Friday, March 31, 2006

A tribute to 9M2GL - a news piece on NST Website

check out for

Web Exclusive : Now you can talk to you astronaut via ham radio

Edited on April 1, 2006. Click HERE to download a pdf copy of this story.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In memoriam of 9M2GL

It is with great sadness that we announce yet another passing in the HAM fraternity.
9M2GL -
HJ.IDRIS BIN HJ. ZAINUDIN better known as Pak Hj Idris, who passed away at his home in Old Klang Road on the evening of 28th March 2006.

The late Pak Hj Idris was laid to rest at the 13th Mile Puchong Muslim cemetery adjacent to USJ21, after Zohor prayers today, 29th March 2006.

For all of us, his advices and guidance would be sorely missed. Our prayers and heartfelt condolences and thoughts go out to his family and friends.

From our muslim friends, - Al Fatihah

May his soul rest in peace …

9M2GL – you will always be remembered. You have left behind a legacy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

2m Celebration net PDRM day..24th March 2006

It was 2200hrs when the PDRM 2m Net started. 9M2MRC, being MARTS official event call sign was used. 9W2MCT- Tony started the net, before 9M2DS-Pak Dollah took over. Perhaps, insignificant to most, the 199th Royal Malaysian Police Day, provided some insight to what PDRM is up to, as well as some historical information on the formation of PRDM. Other information provided through the net was the launch of the MARTS 2m National Repeater link, that went live on air recently. Except for some technical problems between the Ulu Kali and Brinchang link, most stations from the Northern region has been working the link.
The RAE announced earlier in the week by MCMC, was also mentioned, and along with that, MARES's RAE class this weekend was also announced. The GTI Club-V-Sixers-Gen 2 club event family drive to Koh Samui come June 2006 was also announced. Coincidentally, our friends from these clubs, were getting ready for a morning drive, recce to the destination. We wish them bon voyage. The net drew to a close around 2340 hrs with the final list of stations checking in as below;

1.9M2DSm oper 9M2CJ 2.9W2IZWm 3.9W2LLTm 4.9M2NAZm 5.9W2WIL 6.9W2XYZ
7.9W6RIE echlink 8.9W6AZG echolink 9.9M2KX 10.9M2AI 11.9W6SMB echolink
12.9W2AZL 13.9W2RWp 14.9W2RNRp
'On site' check in:
15.9M2CF 16.9W2AD 17.9W2DTR 18.9W2SSJ 19.9W2SAI 20.9W2ALT 21.9W2BTL
22.9W2ICE 23.9W2AFY 24.9W2WAN 25.9W2GL 26.9W2AXN 27.9W2GU
28.9W2XZ 29.9W2WLC 30.9w2THS 31.9W2ALX


Announcement of RAE dates 2006

Checkout the venue site for Central exam center.


The announcement has been released on the RAE Exam dates for 2006:

RAE 1/2006 - 25 May 2006 2pm (Application now open. Closing date: 14 April 2006)
RAE 2/2006 - 29 Nov 2006 2pm.

(For full details checkout

73 de Razif

Monday, March 20, 2006

Malaysian Astronaut and Amateur Radio

Dear All,
As we all are aware, the Goverment is now selecting a Malaysian astronaut, who will take part in the scientific expedition on board the International Space Station in 2007. When I heard the news, I think it will be great if we (amateur radio operators) actually make contacts with our very own astronaut. Isnt it a great way to promote this hobby? I would like to draw discussion on this matter, which, some of the comments will be used in my writing for a newspaper. I cant guarantee a publisity, nevertheless, please express your view for the benefit of everyone. I appreciate real-name blogging and callsign. You can also mail me the feedbacks at
Thanks and 73 d 9W2JAR.

Friday, March 17, 2006

MARTS 2m National Link, and 9M2RUK update 17th March 2006

The team got to work as early 0900hrs. At least that was when I got some radio chatter on the simplex channel designated for the repeater team, up in Genting Highlands, more precisely, Ulu Kali. There was sufficient radio test done by the Central region HAMS, so much so, that the repeater team got down to tuning the duplexer to maximise the coverage.

As at 1500 hrs, the new 2m Link was still being tuned. The 9M2RUK repeater was reinstalled, however, the cables were supposed to be replaced but due to time constraint, additional work could not be done to the old antenna. Therefore, a new date will be set to go up to Ulu Kali yet again, to have the cables replaced.

