Tuesday, November 29, 2005

JOTA, 15&16 Oct.

Last October 15 & 16, 2005, whilst most of us were busy with our own weekends. . .9M2DS, Pak Dollah was busy with his helming the JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) at Sekinchan Selangor.
As it was an event of great significance, involving wireless communication, particulaly, where the Scouts are concerned, a quick link was done over the 2m locally, bridging SMK Bandar Utama and Sekinchan.
A very quick set up of a 2m Antenna (loaner from one of our members) and Rig provided by 9W2VA-Andy, and his sidekick 9M2BGL-Lim, enabled the troop of SMKBU2 to QSO with the JOTA link in Sekinchan. Historically, the Head Mistress of SMKBU2 Datin Chin had a quick QSO with the Menteri Besar of Selangor, Dato Khir in Sekinchan.
Although traditionally, the JOTA is done on HF, sadly due to commitments, some 9M stations could not assist in getting SMKBU2 'live'. Nevertheless, the troop showed great interest, and a quick lesson from our Mr Engineer, helped fuelled the interest.
This potos, in entirety, by album can be viewed at the following link (http://photos.yahoo.com/ketuaweb). Selected Photos are printed on this blog.

Syabas to al involved, and lets get it more organised next time round. . . . .

de Martsnews.Blogspot

Martsnews wishes Best 73s and good luck to SWLs

Dateline November 29 2005. . .1400hrs (+8GMT)... PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. RAE!!
Martsnews.Blogspot wishes all SWLs sitting for the RAE, conducted by the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission good luck!
This RAE will be the first where a choice of language (questions) will be offered to candidates.
The unofficial number given to Martnews.Blogspot is that there will be approximately 960+ candidates vying for their 'class B' Apparatus Assignment should they pass.

All in all, there should be a significant increase in local air traffic. . . .hopefully, at least.

SYABAS to all volunteers, and certainly to the Authorities for their bold step forward.

de Martsnews.blogspot

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Latest QSP from 9M2LC -

Just received info from Malacca, that the Foxhunt session has been cancelled.Anyway, Penang side is scouting for new sites to do the workshop and hunt.Not too sure whether can squeeze in one more before the end of this year, oreven before CNY 2006. Well, keep our fingers crossed or better still our antennas flexed and cobweb free.73 KC - 9M2LC

See? Everyone is still trying to contribute something. . . since this did not materialise, maybe with more guys n gals creating something, the gears will start turning again . .
Syabas Lim for trying . . . .

73s de Martsnews.blogspot

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

9M2RKK (VHF) repeaters

Good news!

Our "old lady" on Bukit Lanjan has been replaced by a loaner
"lady" from Penang.

As our repeater needs more time and appropriate spares
to get the "old lady" back on her feet, MARTS Penang has
loaned us a repeater for our use.
We also have to thank 9W2XL, who went up the hill gelap2
yesterday to fix this loaner repeater.
Syabas to all round who made this happen.

We hope with this repeater back in operation, our "hamsters" will
make full use of this facility.

The other news is for those SWLs who will be taking the RAE exam
next week 29 Nov 2005.

Some volunteers are arranging for a RAE revision class
tommorow 24 Nov 2005, Venue at KL around 7:45pm.
If the SWLs would like to join this revision class and for more info,
pls contact 9W2MN Encik Zaki at 013-3758001.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Hello . . .fellow hams, ooks like it has been a while since the last update.
Everyone has been busy I guess. . personally, I have taken on a new job, andwhich means new responsibilities . . 9W2XI has also taken on a new job, such our 'web master' has been busy too. Last I heard, 9W2XYZ, has moved on, and 9W2XL has been in and out of the country.
9W2SSJ has been enjoying his time off before resuming his saltmine matters. . .
I do know for a fact that some SWL's have been keenly looking forward to more activities, so guess we will have to start somewhere.
After speaking to 9M2LAW - committee member MARTS, they are aware of our repeater situation and are working to 'get the budget' to replace the old faithful at Bukit Lanjan.
Keep fingers crossed.
On a more interesting note, get out your equipment and fix that measuring tape yagi you have all been talking about, cos there will be a fox hunt, hopefully, come November 26 & 27.

as informed by 9M2LC -Just to let U know that there might be a possible ARDF session, mainly organised by the Malacca boys.Venue : Jelebu, Negri Sembilan ( exact place I don't know yet )Date : 26 ~ 27th November 2005.Temporary coordinator : 9M2WT : William TanI have yet to get full details from him, but already scheduling some of our Pg boys to head down there,IF the gathering takes place. That means we will leave on Friday 25th for KL 1st.Hope U and your contingent can join us. Will feed you more details if available.73KC - 9M2LC

so keep your dates free, andrest assured, I will update more often. . .

Best 73's 9W2MCT