Friday, February 23, 2007

Blogger Comments on This Blogsite

Recntly, the Malaysian Blogsphere has been hit somewhat hard by the civil action taken by Local Mainstream Media, New Straits Times Press V Ahiruddin Atan (, and New Straits Times Press V Jeff Ooi ( about their postings.

We carried a short reminder (here). It seems that our blogspot, which is regularly visited by true Ham Radio Operators, mostly in Malaysia, who are of the opinion that esprit de corps is the ultimate goal of a true HAM community, evident in their efforts recently, overcoming differences, as well as combining strength and spirit, have also been regularly visited by anonymous commentators. Bloggers United (view picture logo of this blog's profile) advocates true blogger's ethics, by providing your true identity. (here) A responsible blogger, as pronounced by the Malaysian Prime Minister, in his response to the NSTP suit against Jeff & Rocky.

We here, at martsnews.blogspot would like to support this move.
Especially so in our fraternity, where one who is able to articulate through one's speech, being a broadcast of sort would be able to send his or her message freely without being misinterpreted.
Yet, there are those who are happy to drop in once in a while, and start a reply frenzy through our generous actions.

In order to maintain this blog's intergrity, we shall revert to our comments moderation.
ALL COMMENTS WILL BE PRINTED ON THIS SITE as long as it can be verified from source.
After all, we as the blog moderators would not want to accuse or send the wrong message across.
We acknowledge your support, after all, 24500+ hits in over two years is the show of support that you are getting some information about your interest from this site.
We recommend that you continue posting your comments, responsibly, and by doing so provide your ID, by call sign, or even mobile number, after all your comments are for the improvement of MARTS and HAM in general.

So click away, those of you who are responsible.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Tradition still lives on...9W2IGP one of latest to imprint

Feb 19 2007 - After the CNY 2m Net, which saw almost 50 stations checking in the crowd in Ali B was in their usual element. 9W2ICE- Bob celebrated his 25th birthday, with those present joining in the celebrations with their rendition of 'Happy Birthday'. With a durian cake fit for the occasion and generous servings of Briyani, Rendang, Chicken Kurma, and accompaniments, as well as Domino's Pizza, it was a gathering to be remembered.

And after that, the tradition continued, since 26 May 2005, the practice of having their handprints 'recorded' (rather imprinted) onto the now infamous 'Ali B HAM Wall of Shame' continued. This time, 9W2IGP aside from 9w2MFZ, 9W2ARN, 9W2SXY,9W2DEL and 9W2OOM, are among the latest 'victims' placing their palm print amongst the 100 odd that are already there (apart from 1 foot print courtesy of 9W2GSM!).
The wall of Shame also claims, a Korean, a Singaporean, a New Zealander, 2 part time Brits (he he - Malaysian students in the UK), and a Chinese (9M2-BG7MSM). is wishing you a very merry, and prosperous year of the Boar 2007..
de moderator

Thursday, February 15, 2007

19 Feb at Ali B...See you there?

CNY is here again! So to those celebrating Chinese New Year, have a good one. To those going outstation, do drive carefully. The holidays also brings along casualties on the road! Do be extra careful.
February 19, being the second day of CNY, also see's our fellow HAM celebrating his ?? brithday!
So, for those still in KL and those coming to KL, please treat this as an open invitation to come and celebrate his big day with him. 9W2ICE-Bob request your humble time to spend it at Ali B, as he is also preparing food for at least 50 people. Food will be served between 8.30 and 9.30pm,and will be served until it runs empty! So, come and have a merry good time, eyeballing and making new friends, and also celebrating his 'BIG' day!
Aha...almost forgot....At Ali B, there will also be a 2m Celebration Net celebrating the arrival of the Year of The Oink Oink, and will be kicked of by 9M2DS- Pak Dollah (beginning 10.00pm). Do join in this net too!

p.s if you want to find out how old he is, come on down to AB...or during the net, can tanya tanya...howzat?

de moderator

Thursday, February 08, 2007


The response was overwhelming with an estimated donated goods worth RM12,000-00 collected. Donations at Alibaba continued to flow throughout the night on 31 January 2007 and we ended up getting a lorry to transport all the goods together with a convoy of 24 cars. (here and here for list of donors)

We made our way to Bukit Ibam at 9 am on Thursday, 1 February 2007 and with the help of Ketua Balai, Balai Polis Bukit Ibam Sergeant Major Rageli bin Asri and the Ketua Kampung (Tok Empat) En Md Zamri, the plan was to repack the donated items with the help of women in the kampong so that the items could distributed equally to the flood victims. They worked hard from 3 pm till midnight to get the job done.

