Saturday, July 16, 2005

Do you want to loose your rights to 70cm (UHF)?

We need to hear from you... How do you feel about having a UHF link hooked to Echolink or E-QSO? If it is favourable to us , we can then keep the 70cm band. We need your response urgently.



Anonymous said...

Loose the 70cm?? How is that possible,
isn't that band allocated to Amateur Radio Operation? Kindly elaborate for our benefit...

Perhaps, there may be a miscommunication.

Marts News said...

Hi anonymous,

It is true cos' the UHF frequency allocated for commerical usage is rapidly sparse.

There is a commercial value to these frequency and if we Ham Operators do not utilise them it will eventually erode into our allocated frequency, its a matter of time.

Hence, if we utilise our range of allocated frequency, it would be be favourable to us.

Thank you for your participation. We welcome more questions.


myHeliPad said...

hilang UHF Freq. oooo don't la do something, do promo to all HAM to get use of it. kalu dah hilang serupa hilang hak wooo... some one or team kena buat la sesuatu to get use apa yang dah ada tu.... nasib la saya belum ada lesen lagi, w/bagaipun i'll be behind the curtain, do something and make use of is, I dunno what to do but HAM must know something to maximise use of is....

Rodney (9W2YJ) said...

I should be good to have the 9M2RKL UHF repeater linked to echo link because many licensed B ham operator are still not equipt with UHF tranceiver.

Since there 9M2RKL is the only MARTS repeater in the country to use UHF band.

To fully utilized the UHF band allocated to us! The only way is to have it hooked up to eQSO and let hams without the UHF set use computers to eQSO with members which UHF radios.



9W2XYZ said...

It is true that we can loose ANY frequency. The guidelines remain simply that.. guides. Like passports, all radio facilities are a privelage, not a right.

To put it in perspective, someone told me that MAXIS pays the government 20 million to use the airwaves. How much do you think we pay the government? For so little money, we sure give them a lot trouble.

As for the e -QSO link. I am all for it. With a couple of caveats.
1. It increases your footprint, but not your loading. The number of users at any one time is limited. Imagine KL talking. How Penang can come in?
2. All gateways should retain local control.
3. This is not a permanent item. At least not yet.

That Bear put it. If you want to keep the frequency, you have to demonstrate need. Use it. This would be the fastest and most cost effective way.


9W2XYZ said...

By the way...
can we not have any anonymous names here please.

Be proud of your call sign.

9w2XI said...

guys, i tend to agree with 9W2XYZ, be proud, very proud of your callsign.


9W2BAD said...

yeap.. we can lose as what other stations had pointed out.. i wish i can use it but for the time being i only have single band.. the more-than-one band set is on its way but donno when it can reach me... most probably when i got the fund for it lah.. ;-P

err.. no more anonymous..? but u guys know who i was, whaaaaattt...??!

9w2XI - Wilson said...

Dear Fellow Ham Operators,
We hope to rope in more support from various Radio Club in East & West Malaysia. For a start this is our correspondance to ASTRA

sent by email to

Dear fellow Ham,
I'm writing on behalf of an active group of HAM users ( 40 thieves ) in KL, looking for support to utilise this bandplan before MCMC decides to 'take' away our privilege, why?, cos' it not utilise by fellow HAMS (

If Astra is in favour, we will then discuss this in greater length or perhaps you could direct us to your representative in KL to bring this to greater success.

How are we to achieve this? Given the 70cm bandplan, we hope to utilise the entire bandplan. This is only possible if we setup lots of nodes - it can be E-Qso or Echolink.

We do look forward to hearing from you ASAP. We must act before its too late ...
You may contact me at +6012-232.0393 at your convenience


9W2XYZ said...

Wilson, MARES is a go. According to 9W2AU.
By the way, can anyone tell me what ASTRA stands for?

9w2law said...

ASTRA: Malay Amateur Radio Society of Northern Peninsular Malaysia (What I can gather from their website).

If I may give my opinion, probably some of us, especially those who just got their license, only have single-banders. That is why maybe utilization of UHF frequencies allocated is on the low. Just my 2 cents opinion.

9w2XI - Wilson said...