As for the 2m National link, which was made possible, largely due to the contribution by MOTOROLA, it is recommended that all stations trying to access this repeater, to confine themselves to any rig to set at a minimum of 10watts. This is because, any transimission at 5watts is deemed to be minimum and should effect the quality of audio / signal. This remains a recommendation, and by no means should be a 'rule of the thumb'.

As at 1545 hrs, it was noted that there were a few stations providing feedback to the repeater team, notably, 9M2ST-Steve from USJ 21 (5 watts & 25 watts) , 9W2SSJ - Suchart from Subang Airport (25 watts), 9M2DS - Pak Dollah from Jinjang (5watts).

Once again, a big thank you to the team:
1.9M2CL-Bobby 2.9MCF-Chow 3. 9W2EY -Edward 4.9W2XL-Bear
5.9W2TE -Charlie 6.9W2LTS -Loo 7.9W2BA-Bob (Azlan) 8.9W2YV-Sim 9.9W2CYC-Francis 10.9W2MTS -Halim 11.9W2KM -Khor 12.9M2LAW -Law
13.9M2AM-Anuar (9M2Am was inadvertently left out due to writer having left the location before his arrival)

for more Photos, courtesy of 9M2LAW, click on the above link.

de, by 9W2MCT-Tony
(apologies for miscued info regarding 9M2AM's assistance in helping with the tuning of the link repeater. FYI, 9M2RUK is still inoperable)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

9M2RUK - UPDATE 16th March 2006

16th March 2006 - 0900 hrs. Our repeater team from Penang (and part from KL!) gathered at the Ulu Kali Telekom Tower for the task at hand, to reinstall the 9M2RUK repeater, and to install the New National Link Repeater (AA to be announced later). For those who have not heard about this, the MARTS New National 2m Link, sponsored by Motorola, will serve Amateur Radio stations across the peninsular, by linking, repeaters at Penang(North) , Brinchang (Mid North), Ulu Kali (Central), and Gunung Ledang (South).
The team comprising of;
1.9M2CL-Bobby Chee 2.9M2LAW-Law 3.9W2BA -Nor Azlan (Bob) 4.9W2EY -Edward
5.9W2LTS -Loo 6.9W2TE - Charlie 7.9W2KM -Khor 8.9W2YV -Sim 9. 9W2CYC -Francis
10. 9W2MTS -Halim 11. 9W2XL -Bear 12.9M2CF -Chow;
got about their task to complete the objective in the two days. Considering that the brackets which gave problems to 9W2MTS -Halim, and 9W2CYC -Francis (The two riggers for the task), as well as the weather! The weather moved in around 3pm, and the temperature steadily dropped!
So much so, that Hot water had to be ferried in to warm up the riggers! Work was stopped at 1835 hours, and right after that the New Link Repeater sprung to life! A few stations notably, 9W2TZ-Hanafi, 9W2SSJ -Suchart, 9W2BAD - Bad, 9W2DTR -Dexter, 9W2YJ -Rodney were heard doing some signal checks here and there. We strongly recommend those stations within the central area to continue to do radio checks and note their signal from the repeater, so that tuning work can be done tomorrow. So please update the repeater team, as early as possible tomorrow! Please respond to this urgently, pass the word round! Repeater Frequency 147.925 mhz, Tone 203.5, Offset -0.600.
Tomorrow, 17th March, 2006, will see the riggers concentrating on their task to install the new co-linear antenna, providing a 180% coverage, as well as the installation of the 5 element Yagi pointing towards Gunung Brinchang. If time permits, the 9M2RUK antenna, will be serviced and installed. 9W2XL - Bear and 9M2CF - Chow, are quite ready for the task at hand.
There are lots of photos, which will be loaded to the Photosite in due time.
And so that is the update from Ulu Kali. Keep on DX'ing, for the good of all!

73s, de by 9W2MCT -Tony
p.s for limited photographs for now, click on the title.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

9M2RUK - Repeater Reinstallation

QSP from 9W2EY - 1510 hrs, 15 March 2006.
The repater team from Penang, with 9W2MTS - Halim , in a convoy (3 vehicles) are well on their way up to Gunung Ulu Kali, specifically to install a new repeater for MARTS National Link, as well as re-installing 9M2RUK, which was removed for repairs the previous trip.
Quite obviously, Edward - 9W2EY, was the first one to get within 9M2RKK- Bukit Lanjan repeater's footprint!
A quick confirmation that the team will start work in situ at 9.00 am, 16th March 2006. wishes all involved good luck and safe trip!
Observe safety requirements please!
Thanking the team on behalf of all HAMS.


