Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mal's gathering

Calling all Ham friends of 9W2MAL .. or Ham who would just like to get together

We are organising a farewell dinner for Mal for he is a jolly good fella, is he now???
He will be leaving us on the 19th of June 2006 for Dubai. He has just landed a job with Schlumberger.

All those interested, Kindly contact 9W2GU Hamid - +6012.313.8570.
Booking must be done before the 7th June 2006.

Venue : Restaurant Ali Baba - Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Time : 7.30pm - onwards
Dinner - al buffet
Price : Rm 10.00 per head
Guest of honour : 9M2DS - Pak Dollah

Dishes :-
1. Nasi Minyak
2. Daging Kurma (Kambing)
3. Ayam masak merah
4. Sayur
5. Oren Kordial

Hope to see ya there


Silent Key

It is with great regret that I have to be the bearer of
the following piece of news.

Our fellow Ham member 9W2ACE, also known as Cheng
or Frankie, went "silent key" approx 4:30pm today,
May his soul rest in peace.

Up until 7 pm just now, the remains have yet to be released to
the family. Therefore the funeral arrangements have yet
to be made known to us.

For the latest info, please check this blogspot frequently,
or maintan a monitoring watch on 9M2RKK.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Help a fellow Ham - Your help is needed

An Appeal to all Ham members.

On the 19th of May 2006, fellow ham and friend 9W2ACE, known to many as Cheng or Frankie was at work as usual on his construction project in Kuang. Cheng suffered a fall from a deck he was working on. He fell 10 feet onto the building basement and landed on his shoulder/head. 9W2CBO rushed him to medical attention where he was diagnosed with a fractured cranium and other internal injuries.

Cheng is now in HKL and is stable but in poor condition. Cheng was first admitted into the trauma ward for the first 2 days and was then transferred to the Neuro ICU. At this point, since he was showing no nett improvement, he was shifted to the Surgical Ward. His condition is, at the time of writing, considered very, very critical but stable. Cheng is still in a coma since the accident. At this point, besides damage to his skull and brain, Cheng also has broken bones in his shoulder and an infected pancreas.

Those wishing to visit him are welcome. Wash your hands. However, anyone with infectious diseases are respectfully asked to refrain from visiting as Cheng’s immune system is not functioning well. Cheng has reached a stage where he will have to be fed daily and cared for. We do not know when and if there will be a change in his situation. At this stage, no medical prognosis has been given, but many of us are keen on making sure he gets better care than is currently available.

As the major provider for his family, this incident has left them with major difficulties. While his insurance covers most of his medical costs, other incurred costs are preventing his family from being able to give him good care.

We are appealing to all hams to be able to use this hobby to do a good turn for one in need and to lend a hand. Our hearts go out to his mother who is aged and not in the best of health but tries to visit him everyday.

We appeal to those who subscribe to prayer to include a call of mercy for Cheng. For those who can spare other assistance, monetary or otherwise, please contact or sms 9W2ICE - 012.2830002, 9W2XYZ - 012.3342055, 9W2XI - 012.2320393 and 9W2AXN - 016.6265883.

All contributions and pledges are most welcome. You may collect among yourselves or donate directly. We are also looking for
1. volunteers who have a guest room close to the hospital to offer hospitality to his mom who has to travel from Klang.
2. those who travel back and forth between KL and Klang
3. those who can send caregivers back and/or forth to the hospital
4. those with contacts for hospices/nursing homes/physiotherapists/et cetera.
5. those familiar with legalese

In anticipation of the help to be received, a Maybank account would be set up very soon and the account number will be posted. All monies will be channeled to Cheng's mother. We appeal to all of you to handle this matter with some sensitivity. If there is any time where you want to wear your ham badge with pride, this is it......


73s de moderator

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Marts has put up a poll box on their website with regards to
the removal of the Morse Code come 1st April 2007.

It reads:

Should the Morse Code requirement be eliminated
on April 1st 2007?

The 2nd poll reads :

Should a Certifying Agency for Amateur radio service
be appointed?

In my opinion, in regard to the 2nd poll above which is not clear,
there was a plan for a private Agency (such as a recognised Group)
to take over and conduct some functions of what our Government
body is doing now. They have been doing alright all this while.
So if these functions are given to a group that does not do it
properly, the whole Ham fraternity might stand to lose out.
So a wise vote is required there.

At present, the number of Amateur Stations that have taken
the toll seems to be a very small number.
Therefore please goto their website
to cast your poll, or else stay silent when the time comes next year.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Net Celebration

Calling all Hams

There will be 2 net celebration held on the 16th & 17th May at 2100hrs to celebrate

1. Teachers Day (16th May 2006)
Theme -

Great Teachers Make Great Public Schools

2. World Telecommunication Day (17th May 2006)
Theme -

Promoting Global Cybersecurity

so all Hammers out there - stay tuned and we do look forward to hear from you.

Its time to pick up you PTT.

de moderator

Monday, May 15, 2006

Net Celebration - 4th May 2006

This celebration was helm by 9M2DS last 2 weekend ago, and since Pak Dollah do not have acess to the internet, this email is forwarded by 9W2AXN. Once again , a BIG thank you to those who checked in for the net.

MARTS 100 Year Once Special Event Net over 2 meter on 9M2RKK and via EchoLink on 04May2006 @ 0102 Hrs
Net Controller : 9W2DS

Start Net : 01:02:03 04
May2006 End Net : 01:37

To wish all A/R (Ham Operators) a successful and long life. The event / Net occurs only once in a 100 years [01:02:03 04.05.06]. the next one will occur in 2106.

