Monday, May 30, 2005

Web Poll results - How often 2M Net

Should the 2M net be held ?

Once a week

9 Votes52.94%

Twice a month

6 Votes35.29%

Once a month

2 Votes11.76%

Only when there is an announcement, tentative on Friday

0 Votes0%

Total votes : 17

Seems like the majority would like to have the 2M Net on a weekly basis, so here is the next question, pls take part in our weekly poll..

Remember, the 2M Net can only be active if there are volunteers, come one, come all .. we need your support.
You need not be good , nor be a star to run the 2M Net, all we are looking for is a gusty person who could spend an hour of their time, so Pls sign up..


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