Monday, May 11, 2009

K9 needs help..

taken from

About 300 stray dogs were rounded up
by Pulau Ketam residents and deported
to an isolated island to fend for themselves.

Over half of them are already dead and the
remaining ones may not live long. A rescue
mission is being mounted and your help is needed.

Please read the full story here r

Updates here

The residents of Pulau Ketam sent some 300 stray dogs to exile on a remote island where the harsh conditions almost certainly guarantee a horrible death. Of the 300 dogs sent there, more than three-quarters are presumed to be already dead. I traveled to the island with Sabrina Yeap of Furry Friends Farm and managed to save only one dog on this reconnaissance trip. We did see several other starving and dying dogs along the mangrove shore.

I am mounting an urgent rescue mission to capture and transport the remaining survivors back to Sabrina's Furry Friends Farm animal shelter. But time is running out and there might be only skeletons and carcasses left to collect on our next trip. Boat hire is expensive there. It is a tourist area and it has already cost me a few hundred ringgit for boat hire alone, so far. The rescued dogs cannot be transported on the regular ferries.

Almost nobody will lift a finger to help without a fee. This is understandable. The locals are already shaking their heads in disbelief that there are outsiders who want to save the animals they so casually discarded. Instead of pointing fingers and antagonising them, we need their co-operation to help save the unfortunate creatures. In the process, we also hope to educate the islanders on better treatment of animals. It would be an impossible mission if we didn't win their hearts.

If you are unable to help directly, please help by forwarding this appeal to other compassionate folks who you feel might be able to make some monetary contributions.

Apart from boat hire, we need money to buy cages, to pay people to help catch them, to hire land transport to send the rescued animals to veterinary clinics, pay for vet fees, send the recovered ones to the shelter and to feed and house them for life. I can go on!

To contribute or help, e-mail TV Smith at or Sabrina Yeap at


Furry Friends Farm
CIMB 1457-000-1182-05-6 (Current Account)
*For online interbank transfer, if it prompts for Recipient ID/Business Reg: Just type in 5766

Contributors from abroad (and Malaysia) can also:

Send by PayPal to

Please retain transaction record / slip for verification and audit purposes.


For info or enquiries:
The Rescue Mission Secretariat at +6012 378 3730 (Janet) or +6012 320 8090 (Zalina)
The Sec's E-mail is (see updates page for info)

Fellow bloggers, you can also help by embedding the appeal poster above to your blog and linking to (this page)

We are aware it is a monumental task and appreciate all forms of support, assistance, suggestions, encouragement and your prayers.

Thank you and don't forget to view the pictures of the dogs in order to appreciate their plight.

Visit also Furry Friends Farm's Blog / Website

TV Smith

3rd May 2009

PS: You can follow the progress of the rescue via updates here

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Its been a long time since we had a big Alibaba gathering / eyeball 2009 . Now we have a good reason .....and to celebrate a fellow HAM birthday (9W2ICE). There will be some free makan2 at the above restaurant to celerbrate BOB's Birthday . Dia mau belanja!
The Friday eyeball will change venue to Warisan Maju former Alibaba next week 20th Feb. All HAMs, SWL and YL are welcome.
Good chance for the new HAMs to eyeball.

QSP from 9W2ICE.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Updated list @ 24/11/2005

This are SOME of the names which are attending. Please be inform that as at 24/11/2005 there will be around 250 participants.

1) 9M2CF
2) 9M2CM
3) 9M2IR
4) 9M2RT + XYL
5) 9M2LC
6) 9M2NCL
7) 9W2RYZ
8) 9W2GL
9) 9W2WAN
10) 9W2ICE
11) 9W2ISH
12) 9W2SBS
13) 9W2RAB
14) 9W2XI
15) 9W2SSJ + family
16) 9W2AKT
17) 9W2ZED + XYL
18) 9W2AXN
19) 9W2AXE
20) 9W2EET
21) 9W2EEW
22) 9W2BSR
23) 9W2OOM
24) 9W2ALT
25) 9W2LYZ
26) 9W2GTR
27) 9W2CLS
28) 9W2CPN
29) 9W2MIK
30) 9W2CNT
31) 9W2ELM
32) 9W2RJH
33) 9W2END + family
34) 9W2PRO + XYL
35) 9W2KMA

Sorry guys.. From now till the day itself, its gonna be RM40.. Kindly email me if u guys are interested. I will provide my account no for anyone to bank in. receipts will be provided.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Amateur Radio Reunion Day (ARRD) (updated)

Hi again,

The gang met up at PD to further discuss the matter and in short those that sign up early will enjoy a discounted rate of RM30 per station - those that sign up after 15 Nov 08 will have to pay RM40.00 and those that sign up after December 2008 will have to pay RM50.00.

Payments can be made to me 9w2sbs or 9w2ish. Accomodations will have to be made personally at the numerous hotels/chalets at PD. Please do so early as the dates for the ARRD is set during the school holidays.

Activitives includes

- Lucky draws
- Shows
- Talks
- eyeball all night long

Referring to comment no 1, there is a list of hotel /motel listing for your reference.

