Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Web poll results - should we have office representation

Current MARTS home is in Penang, Should MARTS have a business office / address in KL and be seen?
No Need, we have PO Box
1 Votes 6.67%
Yes, we need representation here 14 Votes 93.33%

0 Votes 0%

Total votes : 15

Thank you for your participation

Marts Council, please reconsider your decision to have a business office and be seen in KL - after all we have funds in the bank and we are not a co-operative to 'give' out loans. Why have it in the bank? Its time to consider extending some facilities & benefit to all Marts members, its time for Marts to compromise.


9willietoobad said...

since most of the counsil members r in penang, ppl will assume it's there, but i would just like to know, where is the actual registered address of MARTS, according to ROS record?
IF it's in penang, then branch office here is appropriate as most of the active members are here.. make things easier for us

Anonymous said...

PNG, KL, JHB, EastMalaysia???
WHere is the MARTS office?
GUYS...please for all SWL's and members sakes, establish local offices IMMEDIATELY !!
we need representation.........
if you need help...ASK !!!


badman said...

as a so-called national body, there should be a representative in every state & most important thing - make know to the community...
having one (IF there's one lah) but only come out on or off the air once in the blue moon is definitely not the way to go - certainly defying the term 'representative' itself.. :-/

Anonymous said...

We demand a re-election if there is no response from the current MARTS council!

Azlan 9W2LAW said...

If I'm not mistaken, under the Societies Act, if at least half of the members vote for an EGM for a certain issue, the Committee members must oblige to hold a meeting based on the members' requirements.

A resolution can be passed at the EGM for the change of the registered and correspondence address of a society.

Once the resolution is passed, it is then given to ROS (by filling some forms and also a very nominal fee) for the change of address.

Just my 2 cents....No pun intended.....Just wanna share my views.

9w2xi - Wilson said...
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9w2xi - Wilson said...

Hi anonymous,

We are in not position to demand, not here in this blogspot cos' this is not an official MARTS correspondence. All we can do is to ask the 'council' to please reconsider the plea of MARTS members for better representation in ALL states or where majority MARTS members are present, if possible. – I sure hope someone points them to this ‘voice’.

As 9m2RS talked about the economy of setting MARTS presence :-

"The question of having MARTS HQ doest not arise.We can have it anywhere.With present day technology communications is at your finger tips.Someone propose for an office in KL.MARTS at the moment is not capable of paying rental, utilities and employ someone to man this office.
Our yearly income is too little for this arrangement.A few years ago MARTS council was in KL,there was no noticable advantage seen.
If fact it got worse.That is the time MARTS have a big split."

I assume here we are talking abt renting a 5 story building - Wisma MARTS located at 10, Jln Sultan Ismail... central air conditioning and an army of staff to handle MARTS correspondence ... and i better stop here else .... l may not get my membership card

Is it possible, that the 'council' start an initiative to 'recruit volunteers' – be it 9M2, 9W2, SWL who is keen to assist the 'council'. He could operate from his boot of his car/garage/hut/home , all we need is a representative. Someone whom we can meet, interact with, raise issues, put forth ideas.. and he is the 'someone' who is the 'council' grassroots person... Please listen to your members , your Lordship.

Money ? Gee.. i as a member knows for a fact that we do have the money. Why are we keeping the cash in the vault? Are we hoping that the cash in the bank will grow - at this present interest rate?
Are we running a finance / leasing outfit here? If we are, i would like to apply for a loan myself.

Wake up!! if you are not going to spend the money and improve facilities for your very OWN members, how are you going to attract new members ? The idea is to spend money to make ‘new’ money and this would then replenish the fund ,right? May I remind the ‘council’ that the power of 'word of mouth' referral could damage Marts effort with its future recruitment campaign. All it takes is 1 person to start a chain reaction.

Why join MARTS when the council is not addressing the issues bought up by its current members? Is MARTS saying , its ok and we have lots of money in the vault - go -go la , join the other radio clubs as they are better organised, they have activities, better repeater ... blah blah blah ..

The banner reads " Join MARTS now and get NO new benefits" Pls queue here to sign up... and the ‘council’ wonders why … sigh!!

I can see clearly now (remember the song?) why we fail to attract new members , its obvious right?

“Our yearly income is too little for this arrangement. – 9M2rs”

I’m sure in time to come we will not be able to attract anyone.

