Friday, December 29, 2006

New Years Eve Net - 9M2RKK and MARTS 2m Nat Link

Another year has come and gone (oops...err , more like about to go!), great thins has happened for some. Tying the knot, Getting their Ham license, Being parents, Getting their Ham license, getting their new GPS (Hi Hi), Getting their Ham license. . . .
The thing is that good things happens to some, not so good things to others! The really really good thing is that we still have volunteers to occasionally remind us that we are Amateur Radio operators.
(OBTW, syabas to those who lead by example during the recent flood crisis, and those who did know who they are)
One such occasion will be the up and coming (fast) New Years Eve net, to be conducted (and of course, initiated by 9M2DS- Pak Dollah), one of our very senior members, in terms of experience, that is, Pak Dol will kick off the net on 9M2RKK, beginning 2300 hrs New Years Eve.
SO if you are on do tune in, and we have been told that it will also probably be simultaneously run on MARTS 2m Nat Link...

So lets catch up