Friday, May 20, 2005

Group email for latest updates

Would you like to be kept up to the minute of latest posting / comments from fellow bloggers in via your favorite email account?

Its now possible !!!! visit and join this group This group is setup to distribute emails automatically to all registered user who wants to follow the progress of Marts News bloggers.

This announcement group will not be updated and its sole purpose and intend is to assist in automated email distribution only.

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9W2XYZ said...

Good job. I look at some of the other web sites and I think. Not bad so far.

Some areas where I think will make it easier to use this site.

Can we have a notice board, where the editor chooses to remove old notices and vets new ones? For buy/sell/trade, notices, information, announcements, requests for information/assistance, eyeball/net events, etc.

Thanks and keep up the wonderful job.