGL - Lim
  3. 9W2CCW - Hassan
  4. SWL ADI
  5. 9W2ZZE - Azizi
  6. 9W2EE – Shahril
  7. 9W2AXN - Adlind
  8. 9W2XI - Wilson
  9. 9W2ZED - Zahari
  10. 9W2MMM - Wong
  11. 9W2SJS - Soon
  12. 9W2ARN - Arin
  13. 9W2MYV - Roslee
  14. 9W2OO - Maarof
  15. 9W2OZZ - Sha
  16. 9W2OMA - Omar
  17. 9M2DS – Pak Dollah
  18. 9W2AXE - Azhar
  19. 9W2MCT - Tony
  20. 9W2SIB - Syahmi
  21. 9W2BBC - Annuar
  22. 9W2MRZ - Zachary
  23. 9W2DTR – Dexter
  24. 9W2ELY – Edely
  25. 9W2ADC – Khairul
  26. 9W2LUD – Halud
  27. 9W2ADR - Adrian
  28. 9W2TKC – Peter
  29. 9M2MMM – Mior
  30. 9W2WHY - Aizah

Hari Raya Hj & New Year 2m Net - MARTS NAT LINK




9M2DS Pak Dollah was in attendance providing supervision

Net Controller 1: 9W2AXE – Azhar

2: 9W2ADC – Khairul

3: 9W2ICE– Bob

  1. 9W2PCK – Choi – Segamat JHR
  2. 9W2TKC – Peter – KUL
  3. 9W2CBL – Richard – SBN
  4. SWL CAB – Abu – Segamat JHR
  5. 9W2ZIZ – Aziz – KUL
  6. 9W2AAX – Hendrix – QTH?
  7. 9W2FCW – Francis MLC
  8. 9W2RXL – Rizal – Temerloh, PHG
  9. 9W2RTT – Raymond- Segamat JHR
  10. 9W2CCB- Colin – Cameron Hgh PHG
  11. 9M2KC – KC – PNG
  12. 9W2RCJ – Richie – PNG
  13. 9W2JOL – Joel – PNG
  14. 9W2PAM – Pam – PNG
  15. 9W2ACC- Robin JHR
  16. 9W2YR – Haron – KGR
  17. 9W2ADR – Adrian – KUL
  18. 9W2ARR – Rahim – MLC
  19. 9W2AXN – Adlind – KUL
  20. 9W2ZMZ – Zakawi LGK
  21. 9W2BON- Boon JHB
  22. 9W2NST – Suffian JHB
  23. 9W2KHY – You PNG
  24. 9W2OKI – Jason PNG
  25. 9W2VVH – Husairi, Tampin JHB
  26. 9W2MTC – Marcus – KUL
  27. 9W2TOO – Too – Frasers Hill PHG
  28. 9W2CLO – Chow Subang SEL
  29. 9M2ARD – Farid Bukit Beruntung SEL

SAS Sets Up Station in Ali Baba

It was always the plan to install a portable station at Ali Baba, under lock and key to be used by authorised Licensed Amateur Stations only. However, the plans never really took off, due to many different obstacles.

Lead by 9W2AXE-Azhar, the 'SAS' Crack team comprising, 9W2ICE-Bob, 9W2ZIZ-Aziz, SWL OB-Hyder, 9W2SLS-Sharul, 9W2BIL-Nabil, (Technical) 9W2MTC-Marcus, 9W2XYZ-Allen, 9W2ADC-Khayrul - finally got 'up' from the ground to install a 'Slim Jim' on the roof of Ali Baba, connected to a TM261 2mRig. The purpose of this rig is to provide 'rigless' SWLs as well as provide for a locationa and equipment for future Net hosting. Future plans are afoot to link this rig to EQSO/Echolink.

Credits should be given when due, thanks to 9W2XL-Bear, 9W2XYZ-Alan, 9W2CBO-Chris,9W2XI-Wilson for their contribution of this rig (this was the same rig that was previously used as the Bangi EQSO gateway connected to the English 101 room , hosted by 9W2AQ-Azmi).
Other contributors in cash were from - 9W2ELY - Edely, SWL Pari, 9W2MTC-Marcus, 9W2SSJ-Suchart, 9W2VA-Andy.

To kick off the installation, a Christmas 2m net was conducted by the founder of Celebration Net tm , 9M2DS Pak Dollah. following is the list of those who checked in ;

4 9W2SHC
5 9W2ZEL
8 9W2LL Lim
12 9W2TKC Peter
13 9W2LKB

The foundation is now laid down, In the Amateur Radio Spirit, we should strive toward perfecting the quality of Radio Operatots (and our station too!).
Finally thanks to the unnamed Amateur Radio Hobbyist, for he who does it for the love of the hobby!

(Article reedited - contributed in essence by 9W2AXE-Azhar)