Saturday, July 30, 2005

KL/SEL Regional Liaison Officer Appointment

Latest news! MARTS, the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitter's Society, Malaysia's Premium Radio Amateur Society, has made a positive step in appointing Regional Representative(s) around the country. (although not the official website of Marts) learnt of this appointment from its loyal MARTS members. A three page appointment letter with sub clauses, was issued to the newly appointed representative, 9W2XL- Bear, as the Central Region Liaison Officer, and this is seen as a positive step to reactivate Marts to it's 'Glory Days'. The appointment also provides for Repeater Management and implementation as well as Liaison with the Authority, MCMC, Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission.
This move comes in wake of numerous request, by active members to the Council (current term 2005-2006), and in response to various negative reaction from the recent developments.

The current practice of promotion of all MARTS related events, shall also be a focus of this appointment. wishes 73's to Bear, and his team, for all efforts and future endeavours to render the society active again. So, hands up all those who can contribute in any way, KL now has a voice!


9W2MCT-Tony said...

Syabas Bear, for lending your already limited time! Don't worry, many guys in Ali B are available to assist...
Good luck and 73's

9W2SEJUK said...

Congratulations and all the best in your future undertakings, by you and your team. Although I am new, I can see that you are all trying your level best in promoting Amateur Radio.
Don't get discouraged by some negative comments that I have seen in the past! I know, and I am sure you know that you are all genuine!
I am keen to help out in any way, just call on me if required.

73's de 'The Iceman'-9W2ICE,Bob

9W2ALX-ALeX said...

Need a hand?i'll try be last,we have a representative here...all the best to you..

73's to you bear.
Alexander d'great..

9W2XYZ said...

My 2 cents.

I think Penang has taken a big step in delegating. We have asked for exactly this many times. So they have agreed. Lets not let ourselves down.

The same team now appeals to others who wish to help out by lending a hand. Besides, I dont think Bear will want to climb the repeater tower. ..... alone.


9w2bad said...

he's the appointed personale, doesn't mean he has to climb, just manage the thing la.. can always call others for help out with the hard stuff, we got pro climbers in our group, remember.. ;-)

me..? the usual lah.. kejap ada, kejap no where to be seen but always monitoring.. calling-calling la if anything & will try my best at it..