Friday, January 27, 2006

Eyeball . .27th Jan 2006 . .Where else?Ali B..

At first it was a trickle of stations . .9W2GU - Hamid, and then 9W2ICE - Bob . .
Before long, and they poured in . . .9W2VA-Andy, 9W2MAL -Mal arrived.
Due to the earlier bomb scare in IBM Towers, most patrons thought they were Penguins!!
9W2SAL - Salim (and ...YL), and the V-sixers joined in soon after.

It was a nice atmosphere with stations exchanging notes, and Gong Xi, Gong Xi's!
9W2WIL -Wil and 9W2SSJ - Suchart were soon remeniscing about yesterday's eyeball . .or rather Cold One . .
9M2DS- Pak Dollah, arrived with 9W2HRG - Hanif, and 9W2CCW -Hassan with XYL'.
9W2RNJ- Man Belon was in toe, with his Home Minister . . .in his words. . .'mesti bawa XYL, nanti tidak dapat visa' . . .Hi Hi
Of course, it would not have been complete if there weren't enough 9M to sign the forms, would there?
9M2CJ - Thiam was busy putting his 'autographs' in place . .
Among the others, were 9W2DTR - Dexter, . . .Oh, we also welcomed a new 'Alan', VSixer, and did I mention he will be known as the slimmer one?
Among the later arrivals were 9W2AXN-Adlind, and 9W2EE- Sharil.

Those who missed this? Come join in the eyeball next time, I am sure it was not just bullshit
being exchanged, also there were hardly any rumour mongering, and definately no talking about other people's business!!

What transpired was a good eyeball, with new friendships beginning, and equipment knowledge exchanged . . . . and lots of Gong Xi, Gong Xi!

(As this was going into print, Mr Lim 9W2BGL- and 9W2CKC - Ken arrived to thunderous welcome . .)

73's de Martnews.Blogspot

Martsnews.Blogspot Pays Tribute to a HAM . .

Words are never easy, especially when we loose someone.
Yesterday, 25th January 2006, the HAM community lost a friend, especially those in Penang who were in close contact.

We are sad to announce that 9M2SMS (formerly 9W2YY) - Tee Jenn Juan has returned to the lord
leaving behind loved ones and close friends.

Our heartfelt condolences to his family. . . .

Farewell our friend.

Martsnews.Blogpspot invites all friends of Tee, to pen a few good words. . .

As a remembrance, please allow fo a short 5 second pause in your next QSO in tribute to our friend 9M2SMS

Martsnews.Blogspot would like to thank 9M2NAZ for the correction on the late Tee's call sign.
It was erroneously reported that 9M2SMS old call was 9W2TT. We apologise to all parties concerned.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Results of long running poll. . .

Would you support the a club who is planning to roll out a 'national' link?
Nope, not interested 14.81%
Depends on my participation 11.11%
Yes, How can I help 51.85%
It does not matter, I 'm happy with my localise freq 22.22%
Total votes : 54

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Chai . .one and all . . .

Here's wishing each and everyone, a very very Gong Xi Fa Chai . . .
May the year of the Dog, carry each and every one of you to your intended destination!
. . your carreer reach a point which you may never have dreamt off . . .your YL/XYL, be trasformed to a beauty that even Brad is vary off . . . . that your harmonics be . . less harmonious . . in a melodious way . . . .and off course!! Your DXing be S9/R5 thoughout, even at the deepest of valleys, and darkest of caves . . . .

Tune in to RKK for the celebration net come 29th January, 2100hrs hosted by 9w2SSJ - Suchart and 9M2DS - Pak Dollah . . .

last and not least, best 73s, Martsnews.Blogspot. .

Sunday, January 22, 2006

UHF Repeater

We have just been told that the 9M2RKL UHF repeater
has already been repaired by the experts in Penang.
The Secretary of MARTS will be arranging to send the unit
to Kuala Lumpur very soon.

Keep your Dual Bander sets and antennas all tip top.
We expect it be be installed on Bukit Lanjan soon, maybe even
before Chinese New Year.

We shall advise all Members via this blogspot.

Keep on Checking!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Apparatus Assignment Forms

To all those interested in obtaining Apparatus Assignments Forms (complete set) , 9W2DTR-Dexter has collected some sets from MCMC office, and will be in Ali B, come Friday, 20th January 2006 @ 2100hrs onwards.

They will be available to those who need help in getting their AA, supported and seconded by 9M's. If you have not got a complete set, do drop in to Ali B, and also have an eyeball!

73's de Martsnews.blogspot

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

MARTS AGM (2006)

The time has come again, when friends from far and near gather to meet, discuss, and do the necessary for the benefit of our society.

So, here are the details if u don't know already.

February 26, 2006 (Sunday)
Caring Community Complex (Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang)
Jalan Utama10450 Penang
(Details to be announced and sent to members. )

However, please wait for your 'official notice' as it should also contain the minutes and other details.

Here in KL, if you want to lower your travelling cost, either go to, the cost of return airfare with airport tax is RM117.90, or
Post your details by comment, and there might be (just might be) a car pool . . .

73s de Marrtsnews.blogspot

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

10 HARD FACTS . . .RAE 2005-2 (November)

What you should know about our latest licensed Ham . . .(For those who fail, don't despair, brush up and try again . . . .)

