Saturday, July 23, 2005

Gateway testing in progress

From L-R Front :- 9M2CJ, 9W2GU,9W2SSJ
Back :- 9W2ALX & 9W2ZZE

9W2XI working on the AP

From L-R :- 9W2XL (Bear) briefing 9W2ICE (Bob) about SWR & Installation of antenna. Also seen with 9W2XK and 9W2XYZ's XYL

From Left - Right Front :- 9M2GU (Hamid), 9W2ALX (Alex) & 9W2SSJ (Shuchart) working on E-QSO

New SWL faces seen hanging at Alibaba

Latest pictures taken as Dr. Tech working hard with the QC testing and configuration. We are hoping to sent out these interface boxes ASAP.



9W2XYZ said...

Hi Guys.... while we are at this...
you tech-heads out there...

HOW about an orbital repeater?

The International Space Station cross-band or U/V FM voice repeater has been switched on.

The downlink is 145.800 FM +/- 3 kHz doppler shift

The uplink is 437.800 FM +/- 10 kHz doppler shift

Please keep in mind that the crew members John and Sergei may be listening and pick up the mic to talk to you.

The ISS repeater can be worked with very simple equipment. To receive it on 145.800 an FM handheld with a 1/4 wave whip is all that's required. On 70cm you need to be able to transmit at least 2 or 3 watts FM into a 1/4 wave whip.

To find out when the Space Station is within range go to the Online Satellite Predictor at

Hmmmm... . time to get a dual bander????

9W2QC said...

Yes, I would like to confirm what 9W2XYZ has posted, that is the ISS crossband repeater is indeed on and working.

Tonight, 23/7/05 at 0911 hrs Malaysian Time, I managed to work the ISS crossband repeater and had a brief QSO with HS1JAN. However, there was no one on the entire pass other than HS1JAN.

So guys & gals, do give it a try, but please APPLY DOPPLER COMPENSATION ON THE UHF UPLINK!!! This is very important to avoid signal breaking up and QRM. (You can read my article in the MARTS newsletter for more information).

If you are using mobile rigs which has 5 khz steps, then you may wish to tune your uplink like 437.790, 437.795, 437.800 (at the highest elevation angle), 437.805, 437.810 (when you loose ISS).

Also, if possible, please use full duplex and if your rig is capable, the narrow FM mode.

Thank you and hope to hear work some stations on ISS.

Sion Chow Q. C.,

Rodney 9W2YJ said...

Dear Hams,

Have any none heard of this group 145.450MHZ...?