Monday, May 09, 2005

News Flash - #2 May 2005

Little bird informed Marts News :-

1) 2M Net is schedule to be held on the 13th May (Friday) - All swl's and friends are encourage to drop by at Rest Ali Baba at Tmn Tun Dr Ismail. Protable station would be setup to encourge swls' to get some 'hands-on'. All are welcome.

Those unable to visit us at TTDI, you might want to stop over at 9M2DS - Pak Dollah, he generously extend his station for swls' and friends alike for this 2M Net..

2) please visit 9M2RT's blog at - and help him to associate some faces with callsigns - these are pictures taken during the AGM at Penang.

Marts News blogspot was offline over the weekend , our sincere apology.


frontier said...

not familiar with Ali Baba. pls decribe where about? me & friends(SWL) are joining this Friday net.

Alvin Yee
Mobile : 013 4358260

9w2xi said...

Hi Alvin,
Rest Ali Baba is located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, i have included a map and its marked with a 'red pin' symbol.
pls goto

Hope to see you and your friends there at 9.00pm


9w2xi said...

Hi hammers,
picked up this article in
Cheers to 9w2jar, thank you for the coverage. Pls feel free to contribute in our blog.


9M-10278 said...

Hey everyone,
Picked up a good forum discussion topic at (thanks to 9W2SSJ for the earlier URL link):

Define a good HAM

1. Gets on the air and answers CQs
2. Is kind to all, including animals
3. Elmers all that are interested
4. Helps preserve the traditions of amateur radio
5. Presents amateur radio in a positive manner to all
6. Is interested in all facets of the hobby, but not necessarily active in all
7. Uses just enough power to maintain a contact
8. Builds gear for himself and others if able
9. Is interested in electronics
10. Attends hamfests
11. Helps with Public Service events if able.
12. Gets along well with others
13. Is interested in both the new and the old technology

And I would also like to add

14. Is truthful and bathes occasionally

73 all,

Mark K8MHZ

By the way, 9w2MCT, should we include this during the 2m net this Friday?? At least, it will keep the SWL talking for a while when we get to ask them...:)