Tuesday, July 19, 2005

9W2WOW - Walter Ow QSP from FRANCE

Good Day to all visitors of this site especially those who are Licensed Call Sign holders.

Not so long ago, a bulletin went out on 9M2RKK-Bukit Lanjan MARTS repeater via 147.980mhz about a stolen vehicle, a Satria GTI, belonging to a Club GTI member.
This message was broadcasted by different Stations, and at one point, our main GTI contact Station, Saiful-9W2SAI, was mentioned, to the effect that his car was stolen!
It was indeed a good deed to QSP important messages, but having other stations looking out for a car that is not stolen, is no lauging matter. Imagine, if the cops was informed that Saiful's car was reported stolen and he was stopped !!

Such, a few stations came out with the idea of a mock up QSP message that went like this:

"Kindly QSP this message received via EQSO to Walter Ow, 9W2WOW, that his ex- YL, Maurice, was looking for him. He can email her at maurice@paritbuntar.com. They were ex university mates at Ohio University, and that since she was getting married on the 31st June, she needed to know if he could come to the wedding. BTW, she also sent him a parcel to his old address, and needed to know if he got it"

This, though a mock up message, was to gauge;
1.How far the message went?
2.What was the final message that you may have recvd?
3.Who QSP the message to you?
4.Who did you QSP the message to?
(If you noted carefully, you may see that June 31st does not exist, BTW, 9W2WOW, does not exist as at June)
You may say that this is waste of time, but imagine, you may have to QSP a very important message, which could be live saving. So please input in the comments return from this posting, and hopefully, there will be a handful of you who can properly QSP messages, especially important ones.



9W2MCT-Tony said...

HI HI, 9W2SAI-Saiful, 9W2WHO-Minied and me, got the QSP!
I broadcasted it the next day, and broadcasted the message out on RKK.

My message was as per the 'original' and QSP to 9W2YJ-Rodney.

I believe, that Ong-9W2PO also recvd the msg via my broadcast.

Lets see how far this msg went.....

9W2BAD said...

well, heard abt it over the airwaves but didn't do any QSP-ing as the msg was not that clear to me, better keep quiet than go on blabbing abt something i know nothing abt...

abt the lost of a GTI, i was confused since the car number didn't match the owner, which forced me to intrude few QSOs while monitoring in trying to get the fact right. one wrong little details, a whole lot diff story at the end.. :-/