Friday, March 10, 2006

In Memoriam - 9M2MX - Pak Mus

It is with great sadness that we announce yet another passing in the HAM fraternity.
9M2MX - Mutaffa Bin Haji Menfari , better known as Pak Mus, passed away peacefully
in Hospital Universiti Malaya (PPUM) at 1315hrs, 9th March 2006.

Our prayers and thoughts goes out to his family and friends, in particular his son, 9M2HH-Hisham.
The late Pak Mus 's body was safely laid to rest in Kampung Tunku Muslim Cemetary, following prayers at the Section 14 Mosque, attended by family and friends. The funeral prosession left the mosque at 10.16am, today, 10 March 2006.

Our heartfelt condolences, and our salute to a brother in HAM.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

8th March International Women's Day 2m Net on 9M2RKK

2100 hrs - 9W2MCT-Tony kicked off the 2m net on request by 9M2DS - Pak Dollah. The Significance ? It was after all, International Women's Day, and what better way to commemorate it than to conduct a 2m net, and also provide a forum for discussion.
Some quick reference to the internet unearthed some interesting information. Would you be surprise then to find out that it wasn't till 2005 that The First Woman President was installed to that position? Taking into the account that, only in 1910, that the womenfolk resorted to grand protests to voice their dissatisfaction over the unfair treatment of general female workers!
So if we want a more active Ham community in Malaysia, if we start today, then in 105 years time, the next generation may see the result! Ok, that was just a tease . . so don't prove me right!

Th Net started at 2100 hrs with Tony controlling the net for the first hour before Pak Dollah took over. The following were the stations that checked in (Please inform if you have ben wrongly identified - via comments) ;

1. 9M2DS - Pak Dollah 2103 hrs 2. 9M2EE - Shahril 2104 hrs
3. 9M2MO - Annuar 2107 hrs (also extends his wishes to 9W2EE on his addition to the family)
4. 9W2XK - Anneliza 2110 hrs (XYL to 9W2XL) 5. 9W2RW - Rizal 2111 hrs
6. 9W2YCW (p) - Benson 2118 hrs 7. 9W2TKC - Tang 2119 hrs
8. 9W2HRG - Haniff 2119 hrs 9. 9W2CBL - Richard 2122 hrs (Seremban)
10. 9W2XYZ - Allan 2123 hrs 11. 9W2TU - Hamid 2125 hrs (Bangi)
12. 9W2KCB - Chu Boon 2126 hrs 13. 9W2NIR - Nor Isham 2128 hrs
14. 9W2LT - Lee 2134 hrs 15. 9W2WIL (m) - Wilfred 2139 hrs
16. 9W2TQQ (m) - Teoh 2143 hrs 17. 9M2NAZ - Nazali 2145 hrs
18. 9W2LL - Lim 2148 hrs 19. 9W8LTZ - Lee via echolink 2149hrs

9M2DS - Pak Dollah takes over the Net control. (2156 hrs)
20. 9W2MCT - Tony 2156 hrs 21.9W2ATU - Kak Aini (XYL to 9W2TU)
22. 9W2ZEY - Mizey 2159 hrs 23. 9W2EET - Francis 2201 hrs
24. 9W2SF - Syed Faizal 2203 hrs 25. 9W2KTC - Koh via Echolink
26. 9W2ZIT - Zulkifli (no time logged) 27. 9W2CKC - Ken (no time logged)
28. 9M2CJ - Thiam (no time logged) 29. 9W2XL - Bear (no time logged)
30. 9W2SSJ - Suchart (no time logged) 31. 9W2WHO - Minied (no time logged)
32. 9W2OZY - Lee (no time logged) 33. 9W2TOO - Too (XYL to 9W2BGL)
34. 9W6RIE - Mohd Nazri via echolink (no time logged)
35. 9W2AMR - Amir (no time logged) 36. 9W2VA - Andy (no time logged)
37. 9W6VX - Brandon via echolink(no time logged)
38. 9M2PW - Paul via echolink (no time logged)
39. 9W2AXN - Adlind (no time logged) 40. 9W2DTR - Dexter (no time logged)

(p) denotes portable (m) denotes mobile
We would like to thank the anonymous station who graciously hosted the echolink connection throughout the net.
We would also like to inform that the hosting of the 2m Net can be done by each and any station with a valid AA/Callsign. To do so, book your net in the 2m net calendar in the link at the sidebar.