Checking stations:
1. 9W2VA
2. 9W2VXR
3. 9W2OZZ
4. 9W2ADC
5. 9W2YD
6. 9W2XI
7. 9W2AXN
8. 9M2CJ
9. 9W2MRR
10. 9W2RI
11. 9W2XYZ
12. 9W2TNK
13. 9W2PD
14. 9W2RW

Total checking stations 14
qsp de 9M2DS

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

MPOC 2nd leg Champions

Remember not too long ago, we had some celebreties come over? Yup! they are the champions, after 2 days of hard fought battle, they have reliase their objective. There were 9 teams and they emerge No 1. Congrats!! you guys are indeed multi talented.

If you are keen to meet them and wanna catch up with them on how to get started, call on them.
I'm certain they are also well equip with how to get you started with Amateur Radio Hobby.

Let us give them your support for the next up coming event - Painball Asia tournament to be held in KL soon.

Let us sing along now ... "We are the champions, we are the champions ... of the world" ..

Monday, May 08, 2006

Email sent to Martsnews.comment - 4th May

It was not my intention to post this to the moderator of MartsNews, butafter visiting the Blog just a few moments ago, it dawned on me that we havevery dedicated hams who in the outset of setting up this Blog had dedicatedtheir time and effort to keep the ham community in Malaysia abreast of majorhappenings in the world of ham in Malaysia! Obviously the total coverage ofevents and news in the ham community in Malaysia is not possible, yet themost important and always forgotten news had been covered here in thisBlogspot, namely the obituaries and news of hams who had gone silent key andalso news of happenings, be it setting up a new repeater or relayinginformation to the ham community on the failure of a repeater. Even thoughwe may not know the ham in person, either due to our geographic locations ordue to not having had the chance for a QSO, yet I personally feel this is agood acknowledgement that we are all in the family of hams and thedissemination of information is the basis of our hobby.

It was also when I read the post made by ahliMARTS in defending the nationalsociety that prompted me to spend my time putting my thoughts online.Firstly, we must be sincere in our support which is why we must NOTcontribute an anonymous post since this only goes to show that we are notwilling to stand up to the belief of our posting. Secondly, suggestions 1,2 and 5 made by this anonymous person can not be realized without a projectspearheaded by the MARTS Society. We should not be introducing this hobbyto anyone off the streets as it takes dedication and responsibility to be aham. It is a privilege to be a ham since we have to earn our licence andthis is one hobby that you can't buy your way into! Anyone with great ideasfor the ham community should try talking with the MARTS Council to sell offtheir ideas and I personally wish you ALL the luck in the WORLD in sellingyour ideas to them! There is no popularity contests and glamour positionsin the Society, so please wake up!

Indeed, dedicated editors and moderators of Blogspots would not necessarilymean that they would be great leaders nor managers of any Society, but thisbeats editors who dont do any editing at all, be it on paper or online!

As a suggestion to all future hopefuls who may want to have a seat on theMARTS Council, please remember that you will be sitting on the Committeeonly because you have the support of those who put you there and if youthink that the position will earn you big money or contacts for business,then you are in the wrong hobby! Try joining the political parties, you mayearn some big money there.

If you think that you, as part of the Committee, has the right to your ownopinion and intend to carry out your own plans for the Society then thinkagain, as you are not the Head of the Society but you have been put incharge of managing the members interest, which you must dutifully carry out.

say all the above because I had put my trust in a bunch of hams who havefailed to secure my trust after they had secured their seats. Some of ushad to make appointments with them just to propose ideas and to offer ourassistance for the love of our hobby. We also had to make invitations tosome members of the Council just so that we could have an eyeball with them.

But nothing beats talking with some Council members who think they are theguardians of the Official Secret's Act! For goodness sake, this is just ahobby, a COMMUNICATION hobby and if they can't communicate, then I thinkthey don't deserve to be in this hobby!

Lastly, I will support those who have proven themselves in one way oranother that they have the personal interest as a ham and to protect thehams' interest on the whole.

I salute you MARTSNEWS BLOGSPOT contributors and guardians for a job welldone! Keep up the good work!

de 9W2PET

Ps. my apology for the late posting of your email .. will continue to strive for 24hrs posting deadline.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cool water

A motley gaggle of hamsters hit the beaten path in Pertak. They lugged with them a good dose of humour, ice boxes, cigs and food, food and more food over the weekend. Ever since they all came out with no one permanently injured, we have been hearing things along the lines of ...'twas a trip to remember'.

So.... since pictures speak a thousand words.... click on the link above and see firsthand what mischief these people have been up to. Of particular note is the picture of an almost naked 9W2PO, or have they removed that particular shot. Its time to recruit more YLs lah.

On another note... if you have any news to share, be it North, South, East and West. Do drop us a line or two at

and we will be more than glad to post it.

Who says ham radio operators are not adventurous ?? Its not just radio .... ITS also big trucks with BOG tires... with radio sets..... 73s.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

2m Celebration net ..4th May 2006

There will be a 2M net tonight to welcome 01:02:03:04:05:06 - longevity at 01:02am on the 4th of May. This occurs very 100 years and it would be in our next live time to see the next occurrence.
This 2M net would be conducted by 9M2DS as he is indeed our ambassador of 2 meter would would make it a point to conduct a net when he is available.

If you are awake and would like to participate, kindly check in and show your support.

Btw, may we wish you a Happy Belated 73rd Birthday...