Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday gathering - 9M2DS

We are having a birthday bash for Pak dollah on 1st May at Nabila Restaurant at sec 16 PJ. Food and drinks $10 bucks each. Menu- Beriani ayam , Dalca , Beef rendang, Sayur Campur. We plan to give a small gift a pen set with engraving of marts logo. For his years of contribution to Marts and Amateur Radio Society. Estimated $300 any extra collection we shall donated to him. (about $10 each for gift). Please advice if you would like to join the makan and/or gift by email to me. Pak dollah has given a lot to us lets make it memmorable for him.

Below short clip video with Pak dollah

qsp from 9w2axe

- reply from 9w2ice

Hi to all,
First of all thanks to Azhar to organise Pak Dollah birthday, I think he will get all of our support. Count me in azhar for the makan and gift.Best we meet up this coming Friday at anis putri, and we can confirm on the no of pax that will be attending this great birthday bash for 9M2DS. Not forgetting its his 77th birthday. Thanks again..............73s
arshad iqbal

so for all of us who would like to thank 9m2DS for all his contribution, i say to ye , Come join us
on 1st May 2008

de moderate

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes or No ?

Dear friends,

Not too long ago, 4th of April to be exact Marts News posted a relevant question. This is in line to the health of 9M2RKK. Question was - " In light years? " . The answer to your questions is as good as mine. However, hantu today indicated that Mart Council meeting approved the budget for the replacement of 9M2RKK's antenna & cables. However, this budget does not include installation of the antenna & cables - i wonder why?

This has brought renewed faith , speaking of myself , of the current council members of their trials and jubilation which by no means, did not meet with
obstacle - having committee members who would just ain't contributing which led to further delays.

Syabas!! for the undying support rendered, not only to the central region and to the quest to bring forth changes & promoting Ham activities in Malaysia.

Just like the recent 'tusnami' in Malaysia, remember, it is the members who is boss.
Kindly continue to uphold your responsibility as a elected council member and our vote is for you.

Looking forward to a 'effective' 9M2RKK

Syabas!!!! once again.

de moderator


MARTS will hold its AGM 2008 in Kota Bharu on April 26, 2008 at 10:00 hrs.

Bayu Melawi Chalet
Lot 3066 Kg Sungai Dua
Pantai Melawi
16300 Bachok

MARTS Kelantan State Council election will be held at 09:00 hrs at the same location.

ARDF antenna workshop and hunt, pre-AGM dinner (Kelantan delight), post-AGM buffet luncheon are on the final planning stage.

More details inlcuding accommodation will be available online and by mail to members.

Lance M T Lai, 9W2LAI
Honorary Secretary 2007-2008
Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society

qsp from State Liaison Mgr - 9w2sbs

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

1st RAE for 2008

Latest from MCMC web site:


Closing Date
25 April 2008
at 5:00 PM

Pursuant to Regulation 26(2) of the Communications and Multimedia
(Technical Standards) Regulations 2000, the Malaysian
Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) will be
holding the Radio Amateur Examination on 24 June 2008.
Interested individuals aged 14 and above on the examination date
are invited to sit for the examination.

Applicants are advised to read and be aware of all conditions stated
on page 2 of the application form. The applicants will be notified of
their application status by mail latest by 7 days prior to the
examination date. Applicants who have not received any
notification from SKMM by this date are advised to contact
SKMM for confirmation.

Application forms can be obtained from SKMM’s head office,
regional offices and via the SKMM website at
Please mark the top left corner of the envelope with “RAE 2008-1.”
The examination fee is Ringgit Malaysia Fifty (RM 50.00) and
shall be paid in either Money Order, Postal Order or Bank Draft
made out in favour of “SURUHANJAYA KOMUNIKASI DAN
MULTIMEDIA MALAYSIA” and must be enclosed with the
application form. Please send duly completed forms to the respective
SKMM’s offices according to your examination center preferred.

So please get the forms sent in to the examination centres of
your preference, with the RM50.00!

Friday, April 04, 2008

In light years ? - NO !!!

Dear friends,
As we look toward a more efficient 9M2RKK, this might not be too far away.
Hantu flew by and told martsnews.blogspot that the antenna has been approved.
Yup!! changes could, i say could, happen sometime in May.

What about the aging cables? That is still debatable as there is still a final decision to be made as where Marts will source for it.

We certainly welcome the change as this initiative was launch sometime last year, yes! you may ask - why the delay ?
I'm just in awe too but at least there are some truly worthy committee member(s) of Marts who are actively looking to bring improvement.

Syabas! committee - and you know who you are, for looking into Marts central region members plight for a change, a more efficient repeater.

To the goons and fame seekers, you can do yourself a favor by stepping down.

de moderator