Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eyeball - Cheras

Calling Channel will be V28 -145.350

TO : Friends of RKK and all HAM members.

Time has come for our next central region "HAM CENTRAL ROTATION EYEBALL". The cheras group lead by 9w2KNS , 9w2 EET, 9w2BGL and.9w2SEE cordially invites all HAM members and SWLs to CHERAS on 22 Feb at 9 PM RESTORAN AMEER EHSAN FOR Cheras eyeball.

Finally, at the eyeball, there will be a GOGOPAL road show. Food will be served to members with special offers from the suppliers for their products. Two location maps are attached above close up (micro) and overall view (Macro) for you to find the restaurant. Many Cheras members will be there so come and join us.

GPS Coordinated to Restoran Ameer Ehsan Cheras
LAT=3.129932 & LON=101.731912

Address :-
Restoran Ameer Ehsan Cheras
no 186, Jalan Mahkota, Cheras
Next to Maybank Taman Maluri

I would like to thank the Cheras group for organising this eyeball and gogopal road show.


qsp from 9w2axe

de moderator

Thursday, February 14, 2008

SWL night

new faces & swls mingling with other stations

9w2axe asking for radio check after setting up a portable station at location

To : All friends of RKK , Alibaba Regulars & SWLs

Friday 15 Feb eyeball will be at a new place call Nabila Corner Section 16 Petaling Jaya Behind Castell Steakhouse. A close up picture of location is attached above. GPS coordinate is below.
You can check the location at google earth map link below.
For those with GPS the Coordinates are :-

lat= 3.119069 & lon= 101.642311

We will be monitoring on RKK to give you directions on friday evening.
In addition 9w2SBS Aisnin will be having SWL night there this Friday. For those SWL wanting 9M signatures Two 9M will be there to sign and also they can QSO on the repeater with Pak Dollah.

Come and welcome our new ham operators and meet our SWLs.

de moderator

2meter net - Valentines Day

To : Alibaba Regulars

Please be informed that there will be a 2 meter net for Valentines day 14 FEB Thurday at
9 PM on RKK . Our veteran, 9M2DS Pak dollah will start the net. Please do check in and join us tomorrow and make this happen.

QSP from 9W2AXE

de moderate

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Holiday greetings

Dear friends of RKK,

Taking this opportunity to wish you & your family the very best in this new Chinese Lunar calendar year.

Happy Holidays and best wishes.

Friends of RKK & de moderator team