Message to the ‘council’ :- Just don’t sit there, Do something … anything!!!!


badman said...

representative means a person to carry the voice of the powerless mass to the 'powerful few' & pray hard it not only be heard but somebody actually 'listen' to it... or maybe ppl will only listen to those with money kot...no wonder most elected wakil rakyat r from high income group.. representative must have money meh..? hmm.. interesting...

income of the club mainly from membership, if no activity, can't attract new members, no new members means no extra money since current fund keep reducing in order to cope with maintaining the club expenditures - registrations fee, domain name etc.. luckily there's no 'council meeting allowance' (or there is..? )

seems that members did their part in reviving the club, left to the higher authority of the club to start dusting off the dust collected over theri hybenation period...

9M-10278 said...

Hey, if you all want to meet with the President, Vice and Secretary, please come to MCMC on 2 June 2005 2.30pm. They will be there to meet with Dato' Chairman together with all the societies and clubs which have mushroomed recently.

You may not enter the meeting, but be there early enough so that you can hang around the parking area/lobby. Only max of 3 appointed persons can enter per society. It will be one good eyeball meeting outside the building...

I thought this piece of news would be useful rather than blogging your way till the sun rise up again and again.

73 to all.

9M-10278 said...

Ooops, said that too early everyone. It is now deferred to 28 June 2005. Please ignore the earlier date posted.

9m2RT, 73

9W2XYZ said...

Ho hum.

Been there seen that. I restate my argument earlier ( not at this forum ) .

Any well run organisation has to be efficient. That means no overlap, minimal waste, structure, feedback loops, communication, compliance, delegation and proper service standards - among a few. So..... the capitalist model probably works best. Put money into the equation.

If Marts was run as a business... do you think things would be different? Yes, maybe we are not in the business of making a ton of money - but MARTS is in the business of running an internationally recognised body. More importantly, it is charged with the responsibility and the privelage of advancing the ham sphere of influence. Or is this not clear? What do you think the privelage of being an elected committee member entails? Very few rights and a lot of obligations to the post.

It makes sense that your house can be in Penang, but your business office needs to be in KL and or Putrajaya or wherever the action is. We are not making home made ketupat here. The choice of where you want to put your bed is entirely your choice. But you have to make your place of business in the place of business. How difficult can that be to understand?

As I see it, under-representation is also mis-representation. Penang seems to think of coming down to KL such a chore. Maybe the attitude is wrong. How can you watch your business if you are on a beach in Ferringhi?

Even if it wasnt for the matters pertaining to legislative and bureacracy, how can you have your hand on the ham pulse if you are up in the northern most part of Malaysia? I won't even start with the repeaters. Marts as it is, is nothing more that a collection of repeaters. When that fails, we are nothing. So.. for a start, can we just make sure all repeaters are top notch? Is that too much to ask?

I am fine with all this if I see active council members - as a cohesive group. Here we have a council that is for most part, indecisive and non-cohesive, with a penchant for staying under their tempurung. You tell me this - if the Marts council was selling radios and ham equipment, would their sales office be in Penang? How would their visibility be? Damn, they would have an advertising budget. Here we cant even have a half baked membership drive. Wake up!!!! Other societies can do more with less. Maybe we should outsource membership drives and enrolment.

All in all, when the day is done, I think it would serve the council well to ask themselves a few soul searching questions.

1. You deem yourself the best of the ham community to steer the organisation. Is that apparent?
2. Do you represent the ideals and goals of the common ham here in West Malaysia, not to mention our brethren in East Malaysia?
3. If our organisation has a matter requiring urgent attention, are your placed correctly politically and logistically to respond?
4. Will you be proud of your service tenure when the day is done or will you be defensive at the next election when you have to explain your tenure and performance?

That is all from me. In a better light, I have to comment that 2 council members have been very emphatic with our situation here in KL and Malaysia in general. I fear however, that they act in a personal capacity and out of personal responsibility. Maybe what is becoming apparent is that this council does not work together well.

Remember this- out of sight is not out of mind. There will be a reckoning. I hope it will be a day when the hams come up to the council to congratulate them on their foresight and efforts, and re-elect them for another year.

You think this will happen?

9W2XYZ said...


Some members of the delegation meeting up with MCMC would like to meet up with the more vocal and constructive 40 thieves. I leave it to you all to classify yourselves.

THE TIMING HAS BEEN CHANGED> the latest news is it will be on the night of Monday, 27th June 2005 at the usual eyeball time of 10.00pm at the 40 Thieves den TTDI.

If you would like to meet up with some of council do drop in.

Pass it around.


9m2yyy said...

I was not a member of MARTS but one day, I received a surprise call from the PRESIDENT for the first time who sounded impatient and rude that from then onwards, I was glad that I had made a right choice for not having anything to do with his leadership.