Infomation update from our earlier correspondance to ASTRA received on the 19/07/2005

Hi Wilson..
Im Ujang 9W2AU from penang representing ASTRA..
Thanxs for the mail. Since MCMC has came out with a bandplan that state 70cm is part of the amateur frequencies i dont think MCMC will take away the priviledge from us..but anyway if u need our representative for futher discussion plz do not hesitate to call our KL/selangor coordinator Mr Pak Yub (9W2YR) at 013-3557145


extracted from an email address to me

9W2XYZ said...

Interesting info I thought our friends should know about.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005 - the FCC has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to eliminate morse code from all amateur licensing requirements. The proposal states that:

"Based upon the petitions and comments, we propose to amend our amateur service rules to eliminate the requirement that individuals pass a telegraphy examination in order to qualify for any amateur radio operator license. We believe that this proposal, if adopted, would (1) encourage individuals who are interested in communications technology, or who are able to contribute to the advancement of the radio art, to become amateur radio operators; (2) eliminate a requirement that we believe is now unnecessary and that may discourage amateur service licensees from advancing their skills in the communications and technical phases of amateur radio; and (3) promote more efficient use of the radio spectrum currently allocated to the amateur radio service. We solicit comments on our tentative conclusions. We decline to propose any other changes to amateur radio service licensing or operating privileges in this proceeding."

For more in depth information look up

9w2xyz said...

Also... and more related to this board. The 70 CM other places.

Philippine amateurs are in danger of losing 70cm. Here is an email from Eddie DU1EV and beneath it a report issued by the WIA.

This is a very worrying development which may spread to other countries. We have until July 22nd to file objections to the Philippines NTC

From Eddie DU1EV
Hi guys,
I attended a public hearing at our national telecommunications commission (NTC) to oppose the allocation of several ham frequencies for wifi access.

As I see it, if 430 MHz and 2.4 GHz are allocated for broadband access it might be picked up by amateur satellites and hamper (render impossible) our communications via satellite.

Please visit then click on "what's new" and click on "frequency band allocation for broadband wireless access"

During the hearing, the NTC said that it will receive comments up to 22 July 2005 (0900z).

If you are interested in opposing the said circular, may I request that you send a letter to

I would appreciate receiving a copy of your letter at du1ev at

If your National Society can also oppose this, I would appreciate it.

telephone: +63.917.814.2038
email: du1ev at

WIA Report:

Phillippine Amateurs May Lose 70cm

Hams in the Philippines are wondering how long it will be before they are ordered off of the 70 centimeter band. This, after that nations National Telecommunications Commission announces the inclusion of all of that band in spectrum it is considering being made available for broadband wireless networks.

The regulatory agency made the suggestion in a Memorandum titled "Frequency Band Allocations for Broadband Wireless Access." The surprise was the inclusion of 410 to 495MHz in nine bands. This includes the Amateur and Amateur Satellite spectrum including the internationally agreed-to allocations.

Jose Mari Gonzalez, DU1JMG, is the Manilla based president of PARA which is the Philippines national Amateur Radio society. He says that PARA opposes both the memorandum and the potential loss of 70 centimeters. He notes that 430 to 440 MHz includes the international amateur satellite band. He says that if and when the Philippines National Telecommunications Council decides to remove 70 cms access from ham radio that his organization will file an official complaint to the IARU.

This would likely lead to a complaint by the IARU to the International Telecommunications Union that would hopefully warn the NTC not to change the internationally agreed frequency allocations.

For its part, the Philippines National Telecommunications Council says it proposes to reallocate spectrum for broadband wireless networks in line with the thrust of the government to promote and facilitate the development of information and communications technology. Right now only about 5% of the population in The Philippines has access to the Internet, much less broadband, and this is partly due to the lack of infrastructure.


AhMeng said...

Although FCC has proposed to eliminate morse, it is still up to the country's regulating body to adopt it. There is also the problem of reciprocal licensing agreement where morse code is still used in general class license.

Jon said...

The 70cm (UHF) band is sorely under utilised by amateurs. We really do need to make more use of it. Technology (mobile/hand held radio) is rapidly out pacing us and we are in serious danger of being left behind. Governments the world over will start to look upon the "wasted" 70cm amateur portion with the intent to gaining income from selling it to commercial interests. Use it or lose.