Visit for info.

See ya all


Amateur Radio Reunion Day (ARRD)

Hi All,

The members of the community have sat down and are contemplating an Amateur Radio ReUnion Day (ARRD) to be held sometime in December 2008 in Port Dickson. The brain child of 9M2PD who misses the camaraderie and friendship that was evident during the Annual General Meetings in the past.

So let all support the event regardless of our affiliation and regardless of our personal feelings and lets all try (the key word is 'try') to forgive what happened in the past . At the inaugural meeting it was decided that the respective heads of the organisations and clubs be responsible for collecting the amount to be paid and the respective heads would be channelling the monies collected to the Organising Chair.

The tag line for the event is "Amateur Radio Reunion Day (ARRD) Celebrating 80 years of Amateur Radio in Malaysia" (which incidentally for the correct minded amongst us is Malaya and Singapore). So - lets give it a go, make a date and see you there.

The event is tagged as 'A REUNION TO REMEMBER' and will be held at Port Dickson, (actual venue will be announced) on (tentatively 13th and 14th December 2008. The Reunion Day is planned as such to be a place for all hamsters (SWL's included) to meet up and celebrate 80 years of doing it on air.

The tentative program is as follows:-

Dinner and show (music, dance, fashion, etc)
Flea market
Show and tell
Lucky draw
Who’s who – the veterans

Accommodation: hotel, chalet, or DIY on camping ground.
Event date: Saturday 13 Dec – Sunday 14 Dec 2008.
Registration closing date: 8 Nov 2008 or first 300 paid registration.
Charge: RM30 per person (station) and RM10 for family members.
Children below 7 free
Family members (paying RM10) not eligible to participate in lucky draws.

The Organising Committee are:-


Kamil 9M2/V8BDI
Aziz 9M2AU
Pak Yeop 9W2YR
Aiznin 9W2SBS
Azizul 9W2FD
Sham 9W2ISH
Sam 9W2SAM
Azhar 9W2AXE

Authorised collection point

For more details and the latest update please go to:

73 and see you there...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Dear friends,

In the spirit of Ramadhan, MARTS Selangor cordially invites you, your family and friends to join us for a "pot luck" berbuka puasa gathering, and tahlil in rememberence of our fellow HAM members who have left us.

Details of the event are as follows:
Date: Sunday, 21 September 2008
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Venue: Pointgate Systems Sdn Bhd, Lot 3419 Jalan Tembusu, Kampung Melayu Subang, 40150 Shah Alam (Download map here)

Event Programme
1830 - 1900 - Tahlil - Yassin reading and Tahlil for our dearly departed HAM members
1920 - Breaking of fast - tea/coffee/sirap limau, kurma, and bubur lambok (and other pot luck items) followed by Maghrib Prayers
1945 - Dinner - white rice, gulai kawah, ayam goreng, sayur campur, air teh/kopi/sirap limau (and other pot luck items)
2030 - End - Free and easy, PHOTO session so please try to stay back.
2100 - 2 meter NET (Calling frequency to be advised)

Admission :
Admission is FOC, but for those who like to help out can chip in into the DONATION box.

Food is prepared by our resident chef Aiznin 9W2SBS, so do come and make this a meaningful event.

PS : Arwah Pak Dollah always said that whenever we have a gathering, he wished that we would display our callsign so easy for other stations to know us. So please, if you have anything that has your callsign, please wear it (we will provide sticker labels for this purpose too).

See you there~

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Small Makan & Tahlil

We're organising a tahlil & berbuka puasa on the 21/09/08(sunday) in Kg. Melayu Subang. Tahlil will start at 6.00 pm till 7.00 pm. Berbuka will be at 7.11 pm & afta that will have Maghrib prayers. After prayers makan will commence again. All race are welcome to come & have some makan2 & socialise..

Map & GPS coordinates will be posted up soon.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Silent Key - 9M2DS

With a heavy heart, we bid our final farewell to our beloved Pak Dollah (9M2DS)... Much love was shown as many members from the HAM community came to his house to pay their last respects... He will be sorely missed by all of us...

Pak Dollah was recently admitted to General Hospital Kuala Lumpur... He was said to be in critical but stable condition... he was 77 years old. He pass away at 7.10pm on 28/08/2008.

Last & not least, whoever had a grudge or he owed anyone money, we hope that you can forgive him & just halalkan whatever he have owed you. Let him rest in peace. Al-Fatihah. May god always be with him.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

9M2DS is admitted

Dear friends,

9M2DS - Pak Dollah is in critical condition and admitted to KL General Hospital.

It is said that he is in the Main Tower , Tingkat 5 , Wad CRW.
i receive a sms from 9w2axn.

Thank you 9m2mrr

Let us pray that Pak Dollah get well soon.

de moderator

Friday, August 22, 2008

100 years of Scouting in Malaysia 2 Meter Net

MARTS and the Scouts Association of Malaysia are holding a 2m on MARTS-Motorola national linked repeaters to celebrate the 100 years of scouting in Malaysia on August 22.

