Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Announcement - RKK repeater is down

Pls be informed - 9M2RKK repeater is offline
Repair work is on-going.



CQ CQ CQ! That seems to be the usual call but replies are far and few . .
MartsnewsBlogspot, is not dead ! Yes, we are still looking out for volunteers for the following;

1.RAE Review in preparation for the coming RAE . . . If you know of anyone intending to update their knowledge please put it down in comment. (Volunteers required for Review session, estimated to be held sometime in October)
2.Volunteers required to hold RDF Antenna building (venue TBA).
3.Articles . . .if you have any Amateur related articles, or are planning any events, please put in comment for us to announce.


Friday, September 09, 2005

9M2MRC - All Good Things Come To An End . .

Tues - 6th Sept 2005

9M2MRC officially QRT ! As the event came to a close, 9M2MRC closed its station with two last minute visitors from Seremban! (Martsnews.Blogspot apologises for not remembering their names! Our stations involved in manning the booth were too busy wrapping up and dismantling the ever so complex equipments - Come on down to Ali B, the two of you and the drinks are on the house!)

The Competition came to a close with SM Teknik Slim River taking the honours (FYI, The winning team did visit our booth . . ) Alas, all good things come to an end, and a big big big thank you to all those involved in the event . Below, is the role of honour, and if your name is not here drop me a note! I do apologise as there were moments (many, in fact) that I was a away from my sentry! Cheerioooo . . . . .

Icom V8000 x 2 (9w2MCT & 9W2XI)
Yaesu Vx5R x 1 (9w2MCT)
Yaesu Vx7R x 1 (9W2SSJ)
Cubicle Quad Homebrew Directional Antenna (9W2MRR)
SG7700 2x5/8 Mobile Antenna (9W2MRR)
Motorola GP300 (9W2ICE)
Kenwood TS2000 x 1 All band Transceiver (9W2XL)
Yaesu FT8900 x 1 (9W2XL)
Diamond SWR Meter (9W2XL)
Cushcraft MN7000 Antenna (9W2XL)
CDMA Wireless 2.4G high speed connection (with the kind help from 9M2MO – Request not to be published, and kept for internal record only)
CB Radio Display only (9W2XI)
Battery supply (9W2XL & 9W2XYZ)
Camp Beds x 2(9W2XL)
Fluorescent Lights (9W2PO & 9W2XL)
Cooler Box (Thanks for the cold cold cold drinks !! - 9W2MRR)
Snacks (Courtesy of 9W2AXN, 9W2ICE & 9W2VA)
Laptops x 3 (9W2AXN & 9W2MCT)
Mosquito Coils (Thanks Andy!! You sure kept them away!!)

9W2XI – Wilson
9W2XL – Bear
9M2DS – Pak Dollah
9W2AXN – Adlind
9W2SSJ – Suchart
9W2MRR – Syed
9W2MCT – Tony
9W2ALX – Alex
9W2ZZE – Azizi

9M2MO - Mohamad Anuar
9W2JI – Jimmy
9M2CF – Chow
9M2CIA – Lokmal
9W2CCW - Hassan Chan
9W2BAD – Badrul
9W2GL – Wan
9W2MAN – Man
9W2VA – Andy
9W2XZ – Fadzil
9W2TKC - Peter Tang
9W2BGL – Lim
9W2AQ – Azmi
9W2BTL – Lim
9W2FAI – Fai
SM Kg Baru Si Rusa, Port Dickson
SM Teknik, Slim River
A few other schools (not named as not accompanied by teacher advisors)
(two stations from Seremban, did not get call sign, as we were dismantling the booth when they arrived - This list of visitors was compiled from a visitors logbook, but some may have not been listed so if you are missing, send me a note

9M2MRC QSO Log (Incomplete)
N1KMM - Rick - USA via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9W2CCB - Colin - Malacca via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9Z4AFH - Khaz - Senegal via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9M2AR - Cikgu Man - Kedah via HF 7.043mhz
9W2PAT - Dr.Pat - Johor Bahru via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9W2JAS - Jason - Johor Bahru via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9W2TSK - Kumar - Johor Bahru via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9M2CJ - Thiam - Kuala Lumpur via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9W2VA - Andy -Kuala Lumpur via 9M2RKK
9W2XZ - Fadzil - Kuala Lumpur via 9M2RKK
9W2YJ - Rodney - Klang via Echolink/RF-9M2RUK
9W2AQ - Azmi - Sri Kembangan via 9M2RKK

73s . . .coming together for a better communication tomorrow

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

UM - 9M2MRC - 5th Sept 2005

The MARTS – Universiti Malaya (9M2MRC) booth was well manned on the first day Of the ANGKASA – Piala Menteri, Sains, Teknologi dan Innovasi, water jet propulsion competition.

On hand to help man the booth was 9M2DS–Pak Dollah, 9W2AXN–Adlind, 9W2MRR- Syed, 9W2XL-Bear, 9W2SSJ-Suchart and yours truly 9W2MCT-Tony.

