Thursday, July 07, 2005

2mNet Forum and Repeater Linking

Amateur Radio 2mNet and Repeater Linking

CQ.CQ.CQ - All interested parties, do take note that a 2mNet is planned on 29th July 2005.
We are calling for all parties, intending to link to a designated repeater (to be determined) to comment on this post (please leave your call sign). This is so that we can QSY an interface box to you for interfacing to EQSO/ECHOLINK, whichever voip provider you prefer. This box, belongs to MARTSNEWS.BLOGSPOT forum, and is to be returned to us after use. Prolonged use can be negotiated, if you have broadband facilities. Dialup alternatives can be considered but will not be prioritised.

The objective of this net is to connect as far, nationwide as possible with the intentions of permanent connection. So , please come out of the shadows, and we will make it happen!

Lastly, a date has been set, but no volunteers yet, so if you want to volunteer your time, do leave us a comment. Otherwise, one of the 40 Thieves (from AliBaba & 40 Thieves) will proceed to take the lead......

Cheerio! 73's....keep on DXing......

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