Monday, March 28, 2005

9M2RKK - Video Clips

Catch some of the video clips captured onsite - video contributed by 9W2MCT

Thursday, March 17, 2005

These are the results of the poll. Are you represented by those who spoke? Do not hesitate to participate in our next online poll
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9M2RKK is back in action

Thank you guys for replacing the antenna and my sincere thanks for all involved.

For more pics click on the link above.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

9M2RKK Transmitter Rectification Visit

9M2RKK Transmitter re-visit
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9-10th March 2005

For those members who have been visiting our Action Group, you may have seen that efforts in line with our objectives have been made to maintain a channel of communication open to all present in Klang Valley.

On March 5, some members proceeded to rectify the faulty Repeater (9M2RKK) at Bukit Lanjan. Although normal service resumed after the initial visit, it was far from satisfactory, with Stations such as, 1) 9W2PO-Ong, encountering difficulty in triggering RKK from USJ2, from which he had no difficulty before, and 2)9W2XI-Wilson, encountering sever difficulty in triggering RKK from Bangsar, just two examples of transmitting difficulties encountered by our members.

Subsequently in the evening of 9 March, at approx. 1730 hrs, some volunteers proceeded to escalate Bukit Lanjan again fully armed with teh tariks, Pisang gorengs,(and tools off course) to identify the problem. Those who proceeded were 9W2XL-Bear, 9W2CBO-Chris, 9W2XYZ-Alan (who had motivational support from XYL, Mina and his Harmonic-Dhillon(Alan, pardon for the misspell , if any!) , 9W2ZZE-Azizi, 9W2HQX-Hyzer, and yours truly 9W2MCT-Tony.
The Right equipment in toe, 9W2XL-Bear proceeded to check the TX and RX cables, and subsequently isolating the problem to two burned out capacitors of the X510 Diamond Vertical Antenna. Given that there was severe difficulty in replacing these parts, a quick decision was made to obtain a loaner antenna, a ‘Silver Thunder’ 3-Stack Vertical Antenna. A quick drive to Bandar Sri Damansara, and the transporting Team of 9W2ZZE and 9W2MCT was back again to the Tower. Meanwhile, the appointed riggers, 9W2CBO-Chris, and 9W2XYZ-Alan ventured up the 100 foot tower equipped with the right equipment. On our return to the tower, and a quick and right assembly of the Silver Thunder, I was summoned up to hand over some nylon webbing, which was required by the two sifu’s. My first climb…..knee jerking, hand sweating, head spinning, balls dropping climb…….! No joke, not for the faint hearted. I made it and was glad to be of some help! As the sun set, and rain drops fell, we decided to return to terra firma, and all present decided that it was better to summit again the next day to finish the needful.
The evening came to an end, and all present dispersed, and agreed to meet at 1700hrs on the 10th to finish the job…..

A phone call to confirm was the order of the evening. 9W2XL-Bear, confirmed that we were summiting again at 1700hrs. Yours truly was late due to saltmine matters. Whilst mobile-ing to location, a call came in on V36 from 9W2HQX-Hyzer that he had 9W2MRR-Syed with him and he was making his way, much like I did. Confirming that the foodstuff was with me, we proceeded yet again. Arriving at the guard house, I could see that 9W2XL-Bear, coordinating, 9W2CBO-Chris, and 9W2XYZ-Alan, had already donned their rigging gear and the Silver Thunder was already decked out minus the final connections. A short while later, 9W2HQX-Hyzer and 9W2MRR-Syed arrived, and we made our way up the building yet again. Arriving at the rooftop, the climbers summit the tower, this time with 9W2HQX-Hyzer in toe. I followed unwittingly with a knapsack of ‘required tools’.
With Chris, and Alan doing most of the work, Hyzer provided anchoring support for the two riggers. I proceeded to document the event, probably the first ever in Marts History (Guys who did the great job before us, please comment!) Previous task of erecting the X510 Antenna, I was told, was done by 9W2MC-Hafizan, Syabas!
Battling strong winds and drizzle, the Riggers tried their best. However, a major problem emerged. Whilst the antenna was being erected, an aluminium joint gave way due to non alignment of thread, such the Antenna, had to be brought down again. Due to the lack of light, or rather total absence of daylight, we descended the tower reluctantly. Back on ground, 9W2XI-Wilson arrived after work to provide some moral support! In fact, he provided weather report via v36 on his way up. With 2W, on a Motorola 328 handy, we had no problem having a QSO with him as he left his saltmine at Damansara Heights!

