Monday, July 04, 2005

UHF Repeater 9M2RKL - on air

UHF repeater up on Bukit Lanjan is UP and Running.

Our professional riggers - 9W2MTS Halim and SWL - Mohd Dan from Penang at work on top of the tower. For more pictures , click on the highlighted Title above

Special thanks to 9W2MTS, SWL - Mohd Dan , 9W2XYZ, 9W2 AXN, 9W2CBO, 9W2ACE, 9W2XL & 9W2MCT for your unselfish time sacrifice.


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9W2XYZ said...

There are a few people who have not been mentioned.
9M2RS - for allowing me to take the repeater.
9W2AA - the techinical guru who recalibrated the duplexer.
9W2XI - the man who stored and delivered the duplexer.

Marts News said...

Thanks guys!! you know who you are and a big thank you from the active HAM users.


AlsoAnonymous said...

is it just me or there is no highlighted title to click for pics..

anyway, good job guys..


9W2MCT said...

.....modesty, is the best policy....or is it?
WELL DONE GUYS, and Halim (9W2MTS) and Mohamad Dan (SWL)...if you are looking for apprentice, there is a whole list of guys.....I think!!
GREAT JOB....oh..for the record, all I did was take pictures, and provide ice water..HA HA
73s, 9W2MCT

Anonymous said...

That orange suit... hmmm... reminds me of Guantanamo Bay!

9W2XYZ said...

Great job guys, it was a blast. Few things to note. The next time up, someone let 9W2ACE abseil down. I gave him my harness......, he put it on....

and then....lightning and rain. So he didnt get a chance. Hahaha. Oh well.. .there will be next time. Maybe he can do it of RUK.

We welcome a new volunteer in his area of expertise - 9W2YCC. He has offered to help out when he can. Splendid.

Tony... keep the ice water coming. That is the most valuable commodity there. You can always depend on the 7-11 brothers.


Anonymous said...

9M2RKL is not in MCMC Register of Apparatus Assignments register. Not updated I supposed.

But hey who cares,
'the' repeater is uP and
its all good.

Well done to everybody who joined and contribute.

9w2XI - Wilson said...

9W2YCC a BIG thank you for your generous support and we welcome more HAM station to assist in any form or manner.