Monday, May 09, 2005

Web Poll results - When to begin RAE Classes

Web Poll results - When to begin RAE Classes

How soon should the Council conduct RAE classes to assist SWL's?

Its too soon to say - RAE in June only

0 Votes0%

Is May a good month to start?

1 Votes7.69%

2 weeks B4 the RAE

1 Votes7.69%

Not necessary ... they can do it on their own

5 Votes38.46%

Council, Can we start now?

6 Votes46.15%

0 Votes0%

Total votes : 13

It is apparent there is only a few of us who cares to "vote", If you want a change, you will have to support initiative taken to 'hopefully' make these changes. Make this blogspot your voice!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to those who will be receiving their RAE confirmation details soon. According to a little bird, there should be at least 270 or more candidates sitting at the Central exam center.

don't forget to come to the 2m net venue this Friday night 13May if you are amongst the 277 people taking the exam in KL.


9M-10278 said...

I received many request to post the list of those who made it during the last CW test: It should be available publicly, but I do not want to comment further.
All those new 9M callsigns are not yet updated in the MCMC website so this list would be useful until such time...

If you know their new CALLSIGNS, please post them in the comments, OK?

Here they are (unofficially) in no particular order:

1) 9w2ABC - now 9m2ABC
2) 9w2UTC - now 9m2UTC
3) 9w2NIE - ?? Rozainee
4) 9W2AO - ?? Alexander Oon (Motorola)
5) 9w2NCL - ?? Andre Ng
6) 9w2YYY - ?? Cheng Kok Meng
7) 9w2GH - 9m2GOH Goh Kheng Liang
8) 9w2KD - ?? Dr Khairudin
9) 9w2LR - ?? Law Poh Cheok
10)9w2KW - ?? Kamsol
11)9w2JPJ - ?? Lokmal
12)9w2RO - ?? Rosmadi (Top student)
13)9w2NL - ?? Nasiruddin
14)9w2EZ - ?? Norizat (Pak Izat)
15)9w2NQ - ?? Norman Shah
16)9w2RQ - 9m2RRR Dr Rahman Md Sail
17)9w2WZ - ?? Raja Zainal
18)9w2DLH - ?? Lim Hock Chuan
19)9w2SSS - ?? Saravanan

Once again, congrats to all of you. Don't wait too long, as you have 1 year to surrender your 9W callsign for the new 9M of your choice (3letters of course).

Be a good HAM for the country.