There were not many visitors, probably due to the fact that the competition proper was in full motion. Whilst our friends were busy trying to set up the wireless link, the competition swung into full spin, with times, having the launched rockets coming quickly crashing down to the field. The visitors, including the Media, will turn up tomorrow, being the Finals.

A group of students, from the SMK Kampung Baru Si Rusa, Port Dickson, headed by their ‘cikgu’ (teacher), Pn Amelia Bt Ahzan, spent a good portion of their lunch break to find out more about Amateur Radio Services. On hand to help out was 9M2DS-Pak Dollah, whom cikgu recognized from his past TV expose! Students who were at our booth with Cikgu, were, Abd Razak B Ahmad, Mohd Ridzuan B Yaacob, Muhammad Nazirul B MNohd Yusoff, and Kamarul Ariffin Bin Mohd Rashidi. After a quick lesson, Kamarul was quickly anointed SWL, and he continued to QSO with 9W2SNZ-Shamsul (who was mobiling to Jelebu from his base in Kuala Lumpur) Syabas to Cikgu Amelia, and hopefully, MARTS will be able to see a Junior Club soon.

Tune in to this blog for the latest in the UM – 9M2MRC booth . . .

73’s . . . Coming Together for a Better Communication Tomorrow

Monday, September 05, 2005

UM - Science Fest - Booth set up

D-Day ! 4th September, booth set up task was left to a few stations.
A couple of exchanges over the airwaves, the following was collected for use in the exhibition booth. Syabas to Wilson-9W2XI for sacrificing his family time in Port Dickson to return to KL to help out in the set up of the booth.

Icom V8000 x 2 (9w2MCT & 9W2XI)
Yaesu Vx5R x 1 (9w2MCT)
Cubicle Quad Homebrew Directional Antenna (9W2MRR)
SG7700 2x5/8 Mobile Antenna (9W2MRR)
Motorola GP300 (9W2ICE)
Kenwood TS2000 x 1 All band Transceiver (9W2XL)
Yaesu FT8900 x 1 (9W2XL)
Diamond SWR Meter (9W2XL)
Cushcraft MN7000 Antenna (9W2XL)
Battery supply (9W2XL & 9W2XYZ)
Camp Beds (9W2XL)
Fluorescent Lights (9W2PO & 9W2XL)
Cooler Box (Thanks for the cold cold cold drinks !! - 9W2MRR)
Snacks (Courtesy of 9W2AXN & 9W2ICE)
Laptops x 3 (9W2AXN & 9W2MCT)

The night was tough especially, with the many number of 'Graduate Mosqitoes' at the UM Grounds rushing to keep us company. Our broadband suppliers were busy trying to connect to Echolink, with undoubtably some Port related problems. They were testing till early morning . .
Morning came, and the next shift took over . . . .
73s and big thank you to all who contributed one way or the other . . .

'Coming together for a better communication tomorrow'

9M2MRC - Universiti Malaya Call Sign for MARTS Booth

CQ CQ CQ . . the MARTS Exhibition and demonstration booth was given the go ahead to use the official MARTS Callsign - 9M2MRC -and as such, you may be hearing this sign repeated over the airwaves over the next few days.

The event officially kicked off this morning at 0830 hrs, with the competitors taking their turns at the trajectory and lift off segments of their Water Propelled Rocket Jets. The objectiv of holding the booth in conjunction with this competition is to provide basic Amateur Radio Information to the countries Science's students.

Kep in tune for more up to date reporting, live from Universiti Malaya.
9M2MRC, can be reached through 9M2RKK (147.980 mhz) 9M2RUK (147.900mhz) 9M2RKL (439.600) or HF at 7.043 mhz.

73's - 9M2MRC

Friday, September 02, 2005

Universiti Malaya - Science Fest Sept 5&6 - UPDATE

Not so long ago, we posted news that KL Region MARTS Rep Office will spearhead a Field Day in collaboration with ANGKASA (National Space Agency of Malaysia) in conjunction of the 'Water Jet Propulsion Competitioin for the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Cup'. That day is fast coming, and thanks to the kind attention of Telekom Malaysia, Technology Division, special mention to En Mohamad Annuar-9M2MO, the Booth will be equipped with uninterrupted wireless service through its CDMA services in collaboration with HuaWei Technologies. This is utmost important in providing visitors to the booth an insight to a live demo in VoiP-RF interlink.

Many thanks to En Mohamad Annuar-General Manager; En Dinesh Krishnarajah-Assistant Manager, Wireless System Technology; En Lee Han Kiong, Wireless BSS Engineer, HuaWei ;
Mr Chen Peng, CDMA Optimization Engineer, HuaWei;
Atached are photos of the Engineers testing their systems on site at the Varsity Green Field, University Malaya.
( The system in use for the duration of the field day is developed by QUALCOMM Inc. Concept of wireless technology which uses spread spectrum technology . It spreads information in a signal over a much greater bandwidth and shares the same channel at same time slot - For a more detailed explanation and illustration, you may want to contact En Dinesh -

See you there. . . . oh yeah . . . . there will be a BBQ on site for all volunteers and visitors, Monday Night . . .5th Sept . . .