Thursday, July 14, 2005


CQ CQ CQ.....following are some news in point form for benefit of all MARTS members.

1.MARTS council has acknowledge that those members (whose monies were misappropriated for term 2004) have had their membership renewed, and is valid thru to 2005.
So for those involved, please contact direct with Treasurer 9W2KB-Khoo, number available on this blog. (9W2XYZ- this is a QSP from 9M2CL)
2.Actions are currently in place to make good the offer from Motorola on its supply of repeaters.
It is premature to say when these will be up, but suffice to say, due to legality, this is still not possible as yet. In the meantime, the Council, wa made aware of the intentions by some members to utilise the already tested VOIP-RF interface, as evident in the (many) gateways currently available. In due time, an announcement will be made officially to streamine these connections, and possibly, aid this stations with their efforts. is still being put together by 2 stations. Due to work constraints, the site is still yet to go live. In this aspect, any volunteers to help out is keenly advised to contact the secretary.

Many thanks to 9M2CL-Bob, 9M2LAW-Law, 9W2KB-Khoo, 9W2LTS-Loo, 9M2NCL-Andre, and 9W2LLT-Lawrence who took time off to meet with our voice from KL.
Any comments or ideas/sugestions to be directed to MARTS council, may for now be posted in this blog, until the official website is up. THIS IS BY NO MEANS, to suggest that this martsnews.blogspot is an unofficial website, but merely, a comment collection centre , for now.

73s de MartsNews

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