The Net will start at 21:30 hrs, and to be controlled by Abdullah bin Abdul Samat, 9M2DS. So let get on the airwaves tonight. 9M4RGH - 144.125MHz


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dear Friends....

MARTS Central is proud to bring you our first piece of merchandise - the car windscreen sticker. With this, we hope to build comradeship among MARTS members in the Central Region with sightings and QSOs on the road...

Here's how the sticker will look like...

Each sticker will be priced at:
~ RM8 (as shown) or
~ RM10 (with callsign printed in the white box)
(Sticker dimensions : 5 inches by 3.5 inches)

We hope to have the stickers ready for sale at our next eyeball session. Customisation will need some time, so advanced orders are encouraged.

If you would like to place an order, you can email us at with the following details:
~ Email Subject: MARTS Central Car Windscreen Sticker
~ Your Name / Callsign
~ Customisation: Yes / No
~ No of Stickers

We look forward to your support which we precede with a million thanks!

This is the latest list of who have ordered :-

9W2GL - 5 pieces
9W2ISH - 2 pieces
9W2LYZ - 1 piece
9W2ALT - 1 piece
9W2MIK - 2 pieces
9W2ZSH - 2 pieces
9W2TQQ - 2 pieces
9W2SSJ - 4 pieces
9W2BSR - 2 pieces
9W2AXE - 4 pieces
9W2BIL - 2 pieces
9W2ELY - 1 piece
9W2ZIZ - 2 pieces
9W2ICE - 2 pieces
9W2ZED - 3 pieces
9M2CJ - 2 pieces
9M2DS - 1 piece
9W2LL - 1 piece
9W2VXP - 1 piece
9W2BPY - 2 pieces
9W2FRR - 1 piece
9W2PKR - 1 piece
9W2KBS - 1 piece
9W2MUC - 2 pieces
9W2LJS - 1 piece
9W2AZX - 3 pieces
9W2AXN - 2 pieces
9W2RYZ - 1 piece
9W2OBR - 1 piece
9W2XI - 3 pieces
9W2DTR - 2 pieces
9M2YYY - 1 piece

Thanks for the support. We will still receive orders. Please send your orders to List will be updated once new order receive.

Monday, July 28, 2008


We wish to inform that on the 9th August 2008, MARTS will have their Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) which will be held at Hotel Sri Malaysia, Bayan Baru, Penang. Hope that everybody could attend the EGM.

Hotel Seri Malaysia
7, Jalan Mayang Pasir 2
Bayan Baru
11950 Bayan Lepas

We hope we could raise a few issue with the National Councel on behalf of Central Region. Please give us feedbacks on what issue that we could raise on that day.



Monday, July 21, 2008

Selangor Fox Hunt

Thank you to everyone who came participate & supported the event. Altho only 8 teams participate, its was a well run event. Everything went well altho the organizers we abit late due some logistics problem. It's our first event & hope more to come. We learn for our mistakes and hope that to improve on it. Thank you again to everyone.



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Selangor Open Fox Hunt 2008

I hope its not too late to announce the upcoming Fox Hunt which will be held this comming 20/07/2008 at Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. Its open to every HAM members & also SWLs.. If not participating, the will be a Q & A session on SOP & also anything to do with HAM Radio which will be conducted by 9M2DS.. There will also be a checking session for thoes who have problems with their rigs or cables.. For more info, kindly check out for more infomation. Hope to see you guys there..



Monday, June 23, 2008

Appointed by the people

Hi All

Dear friends,

The people who were elected :-

State Liaison Manager - 9W2SBS
Repeater Manager - 9M2CJ
Secretary - 9W2GL
Assistant Secretary - 9W2ISH
Events/Publicity Manager - Allen Tan 9W2ALT
Assistant Events/Publicity Manager - 9W2LYZ
Community Radio Services - 9W2AXE
Education Bureau - Advisors - 9M2DS,9M2CF
- Members - 9W2OBR, 9W2BSR

for more of this you may visit here.

Thanks Bob !!

73s de moderator

Thursday, June 19, 2008

RAE Class - 22nd June 08

Those interested in attending the RAE class organised by 9W2sbs - state liason mgr & volunteers , pls register asap.

Remember that the RAE preparatory class will be held this SUNDAY 22 JUNE 2008 from 10 am till 4 p.m. Location at No 3D, Jalan PJS 1/48 (Previously Jalan Petaling Utama) Batu 7 Off Jalan Kelang Lama Petaling Utama (next to England Optical Group)

Fees: RM20 to cover costs of the room and printed materials.

Time will be from 10.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m.

Limited seats are available as the class can accomodate 20 pax only.

Date: 22 June 2008.

Inform your friends and SWL's. Hope to see you there.

taken from or you may contact 9w2sbs via sms.

de moderator

Election - 20th June 08

Dear friends,
We need your support this friday, do stop over to lend your support for this coming election

Remember !!! 20th of June 2008 2100H at Anis Putri 2. That is the date for the election of the State Liaison Manager for Selangor (including Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur). Nominations form will be made available from Tuesday next week at this site.

The above taken from martsmanager blog.

de moderator