Wednesday, July 13, 2005

9M2 extends help

UITM Ham Operator 9W2AMP who operates in MY & UK

HAM operator 9W2BPO from UITM

HAM operator 9W2BPO from UITM

Yet another Ham Operator 9W2GE who operates in MY & UK

9W2MAA doing his thing
Cheers! to the 8 Ham Operators who drop by last night

L-R - 9M2DS Pak Dollah, 9M2FF Pak Yusof & a SWL station

9M2CJ Chiam about to induldge in his drink

L-R - SWL Polar, another SWL station, 9W2AXN,
9W2HY & another SWL station

L-R - SWL station, 9W2ADR, SWL Mat Belon, 9W2MRR and SWL station

A 'double 5/8' installed on SWL Mat Belon's tin can

Yesterday 2 9M station - 9M2DS Pak Dollah & 9M2FF Pak Yusof took time off from thier normal routine and were at ALi Baba to extend their help to 'would be' with new Ham operator with their application forms. There was a steady stream of SWLs and 9Ws guys dropping by for a cuppa and mingled till late night.

We also had a surprise visit from a group of eight (8) Ham operators from UITM from Shah Alam. When confronted with "Why we seldom hear you on air?" Some, quick to point out that they are not equip and a couple of faint voices heard saying "Kurang la brother ... shy la".
There were so many station to meet and I just couldn't put the name to their face, hoping the next time, i could. So guys, my sincere apology for not publishing your handle.

This time round 9W2XYZ had a camera at hand and the above are some shots taken - pics by Alan Tan


9W2ALX said...

long time never visit there...
tonite will bring the mcmc form for sign up to get the licence for our swl who passed the RAE exams...btw,big congrates to swl who passed...
till hear on air

73's and all the best..

9W2MCT said...

Aiyoooo....tahu lah kita. QSL, sudah adah XYL....or YL...or protable 2?? Hi HI...
SAw the forms, keep on contributing.....

Also to all the visitors, make this ya home!! But not like Wilson or Adlind, Hi Hi....they are our permanent Managers....

Syabas guys...keep on DXing...