Monday, July 11, 2005

Active Ham members from Down Under - JB

One for the 40Thieves Album
LtoR(sitting);9W2JAS-Jason;9W2TSK-Kumar;9W2LRR-Raymond;9W2PAT-Patrick; 9W2JAC-Jackie
(Standing)9W2MCT-Tony;SWL BOB

Lets make sure, after all KL-Ali Baba is 385kms away......

9W2TSK-Kumar, you know ah.....I have been supporting MARTS since.....
.and this one ah....even money cannot buy woh.... (find out more in our next update)

One More for the 40Thieves Album

(Standing)9W2MCT-Tony;SWL BOB

8th June 2005 - 40Thieves Makes Eyeball contact with JHB

An unforgettable, but most definitely enjoyable eyeball!! On my way to attend to some saltmine matters with SWL Bob (would be 9W2), we got back from V1 land, giving 9W2LRR some 4 hours to gather the posse for an Eyeball in Permas Jaya, Johor Bharu.

As we were ‘naked’(Riglesslah….kereta tidak ada RIG), we couldn’t communicate via RF, but help came in the form of the mobile phone. Meeting up with Raymond-9W2LRR was no problem, he led us to the drinking hole, from our RV point at Jusco Permas Jaya.
Not knowing anyone else, (haven’t eyeballed many stations from Johor Bharu), we quickly stated our intentions, and gave the usual ‘2 only’ warning!
Before long, 9W2PAT-Patrick (ex 9W2XJ), and 9W2JAC-Jackie(ex9W2JX) arrived and formalities were exchanged. A few words, exchanged, and then 9W2JAS-Jason, and friend (would be SWL- hopefully) Meng popped in. Syabas to JASON for scoring some 10 months ago…..sudah ada harmonics…..
The evening carried on and before long, it was already running past 1 am, and well past the ‘2 only story’.

The eyeball was certainly a milestone, as we agreed in part, to help eachother connect through Echolink, and set up a ‘would e National Connection – Central, South, North, East, and East-East….Sabah & Sarawak lah…’

But what was most interesting was meeting up with the last station that showed, up, exactly 8minutes 46 seconds, after receiving an Eyeball invitation from Raymond, yes, stand up, 9W2TSK-Kumar, he popped in all ready. This is a story of . . . . .a longtime MARTS supporter…..We intend to tell the story, but lets keep this here for now. We will post up his story, and hopefully, those who can relate to it will be able to blog it.

73’s for now, and if you do recognize this guys (photo’s enclosed), do check in as we are targeting a Central – South hook up on the 22nd Jul , 2130Hrs for the South Region 2mNet.

QSP 73s from 9W2PAT&9W2JAC to the following – 9M2SQ-Suresh, 9M2DS-Pak Dollah, 9W2XI-Wilson, 9W2AA-Jit and all those who know them.



9W2JAS said...

Thanks for the company, Tony.
Ha! I will find a scanner for Kumar, as soon as possible!

whoelsebutme said...

i think the caption for the 1st & last pix has been accidentally switched..
can delete this comment once it's rectified...


9W2XYZ said...

Nice one Tony. It is a nice episode to report. And you know we can use more good news.

And is it just me or does the comment above read as 'wholesome butt'?

9W2TSK said...

Thanks Tony, i'll get my documents scanned & get my story to you

9W2MCT said...

thanks guys....
Belief me, the drive was a torture..HA HA ..should have taken Pat's offer..

Looking forward to sending back the PC for our link.
Whoops...the mistake corrected, miscommunication on my part.

Keep on DXing, guys, 73s
Ohh yes, Pak Dollah agreed to make the trip next time round...

DR Patrick Chin - 9W2PAT said...


I told ya to take my free night stay offer....hahahhaa....anyway...great time together...

My licensed Windows 98 & PC and others are ready and only awaiting for ya "BOX" only.

9w2mct said...

copy that, Pat, will do so. Target to test in KL on Saturday...then send to you by courier....
73s to all.....