Tuesday, April 26, 2005

9M2RKK - Revisit yet again

Time : Sometime after 2.00pm
Date : 23 April 2005
Venue : 9M2RKK Bukit Lanjan
Attendees : 9W2XYZ, 9W2AXN, 9W2XL, 9W2SSJ, 9W2RYS and 8W2MCT

It was an overcast humid day when I remembered Tony had called for another repeater party. Talk about humid. The moment I opened my door, my glasses fogged up. Not intending to be the only suffering soul up there, I dragged Adlind up the slopes with me. Ostensibly, to carry the tools.

A moment after we arrived Bear lumbered up the hill with his truck. And his customary jug of ice water. Not long after just before 3.00pm, Tony Yew came up with a Ceylonese and a Malayalee trundling up in a Kembara. Raja and Suchart respectively.

At first sight, the problem was obvious. The old lady had taken a break and her receive antenna was lying horizontal. A quick run up the antenna derrick revealed no damage and Tony proceeded to fix the problem and beef up the clamping system by making do with all unused clamps, bolts and pipes in the immediate vicinity.

To cut a long story short, it was fixed in a jiffy and the pictures are more interesting. Especially the one with Suchart ( Satish ) bending over Tony’s exposed rump. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Pictures contributed by 9W2XYZ
CPU Power by 9W2AXN
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Monday, April 25, 2005

Is Marts council giving up ?

Martsnews was informed - MARES has expressed their interest in becoming the 'premier' radio amateur club in Malaysia and hence approached to authority (MCMC) to consider awarding them this status. This would mean that MARTS will no longer be 'the' radio amateur society.

Is our council members just going to sit pretty and hand over MARTS 'premiership'? , or are they going to counsult MARES advisor, who happened to be MARTS senior official - council member? http://www.mares.org.my/Council.html

Yes, MARTS has its own inadequacy - to name a few
1) till date, no news of our 'elected' council members portfolio
2) No help extended to SWL whom will sit for the upcoming RAE exams
3) failure to upkeep repeaters throughout the Penisular

I hope that all council members would put MARTS 's interest above self , be loyal and 'do the right thing' and fight to keep MARTS 'premiership'.

So, it's not whether we want to do it, but when. Oh yes, the big caveat: If we put the house in better order. If...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Operation Gempor - Mission accomplished

Dateline – Saturday 16th April, Bandar Sungai Long, somewhere off the Main Range, near Kuala Lumpur. RV at Cheras Tol, saw all participants inching their way to Bandar Sg Long. Low clouds clung the slopes of Bukit Enggang, Sungai Long. Arriving vis-à-vis, the convoy passed the guard house, and assembling in the open area, joggers couldn’t help but noticed the appropriately dressed ‘soldiers’. Equal to it was the v-sixers, dressed in black-swat attire! ‘whose your daddy?? Temperatures were climbing and it is not the atmosphere I am talking about. Eager to go a few phone calls were made to check out the arrival of our equipment suppliers, Malaysian Paintball Association. Syabas, believe it or not, the whole event was organized without the two parties ever meeting!!

In all, a little disappointed that there were only 12 participants, even representation, 6 V sixers as well as 6 ‘Marts’ men!! The anticipation was indeed high, that as soon as the safety briefing provided by Sufian (MPA), with Paintguns being tested by his counterparts, most were already visualizing their ‘kill’. A quick group photo was taken, and given the generosity of Alan, he gave the v-sixers a ride up the hill….otherwise, a good 10 minute climb would have certainly gave us a physical advantage. It wasn’t easy on our part either, trudging trough the rubber estate, equaling a four story straight up climb! Befpre long, comms came to live, with enemy sighted, and then as fast as you could say ‘superkellyfragilisticxpalleydosious’ shots were ringing out. The atmosphere was great but yet there was time for breaktime! The opponents were probably having Tongkat ali coffee or something like that, but certainly when it all started again, the battle continued.

In the end, some came out with bruised arms, and some, shot between the eye….or rather only one, got shot between the eye! Safety gears provided in the form of Face mask was in the end the only thing we had complains for as it fogged up real good, given the jungle environment.

Four hours passed by in a minute, I guessed…..cause, when I emerged from the battle field, almost all converged at the car park top count the kills……In the end, it was agreed though not officially, that the V sixers PROBABLY won……….ok they won…..

Such it was welcoming to note that we had great comments, ranging “Boy!! superb la … happening bro!! …and when are planning the next?”!!

We adjourned for lunch though the v-sixers boys cept for their Presidente, headed straight for another location for Speedball…..NPRG, Joining us for lunch was two other stations , 9W2BTL-Lim and SWL Lee whom we shared our ‘near death’ stories.

Our sincere thanks to Malaysian Paintball Association (MPA) who have made this possible and their generosity to accommodate us, even though we have only 12 pax, not to mentioned the reasonable rate the 12 of us cough out. (There were 38 entries three weeks before the event, so if you say yes next time, please mean YES, and not maybe, not uncles funeral, etc!!)

