Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Interactive Martnews Forum

This link http://martsnews.ham-radio-op.net is a 'LIVE' website where you can post YOUR ideas and start YOUR own thread / discussion. This is to foster 'YOUR VOICE' and to make YOUR ideas a reality- if possible.

This website will only be a permenant only if we can raise the hardware donated by generous contributor, so like 9W2XYZ mentioned earlier - go dig up your garage and give away your old PC to us.

Currently, this website will only run from time to time as I do not have the necessary hardware.

We need to see participation and hear what the HAM community is saying, make your 'VOICE' heard. You may post in any langguage that you are comfortable in ( we, have langguage experts... ha ha ha) and you don't need to be a writer to pen down your ideas. Just plain old 'suara pasar' will do

We are not here to judge you, WE just want to hear from YOU.



Marts News said...

Information to all beta tester,
This link is available at these times

9.am - 6pm (Mon- Fri)
10.30pm - 1.am (Mon - Fri)

We are working hard to provide access to this forum on a 24x7 hour basics


Ninty Whiskey Dua Lima Whiskey said...

who to contact to discuss about the forum up time? drop me a line at likwei at arach dot net dot au

Marts News said...

thank you for your interest, we are working hard to get this 'interactive' site online on a 24x7 basics.

We are currently having difficulty as we do not hav the necessary hardware - we are looking for old PCs donated by generous contributor; P3 or better.

It is our interest also that we get this site online ASAP. The time mentioned above is +8 GMT.

Do visit us for latest updates.