1. The November RAE was held in 6 centres Nationwide
2. They were, Kolej Multimedia Malaysia Perak, Kolej Multimedia Malaysia Melaka, KL(PWTC), Kolej Multimedia Malaysia Trengganu, Kolej Multimedia Malaysia Sabah and Kolej Multimedia Malaysia, Sarawak.
3. A total of 980 candidates were involved
4. Of which, 34.3% Failed, 54.6% Passed and 11.1% did not show up.
5. Only one state secured a 100% pass, congratulations to Sarawak.
6. The lowest candidates recorded by state was also, Sarawak (6 candidates)
7. Highest number of absentees was Sabah (18 absentees= 13.8% of registered candidates)
8. Lowest Percentage of failures was recorded in Trengganu (59 candidates = 24.58% failing)
9. Most number of registered candidates recorded by State (Perak recorded 260 candidates)
10. Most number of candidates who actually sat for the RAE by state (Trengganu,218 candidates making 90.83%)

data compiled from RAE Results published in MCMC website . . . . .

So, these 10 facts will determine the traffic in local repeaters, so judging by it, Trengganu/Kelantan repeater will be buzzing with traffic . . . .Hi Hi . . . .

73s, and keep DX'ing. . . .de Martsnews.Blogspot

2m Celebration Net continues . . CNY 29th January 2006

CQ . .CQ. . CQ . .. Come together for another celebration Net come Chinese New Year 2006.
Pak Dollah - 9M2DS has again initiated his legacy , assisted by 9W2SSJ -Suchaart. . .2 meters Celebration Net come January 29th, the first day of the new Lunar Calendar year of the Dog.

To kick off at 2100 hrs, please tune in to 9M2RKK. Also, 9M2DS and 9W2SSJwill be coordinating the Net Control Roster, so please if you would like to take up this vacancy. Kindly reply to this by comment.

Net controller should, moderate the net, collate all checked in stations/locations, for posting in this blog. It would be nice for a change to see perhaps a new call sign taking on this role. . .

So go ahead, and don't worryabout what others have to say . . .

73s . .de Martnews.Blogspot

Thursday, January 12, 2006

RAE Results for 29th NOvember 2005 exam

Guys n Gals, the good news has arrived for those who took part in the recent RAE held by MCMC. Martnews.Blogspot wishes to congratulate all those who passed the exam.

To those who did not make it, don't despair, as you should take comfort that some licensed operators actually took more than 2 times to succeed. Do keep in touch with the many licensed 'Old Hams' to keep yourself updated. Just be sure that they too are not leading you down the dark alley, Hi Hi!

So here is the link, if you do not know if you have passed or not . . . .

Good luck, 73s, and hope to see you in the usual gathering spot @ Ali B . . .


Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Look @ Ali B

CQ . CQ . CQ . .

Ali B has a new look, providing more space and slightly better ventilation at the 'Wall' . .
Perhaps its about time for you to drop in . .

Mubaraq single handedly knocked down the plasterwall . .and Wilson was involved in relocating
the wireless access point . .

So come on down this Friday at the usual time, and hopefully there will be some familiar faces . .

73s, and keep on DX'ing . . .

de Martnews.Blogspot

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

30th Dec Eyeball @Ali B

AIyooooooo . . .manya lama tak ada eyeball!! (oooh....long time since the last eyeball)

Twas it was a nice surprise to note that there was a huge gathering of Ham operators at Ali B on the 30th (as reported) Sadly, yours truly could not make it due to family commitmens.

Nevertheless, the Spirit was much in the air, notably, stations like 9M2DS-Dollah, 9W2XL-Bear, 9w2BTL-Lim, 9W2XR- Steven, 9W2VA-Andy, 9W2GL-Wan, 9W2MAN- Man, 9M2CJ-Thiam, 9W2SSJ-Suchart, 9W2XYZ-Alan, and many others (apologies, cannot recognise due to quality of pixels). There are some changes in AliB due to commercial reasons , and who could blame Mubaraq, for the owner, but still, it remains a melting pot of sorts for all ham operators, irregardless of allegiance.

Syabas, to all and a very happy and successful year to those with new challenges.

de Martsnews.blogspot

Monday, January 02, 2006


Following is from an email from 9M2CL-Bob Chee with regards to news from our fellow MARRTS members from East Coast;

1) We and all HAMs here ( Besut, Pasir Puteh and Kota Bharu ) would like to thank you all for the effords and concern to apply the AA for Kota Bharu's repeater. Thank you.

2) Apart from that, it is to inform you all that we have link Besut's repeater 9WW481 and Kota Bharu's repeater 9M4257 succesfully. It were fully used during this monsoon season to relay all the info regarding WX and flood area.
On 16/12/2005 and 17/12/2005, it was used by Besut, Pasir Puteh and Kota Bharu's HAMs to assist Search and Rescue work which was carried out by JPA3 and Bomba to locate 2 drown victims at Dalam Rhu Lagoon, Pantai Semerak. The victims are:

i) Hafiz bin Syamsudin, 16th years old from Pasir Puteh, Kelantan.
ii) Mohd. Suhaimi bin Ibrahim from Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Both victims were found today between 11 to 12.30pm.

3) We are getting info on location details to place few others repeater to link up as we told you during your last visits here. The project was to install and link those repeater for Kelantan and Terengganu up to KL. All the repeater will be under MARTS.

Looking forward for your reply. Thanking you in advance and best regards.
Yours truly; 9W2PKG Engku Min Engku Hassan, Terengganu State Liasson Representative
p/s 9W2PKG has been doing an excellent job getting the hams on the East Coast to get together for a common cause. Much has to be done by MARTS to get them into Amateur Radio and using the hobby for community and rescue service. de Bob Chee 9M2CL,

Looking forward for your reply.

Thanking you in advance and best regards.

Yours truly;

Engku Min Engku Hassan
Terengganu State Liasson Representative

p/s 9W2PKG has been doing an excellent job getting the hams on the East Coast to get together for a common cause. Much has to be done by MARTS to get them into Amateur Radio and using the hobby for community and rescue service.

Syabas to Engku 9W2PKG on his untiring efforts, and to all members in the East Coast, for keepig the spirit. . .