73s de

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Celebration Net . . International Women's Day 8th March

So, if you have been following this blog, you would know that we have a 2m Net which is called the Celebration Net whenever there is an event that is celebrated on that particular day.

Today March 8 is International Women's Day. The History of International Women's Day dates back to 1910. The first IWD was held on March 19, 1911, across the European continent. Significantly, the date was chosen by the Germans, to commemorate the day in 1848, when the then Prussian King's resolve to quell an uprising by promissing reform to the female population.

It wasn't till 1975 when the IWD was internationally recognised, when The United Nations announced its significance.

Here in the Klang Valley, HAMS, within earshot of 9M2RKK, trasmitting at 147.980mhz will once again take to the air with their wishes for the fairer sex. So come join in the celebration net, tonight, beginning 2100 hrs. We are sure you have someone you would like to extend your wishes to, . . surely this is not sexually biased, is it?


Monday, March 06, 2006

9M2RUK - Reinstallation

CQ CQ CQ . . .calling any stations who are interested to scale Ulu Kali, to assist or perhaps lead in the Repeater re-installation. As we have to submit a list of intended visitors, complete with IC, and Full name, please advise Tony - 9W2MCT via, as soon as possible.
The tentative date of this visit is on 16th or 17th March, 2006.
The dateline to do so, is on Wednesday, 8th March 2006.

The request from MARTS council for these information was received Friday, March 2nd 2006.
We are trying to kep the group small, so if you volunteer, be prepared to do your part.


Friday, March 03, 2006

Top 10 Most Annoying Anonymous Comments

"Humour is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up,
all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place."
Mark Twain (1835-1910)

If you have not noticed, we have been getting (at least from our point of view, that is!) quite amusing, and most of the time humorous, (and that depends entirely which side you are looking from!) very anonymous comments. And we mean anonymous !. . . .

So we have decided to lay it out for all you visitors to read. .... and laugh. .... and ponder. ....and hopefully vote! Why? . . .ask Mark Twain!


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Celebration Net . .73rdAnniversary of Malaysian Army..1st March 2006

A simple gesture, it was, in conjunction of World Telecommunication Day 2005, 17th May, celebrating the 140th Anniversary of Telecommunication, 9M2DS- Pak Dollah, initiated a 2m net, which until now is still carried on. Then 43 stations checked in.

Yesterday, 1st March 2006, was the 73rd Anniversary of the Malaysian Army. (for more info refer ). It is somewhat important to devote some of our time to remind ourselves of the sacrifices by our fellow citizens who chose the path of defending our nation.

No easy task, as added by a former commando, En Ahmad Janius Abdullah, who has since left the service. His task whilst in the service demanded that he rise as early as 5.30 am, conducting various Physical activities, enduring the heat of the sun, and excrutiating pains at times, all in the name of our nation. En.Janius is now operating a used Army equipment store in Bangi.

Perhaps, befitting then, HAM operators within the reach of 9M2RKK, transmitting at 147.980mhz in the Klang Valley, devoted some of their time to extend their well wishes to the 'silent voice' of the service, the Malaysian Army. The stations that checked in were:
2200 hrs (1) 9M2DS - Pak Dollah
2202 hrs (2) 9W2AA - Sharan Jit
2204 hrs (3) 9W2ACA mobile - Murali
2206 hrs (4) 9M2NAZ - Nazali
2211 hrs (5) 9W2GU - Hamid
2213 hrs (6) 9W2LL - Lim
2215 rs (7) 9W2AXN mobile - Adlind
2220 hrs (8) 9M2/BG7MSM - Zhong Rui
2222 hrs (9) 9W2WIL mobile - Wilfred
2227 hrs (10) 9W2VXR - Khairul
2228 hrs (11) 9W2XI mobile - Wilson
2230 hrs (12) 9W2ALT mobile - Allen
2235 hrs (13) 9W2SAL mobile - Salim

Following the net, 9W2MCT - Tony provided a wrap up, with some information on the recently held MARTS 53rd Annual General Meeting. The 2m Net drew to a close at 2248 hrs.
Hopefully, next time, there may be new volunteers to conduct the net, as well as more stations to check in.