Saturday, July 30, 2005


Assalammualaikum, and hello.
It was resolve during the recent meeting that "MCMC may at its discretion decide on case to case basis, which education, promotional, and experimental event ‘about amateur radio hobby’ should be funded or sponsored. MCMC is to decide based on merits of request made for such sponsorship".
Well, nothing to comment on that, but I believe MARTS as a community should do more promotions on this hobby. Grab opportunities, exhibitions, fairs, what so ever. Target where the people are. Invite and get invited. Put up banners, send brochure, make more demonstrations, call the press. I know a lot of us has the energy to do that. Ugh, maybe not the money.
Well, I was at a week-long USM Pesta Buku dan Multimedia yesterday where MCMC Penang is one of the organisers. MCMC has a booth, and the offer information (brochures), including of the amateur radio. But sad, none of the amateur radio societies was invited to put up a little show. Argh, It will be lovely if the fair has one, like I said, there are opportunities, but wasnt grabbed.
I wont blame the lady in charge for not being expressive enough to tell me more about amateur radio (yeah, I pretended that I dont know a thing, and said .. "I know the hobby from TV") she doesnt have the amount of excitement like the ham operators themselves (in this case, "we").
I just wish we have more room to spread the good news of this hobby. Tu je.
Thanks and 73 d 9W2JAR


9W2XYZ said...

Hi All,

Does anyone know about this apparent MCMC sponsorship of related events and how we can leverage of this?

9w2XI - Wilson said...

Allo 9W2XYZ,
Perhaps you might want to ask the council members, 9W2SAM and if everything else fails, you may want to call MCMC ..


9w2xyz said...

Wah very fast.
Anyway.... I think I will call MCMC. Got to know the people at Shah Alam quite well.

Can you post this fox hunt site link?
from Andre 9M2NCL

Martsnew.blogspot de 9W2MCT said...

good point, and observation.....not coming on air does not mean that you are ot active....

Heads up, Sept 6&7, exhibition booth in UM, Universiti Malaya, in conjunction with Water Jet Propulsion Finals (something like that), inviting all volunteers to register in this comment, and we take it from there.....

Meeting next week, will post more details...