Present on site were En. Roslim Abu (President), En.Suffian (Secretary) and their 6 man crew who gracefully shared their experience, the ‘do’s and ‘don’t’ , safety and handling of the markers. This is indeed a safe and exciting sport for all ages young and old. MPA also carry after market products and live by their ‘Lifestyle * Passions* Excitement’ motto.

You may contact Malaysian Paintball Association at +603 6138 8605 / En. Roslim +6016 248 9046. SYABAS-Keep to this site for the next Jungle Warfare!!

9W2MCT / 9W2XI

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Operation Gempor - Updates (bulletin #3)

Road map to Ops Gempur

V36 Calling channel from Saga Toll Plaza
Besraya Toll RV at 0630 - 0645 hrs
9M2RKK official repeater

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Operation Gempor - Updates (bulletin #2)

Current head count is approx 18 ppl as of last night reported by Tony. Calling all would be participants, kindly confirm your participation with your co-ordinator / platoon leader. We are hoping to attract addition players to help keep the cost lower.

It was decided that the food catering will be called off, in return we are having a mini BBQ. All SWL, family & friends, friends outside our community are welcome.

For participants who have yet to bank in your fee, kindly pay before the game commence.
Looking forward to see a big turn-out, remember our objective is to help create a closer Ham / Friends comradery.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Operation Gempor - Updates (bulletin #1)

The time is has come and Operation Gempor is just round the corner and there are a few hicups along the way from MPA.
To begin with , the overall participants have dip below the 30 head count required to keep the 'fee' below RM130.00. Head count as today stands only at 23, hence we are requesting participants to bank in RM.150.00 to MPA.

Bank account - BCB Bank
account no - 143 1000 4777 054
account name : Persatuan Paintball Malaysia

Upon banking in, kindly retain the bank in slip to be verified on site.

There will be a small group of enthusiast who will be off to Bangi to visit a 'supply' store and participants are encourage to visit , if they chooose to do so.

time : 2000 hrs
venue : Bangi
meeting point - TTDI / Rest Ali Baba
contact person - Tony / +6012-2138257

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

RKL - its up and coming

Little bird says - that the UHF repeater is under going testing and we are hoping that it will be up soon , where it should belong for ALL to use.
Special mention of thanks to all involved who are responsible for making this possible.
So ... stay tune to RKL and don't be surprise to hear someone callling 'CQ CQ ...'

These are the results of the poll. - AGM announcement ? How long

Its been > 3 weeks since the AGM, will we ever be informed of their portfolio of each 'elected' council members?
Give them another 1 week
1 Votes 8.33%
Nah .. Give them 2 week 1 Votes 8.33%
Its been 3 weeks!! how long more? ... Tell me!! 9 Votes 75%
I just couldn't careless 1 Votes 8.33%
0 Votes 0%

Total votes : 12

Thank you for your participation

Friday, April 01, 2005

Operation Gempor - Latest Update


Foreword: Fellow Paintballers & Ham'mers

Armageddon is getting closer; April 16 showdown in Sg Long;
I seek all those expresswing interest initially, to stand up and be counted!

* Add comment to his posting - and prefix with either P or F and leave your email add and contact

PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR ENTRY -P for Paintball or F for fox hunt

P - PLayers will be equipped with all paintballing accessories - Each player
charged RM 138.00 (comes with 133 paint ball) additional 'bullets' or paint ball
can be purchased . Barbeque charges are at RM 25 per person

F - PLayers play for free, and teams up with paintballers for security
these F players provide info to paintballers on their heading and
direction to guide paintballers toward enemy transmitter.Barbeque charges are at RM 25 per person

Payment method: To commit all players, a deposit of 50% is required for Paintballers and all
barbeque charges are to be paid upon confirmation! (Sorry, but I have organised before
and this is necessary to avoid cancellations) PLEASE, THIS IS NOT A
PROFIT ORIENTED EXERCISE, such all who confirmed had better be sociable!
AND STAY FOR THE FOOD....good or bad!!

Lastly, please encourage all SWL's to show up as there will be a portable station
set up for interested parties......

1.Clothing (spare to change into after game)
2.Snacks (five hours in jungle, to feed your hunger)
3.Water (five hours in jungle , to feed your thirst)
4.Compass (in case u get lost)
5.Handy (for communications, and also Fox HUnt)
6.Other stuff you think is useful)

1.Clothing (spare to change into after game)
2.Snacks (five hours in jungle, to feed your hunger)
3.Water (five hours in jungle , to feed your thirst)
4.Compass (in case u get lost)
5.Handy (for communications, and also Fox HUnt)
6.Yagi antenna (specs will be announced once confirmation of type of


Marinated Assorted Hala Meat bought from Carrefour
Simple salad
Soft drinks limited to two cans per participant
Water limited to one 500 ml bottle per participant


73's COmmander In Chief - 9W2MCT

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