Back on ground, there was a sense of frustration due to the fact that we were let down by circumstances. At 2038 hrs, we commenced descend, whilst some of us had to head back for family commitments. Most kept contact through v36, and it was agreed that the task at hand be completed tomorrow.

This article prepared by 9W2MCT-Tony

Volunteers Needed - Stringer

Calling for volunteers!!! Calling for volunteers!!!

Stations' everywhere - North , South, East & West. We are calling for contribution notes / article / events happening in their own respective region.

Kindly drop the webmaster an email or a post, indicating that you are interested to assist. This person will be its own publisher / editor reporting only to the webmaster.

requirements :-

- have a nose for what is going on around you
- BM or English acticles / posting
- interested in protecting the interest of amateur radio in Malaysia proctected.

Calling any Stations? ..
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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Operation Gempor Sungai Long

The Platoon

9W2MCT-Tony ; 9W2XI-Wilson ; 9W2YD-Yusof ; 9W2VA-Andy
9W2ACE-Cheng ; 9W2CBO-Chris ; 9W2SAL-Salim ; 9W2SAI-Saiful
9W2AXN-Adlind ; Zul ; 9W2XYZ-Alan ; 9W2TTT-Mohamad ; 9W2XL-Azam(Bear) ; 9W2ZZE-Azizi ; 9W2IZM-Izwan ;9W2HQX-Hyzer ;
9W2GSM-Kerwin ; 9W2KAY-Kay

Please inform your mates………space still available and not limited to MARTS members only………..however, due to foxhunt, please ensure teammate is aware of radio operations….


Ops Description: Two Team Warfare
Location: Sg Long (Exact area will be posted at later date)
Date and time: APRIL 16nd (tentative, to be confirmed by March 26)

OBJECTIVE : Wargames situation. Two opposing teams will combat each other in designated wood area. Capture of Opponent’s radio Trasnmitter (FOX HUNT) will determine winner. Full combat maneuver with Marshall’s observing.

2.1.1 Air Paint Marker 30 units
2.1.2 Facemask 30 units
2.1.3 CO2 Tank 30 units
2.1.4 Loader 30 units
2.1.5 Barrel Plugs 30 units
2.1.6 Arm Bands 30 units

Above combat gear will be distributed evenly between two teams.

Suggested Apparel: Attire that will help you blend in jungle environment with protective capabilities appropriate for 36 celcius outdoor temperature.

COST:Price quoted by Malaysian Paintball association is at RM3,500 for half day session to be divided by participating players.

What else to bring: Change of attire / Water container for cleaning up after maneuvers. Panadol for headache when you get shot!


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9M2RKK Transmitter Rectification Visit

5th March 2005

Following the drastic reduction of coverage from 9M2RKK, a crack team of members decided to go up Bukit Lanjan to rectify the matter.
Rendezvous point was determined with the intention of having the stomach filled, hence the decision was to meet at Damansara Perdana, given the proximity to Bukit Lanjan.
10.00hrs came and went, and Bear (9W2XL) was all alone, and waiting.
It was at about 10.10hrs when Tony (9W2MCT) came on air to confirm that he was making his way to the RV point.
A few others came on air, however, due to QRL’s presumably, Bear and I proceeded with breakfast which was in the form of Nasi Lemak and Roti Chanai / Ghee Thosai, with the usual Tariks.

Subsequently, Azizi (9W2ZZE) made contact and confirmed that he was proceeding up the hill as well. All downed, we proceeded to make a beeline for Bukit Lanjan Telekom Tower. A few wave of the hand saw us through the guard house and up we went.

Arriving at the Tower, we proceeded to offload the Motorola Repeater, which Bear brought along. Up at the repeater room, contact , DX via 147.980mhz was made to pre-warn users that maintenance work was proceeding. Subsequently, the swap was made with the Yaesu repeater replaced, and Bear proceeded with Radio check, drawing response from 9W2ACE-Cheng, mobile-ing to Sungai Buluh, 9W2TZI-Chin, mobile-ing in Sultan Ismail, and 9W2OO-Pak Maarof, enjoying his nice relaxing weekend from his QTH in Banting.

Initial checks made, and to confirm quality, the RX and TX feed was swapped. Eventually we settled on the configuration, with confirmation from all stations involved, and wallah! 9M2RKK was brought back to live again! Initial plans to climb up the tower actual to commence maintenance work on both the TX and RX antenna’s was postponed due to the wind factor! (Or rather no Balls Factor!!!)

We proceeded to wrap up and made our way down hill again.

