Thursday, May 26, 2005

Latest documentary from a local director, entitled :- Papai - Pemancu Gelombang Udara will be screening at Ali Baba 27/05/2005 at 9.30pm; duration of documentary - 20 mins. Screening will only take place if there is a projector, so guys with projector out there and want to assist, please say 'Yes'. Admission is free to all. Just order your regular tea-tarik. 73s
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Anonymous said...

Little bird told me this.

Director:: Siti Hajar 9W2JAR
Main Actor:: Eshee Razak 9M2FK.
Supporting Actors/Actress
9W2 ?????
9W2 ?????
a few ex pirates and passed RAE ikut pintu belakang.

Congratulations Hajar.

Lady9w2jar said...

Sorry la sound teruk sikit, self-production la katakan. Anyway, kalau ada yg minat nak tengok boleh tanya saya. :)