Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Marts official website

Hi guys,
MARTS official website has a new 'face'. Its not completed but at least they are taking a step, a step closer.

Check out


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Donate your unused equipment PLEASE!

Heads up! The 40 thieves have come a long way. Those of you who have stepped into our lair have seen what a few caring members can achieve with almost no resources. Those who have helped us get to where we are... we thank you and you know who you are.

Unfortunately, the next stage of development calls for something more than just well wishes and eyeballs. SO..... we are appealing to the general ham crowd ( even if you are not..... we welcome your contribution... and then we will get you your ham license. No, you still need to take your exam.)

We are looking high and low for derelict PCs. Specifically P3 and better. If you have a disused piece somewhere, let us in on it. We intend to use it here to augment our WiFi experience ( its free for all users, by the way) to host our very own interactive blog / forum where all users can post their oen thread (topic).

So... rather than let it become obsolete, allow us to give it a new lease on life. If you don't have stuff to donate but know of someone with more stuff than they can use - tell us. All informers will be treated confidentially. Those tech-heads out there... this is your chance to do something for the ham community and then get a brand spanking new gleaming upgrade.

While you are at it.... we can use cables, mouses, keyboards, hard drives, cd writers, monitors, speakers, boom boxes, cabinets, barbeque grills, extension cords, keyboards etc. (You get the idea) Anything you think we can use here.

Anyone wishing to dispose of old radios/antennas etc, also drop us a line. If necessary, we will take up a collection to ease the pain of giving or loaning your rig to us. We are also looking to stock the facility with board games, cards, radio catalogs, etc.

So.... start raiding your long term storage for items which you think will see better mileage with the Ali Baba gang. 73s and give til it hurts. Needless to say. The stuff should be operational.

The 40 Thieves.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Amateur Radio 2m Net via 9M2RKK Repeater in KL

FATHERS DAY - Sunday,June 19, 2005

A practice started since World Telecommunication Day, 'Celebration Net' a noble idea, started by long time DXing OL, 9M2DS, Pak Dollah continued with its third Celeb Nite. (World Telecom Day-1st Celeb 2m Net / Wesak Day-2nd Celeb 2M net)
Some preparations started well before the day, with stations exchanging info, and the date logged into the 2m Net calendar (linked through this blog). Preparations were also made to connect to Penang, and with the help of 9W2XL-Bear (Securing the services through 9W2AQ-Azmi) and though at the very last minute , 9M2NCL-Andre(Penang stn), enlisted the help of 9W2PG-Peter (Peneng stn) at approximately 1900hrs, a live connection was achieved, via 147.980mhz 9M2RKK, Kuala Lumpur with Penang and some overs were exchanged between 9W2AQ, 9W2MCT, 9W2PG, 9M2NCL, 9W2YJ with 9W2AXN (monitoring our QSO thourgh

Subsequently, the 2m Net kicked off with 9M2DS giving the introduction, and 9W2MCT providing the credits to all those involved with the preparations. The Net was well controlled with 3 controllers taking turns, 9W2MCT taking over from Pak Dollah, and subsequently, recruited at the very last second, 9W2XL taking the 3rd 45 minute session. As it was done with great enthusiasm, some stations got carried away, not realisinig perhaps, that it was after all Father's day! 9W2SSJ, had a big family dinner to attend hence was not able to take over as alternate Net Controller. The 2m Net ended at about 2300 hrs (+8 Gmt) with the last station checking in and 9M2DS closing the proceedings. A point to note is that the nearest station checking in was from Kuala Lumpur, and the furthest, from Hilton, North UK !! Testament to the reach of VoIP-RF interfacing.... HOpefully, our next 2m Net, Celeb or not will connect further.

The checked in Stations for Father's Day 2M net;
1.9M2DS- Pak Dollah - Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur
2.9W2MCTm- Tony -USJ, Subang, Sel
3.9W2SSJm- Suchart -USJ, Subang, Sel
4.9W2LAW - Azlan - USJ, Subang, Sel
5.9W2ZZE- Azizi - Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur
6.9W2GSMp- Kerwin, Kuala Lumpur
7.9W2 MRR - Syed, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam ,Sel
8.9W2XIm- Wilson, PJ, Sel
9.9W2XYZm- Alan, Kuala Lumpur
10.9M2NCLp- Andre, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur
11.9W2HHL - Heng, MALACCA
12.9W2CCP - Ammar, QTH?
13.9W2ADRm -Adrian, PJ, Sel
14.9W2PG - Peter, PENANG
16.9W2XL - Bear, Kota Damansara, Sel
17.9W2AXN - Adlind, Kuala Lumpur
18.9M2LAW - Law, PENANG
19.9M2SC - Steven, Kuala Lumpur
20.9W2BAD - Bad, Kuala Lumpur
21.9W2YJ - Rodney, Klang
22.9W2CYC - Francis, PENANG
23.9W2VA - Andy, Kuala Lumpur
24.9W2XZ - Fadzil, Kuala Lumpur
25.9W2IZW - Izwan, Kuala Lumpur
26.9W2WHO - Minied, Kuala Lumpur
27.9W2LL - Lim, Kuala Lumpur
28.9W2KEN - Ken, Kuala Lumpur
29.9W2AZL - Azlan, Kuala Lumpur
30.9W2JI - Jimmy, Shah Alam

73s.....Looking forward to next 2mNet...9W2MCT-Tony

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Installation of antenna & repeater

A lil note. This weekend 25th of June, I believe a rat pack headed by Bear 9W2XL is expected to make a run for the pass. We will be working on the 9M2RKK site.

Items to do.

Relocate VHF antenna.
Install duplexer.
Install UHF repeater.
Install UHF antenna.
Check cable for integrity.

Make whopee with guard.

Volunteers needed. Call bear or respond to this blog.
Est time is about 9.30am.
Makan at 40T.

Wear shoes.... please. Those with rigging gear, please bring. SOme tools also good. Wrenches and the like.

Bring water and food, suntan lotion and shades. Bring good humour.

repost by 9W2XYZ earlier today..

Monday, June 20, 2005

Care for a 3 element yagi antenna? This yagi is introduce by 9M2NCL, adopted from a US Ham station. It is said that there is apprx 15-20 Ham members in Penang with this portable antenna.
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2 of the latest addition L-R, 9M2DS & 9M2CJ from Kepong and they have left their print on the wall. Anymore 9M's
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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Visitors from Penang at Ali Baba - Left front 9w2mts - Halim, SWL Mat Din. Back row (L-R) 9w2mej, 9w2ssj, 9w2xl & 9w2ee. Pic taken 9/6/2005
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Friday, June 10, 2005

Its finally here, WiFi facilities available at Rest Ali Baba. The owner is quoted to have said " I 'm glad to provide this service, its for all to use, esp. the HAM group, K2OC & Satria GTI guys". So ye all , come & grab a cuppa tea and surf your way around.. 73s
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