Tuesday, May 03, 2005

News Flash

Little bird inform MartsNews

- that a local group of concern ham members are trying to revive MARTS 2M net, so keep a look out and participate. All comments welcome during the 2M Net, voice out you opinons...

- some experience Ham members are trying to piece together a informal workshop for the SWLs, hopefully they will announce it on 2M net

- 9W2XYZ secured a 'hangout' mamak corner with 'wifi' access (in the mist of getting a phone line registered), the premises is open to all alike. Will also have access to office / off-site meeting facilities - courtesy of En. Mubarak.

- 12 ham station and others meet for i-ball (29/4/05) .... great atmosphere !!! Do drop by- Ham stations and friends alike.

MartsNews is always looking out for NEWS contribution ...


Anonymous said...

Hello there,
Good to know that some of you are interested to revive the 2m net.First of all we must have reasons to have it.Previous net have failed because we do not know where we are heading. Just to check in and say "9W2??? check in QRU " leads nowhere.People get bored. There must be news for members, technical topics for discussions,current affairs in amateur radio.As I am typing this message I hear members talking about traffic jam and cars filling petrol in view of the increase in price.90% of QSO daily are about traffic jams.. This is happenning because most members are not technically competent. They either passed the RAE by memorising answers or some dubious means.Learning is never ending process... so dont stop learning even you have passed RAE.Never hesitate to ask if you dont know.
You may look stupid if you ask but you will be stupid forever if dont ask. The choice is yours
Good bye and have a good time at Ali Baba

9M-10278 said...

Mr Anonymous,

I tend to personally disagree with you on the first comment - "...leading nowhere"
The act of checking in from wherever you are is part of the activity and getting a signal report back from the net controller. So I would still encourage people to check in to get a feel of their presence/aura and further encourage the least info would be to provide net controller how often (time of day)does he monitors the frequency would be a useful thing for other listeners to know,
That's my 2 cent and running out of time...(rumah besar time)