Friday, August 05, 2005

Universiti Malaya - Science Fest Sept 6&7

Timing....that is important! Such, after 9W2JAR's thoughts on 'Wish we have more room', an invitation to MARTS from the Science Centre was received, requesting, participation from MARTS to promote Amateur Radio and its contents at an upcoming event to be held at Universiti Malaya, o the 6 & 7th September, 2005. Being a weekday, Martnews.Blogspot, is equesting interested parties to volunteer their time by registering by way of comment to this posting.

The Booth space and agenda will be discussed by this core group with help from MARTS.
An outline of the programme will further be posted on this posting.
The objective of this booth is to promote Amateur Radio and other related matters.

So, please raise up your hands, yet again, to help out in favour.


9W2XYZ said...

Ok... I came to know about this via the grape vine. Bring your handies and mobile units.

If you have any gear, contemporary or classic.... this would be a good time to exhibit it. Just a note. If we can have the wifi team set up to do echolink there... it would be neat... dont you think?

9w2XI - Wilson said...

Still no volenteers ka? Come and lend a helping hand!!

I would be able to help setup the booth preparation. Is there going to be a discussion for this event?


9W2MCT-Tony said...

Yup...keep note of future postings....once a core team is identified, we will call for meeting