On Friday, 2 February 2007, each vehicle was assigned to load donated goods for a particular village. Despite the plans formulated, some of the drivers wanted to see the affected villages and a decision was made to convoy together. We convoyed and dropped off donations to several villages i.e. Asrama Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Ibam, Kg Buluh Nipis, Kg Aur, Kg Kemara, Kg Plum, Kg Aur Keladang (detailed info can be found below).

Water marks of between 2ft to 5ft from the floods were clearly visible. The Titi Gantung i.e. walking bridge over the river was severely damaged.
By afternoon, another team was formed to assist in community work and to rebuild bridges for the planned trip on Saturday to Kg Jubar, a remote village located northwest of Bukit Ibam. The team managed to rebuild one of the bridges allowing villagers to access the northern region to the nearest main road. i.e. Route 12.
On Saturday morning of
3 February 2007, our team faced the toughest challenge - “the road to Jubar”. The weather was on our side even though dark clouds were hovering above us. We prayed hard that it does not rain. Unfortunately, one of the vehicles in the convoy got stuck in the mud but manage to get out without assistance. Had it rained, the track would have been considered hard core as the dirt track was steep and there were many crevices and gullies to maneuver around.

Our first stop on Saturday was Kg Langkap Lama. The track conditions were very steep and narrow. The assigned cars veered off to Kg Langkap Lama whilst the main convoy stationed themselves on the main track. Later after unloading the donations and upon rejoining the main convoy we proceeded to Kg Jubar.
Arriving at Kg Jubar, we were greeted by the village folks and the Tok Batin who was very happy to see us. Balance of our donated goods were unloaded here. In gratitude the Tok Batin offered their harvest of giant ubi kayu, while En Md Zamri bin Budin, the Ketua Kampong presented a plaque to show their appreciation to our team leader 9W2SBS Aiznin.
Despite the rough trip we had endured, the effort was well worth it. We would like to thank all amateur radio member (HAM) and friends of HAM who have donated and assisted in the charity event and well as those who have sacrificed their time and their own expense to participate in this event. Special thanks also go to the KL crew. We like to also thank HAM friends from Segamat , Bandar Muadzam Shah and PERAMAH (Kuantan) who came to give support. To all, this effort would not have been possible without you!

Finally a special thanks to Land & General Berhad KL Sports Club, The Malaysian Bar Council , FAMA , Kontena National, Time Engineering and Bumihiway for their support and contributions.

Reported by 9W2AXE

Friday, February 02, 2007

IBAM Drive Update

As informed by 9W2SBS - Aiznin, the convoy made their way to Ibam without any major problems. Escorted by Satria GTI Club convoy marshalls to Nilai, the convoy has now set up base camp and aid is being delivered as intended.
A further 6 boxes of contributions was received today, courtesy of BumiHiway. This was in response to their internal circulation by way of email, and these contribution arrived at AliBaba this evening at around 4.30pm. Handed over by Cik Masliza & En Razali, the 4 boxes of old clothes and 2 boxes of foodstuff, together with all the used clothes, will be dispatched via another lorry load arranged through 9W2BOI - Boi to depart Ali Baba on Saturday, 3rd February 2007, Ibam bound. Thanks to your support, this is the second lorry load of supplies. The first departed Ali Baba with an estimate load of about 3 tonnes of goods (of Mineral Water /Rice / Instant Noodles /MeeHun)

Again, a big thank you for all those who have supported the move by 9W2SBS/AXE and friends of RKK. Keep your eyes posted here for more updates and pictures on the return of the expedition.

de Moderator