This article prepared by 9W2MCT-Tony
Pictures by 9W2ZZE - Azizi
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Friday, March 04, 2005

Mission Statement - Edisi BM

Laman web ini diterbitkan oleh sekumpulan ahli amatur radio yang ingin melihat kepentingan amatur radio di Malaysia dipelihara.Laman ini, khususnya mengutarakan perihal organisasi utama radio amatur di Malaysia, MARTS. Ianya mempersoalkan perkara perkara berbangkit mengenai jawatankuasa MARTS 2003/2004 serta tata cara pengundian untuk jawatankuasa baru MARTS 2004/2005.

Adalah tujuan kami untuk mengutarakan perkara perkara yang telah berlaku pada Mesyuarat Agung MARTS kepada ahli MARTS supaya ahli ahli dapat menilai sendiri keadaan yang telah berlaku pada mesyuarat berkenaan dan kesan kesannya kepada MARTS sebagai sebuah organisasi.

Kami ingin bertindak sebagai pemangkin kepada pertubuhan ini supaya satu jawatankuasa yang sah dan progresif dapat diketengahkan. Sehubungan itu, kami ingin mendapatkan komen yang membangun dari ahli ahli supaya suara ahli dapat diterapkan dalam mencapai matlamat ini. Satu kumpulan ahli ahli radio amatur yang prihatin akan menjadi kumpulan pemangkin yang akan menerajui pergerakkan untuk mencapai metlamat mendapatkan satu jawatan kuasa yang sah. Kumpulan ahli ahli yang prihatin ini akan serta merta dibubarkan untuk membuktikan keikhlasan serta tiada kepentingan peribadi setelah matlamat tersebut dicapai.

Kami memohon kepada semua ahli ahli MARTS yang prihatin untuk menetapkan pendirian masing masing dalam perkara ini. Ahli ahli disarankan menyuarakan pendapat supaya satu jawatankuasa yang dapat mewakili aspirasi serta dapat memelihara kepentingan ahli ahli dalam membawa MARTS kearah kecermelangan pada saat genting ini.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Reporting news – AGM

On 27 Feb 2005, Penang Island played host to what should have been the highlight of any ham member in Malaysia – The 2004 AGM and the election of the new committee.

Instead, what many of us witnessed was a major travesty of justice. The catalyst of this particular event was the balloting procedure designed by the 2003/2004 committee. - Sending of ballot papers received late dute to Dates and holidays during the CNY holidays
A major point of contention was that the official address for the balloting procedure was altered to an address in Penang in lieu of the one in our constitution. When queried, the Committee chose to ignore this infringement and proceeded with the AGM and election, claiming that it was insignificant. There are other infringements but this is a cardinal point to show that the incumbent and incoming committees care more about ‘convenience’ than about being right and abiding with the constitution. Any person in MARTS who should arbitrarily wield the constitution that binds us must in good faith reconsider his position.

We feel that those in elected positions who choose to serve the society and its members should worry less about their ‘rights’ and power and think more about their obligations and responsibilities – two terms that were never mentioned at this meeting.

Despite numerous protests from at least 5 members highlighting this infringement, the committee chose to proceed, pass the decision to the floor, and then arbitrarily choose to proceed – in that order.

In retrospect, an election is held to choose members who best exemplify the ham spirit and show the greatest aptitude to serving its members. This years elections saw 11 candidates, of which 9 were elected. This is indeed a poor showing and does little to reflect the ideals of democracy. It further shows poor representation of the diverse and varied interest groups in our ham fraternity. Due to the poorly run balloting and administrative skills of the outgoing committee, only 11 members stood for elections.

It is interesting to note that of the 11 members standing for election, 9 were standing for re-election. As one astute member pointed out, what have the 9 members done in the previous term to justify their re-election. As a matter of principle and a point of morality, we feel they should step down on this point alone.

Further to this we also see a conflict of interest in the inclusion of the remaining 2 members with a critical association with MARES. These members are respectively the technical advisor and the secretary of MARES. While reeking of complicity, it is just poor judgement that these two candidates should run, amounting to a conflict of interest.

One other critical observation of the past ‘election’ was the emphasis on representation of Mike and Whiskey class members. If this point is taken to its obvious conclusion, there would be more whiskey representatives aboard.

In our current time, we see self-regulation movements in areas of banking, taxation, local politics and many other areas that were previously controlled by the government. Marts and the ham community is and foremost one of the first self-regulating organizations in the world. That means we impose self limits on ourselves. Why move us back into the stone age by limiting representation?

In the final analysis, every ham member has to ask himself. Are you proud of your elected leaders? Are you convinced at least some of them are in the position to lobby your interests, rights and obligations? If the answer is no, you have an obligation to yourself and the future generations of ham to change the status quo.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005