Thursday, July 21, 2005

2mNet Johor-KL..UPDATE

Sincere Apologies to our loyal bloggers of this site!
Our intentions to have the KL-Johor 2mNet was to suffer a setback, not due to the London bombings though, but because of late receipt of approval from Marts. This is not the fault of the Marts Council though, but perhaps, not enough time was given, both for the approval, as well as the application of the relevant Licenses from MCMC.

So, please hold your horses, and we will get all in order before, proceeding with another announcement. Due to this development, the 29th July 2mNet is also postponed.

Our sincere thanks to 9W2PAT (Patrick, Johor), SWL Lee (Besut, Trengganu), 9M2NCL (Andre, Penang) for having the patience with us.

Keep on DXing.....and Blogging too....

1 comment:

9W2XYZ said...

I thought Andre from Penang is now 9M2NCL?


Has he been downgraded?