Friday, March 31, 2006

A tribute to 9M2GL - a news piece on NST Website

check out for

Web Exclusive : Now you can talk to you astronaut via ham radio

Edited on April 1, 2006. Click HERE to download a pdf copy of this story.


Anonymous said...

She has given a bit of publicity to Abang Ssyukur.
Congratulations Abang Ssyukur. Want to know who he is ask Hajar.

Lady9w2jar said...

Haiya, that one only u spot ka? What a waste.

Anonymous said...

Good article.Only one thing,
should not have been mentioned. It is not a radio society but being used to thrash one another.Kasi malu sama amateur radio saja.

All the best Hajar

Abang handsome he he heh

9w2axn said...

thnk u for promoting the hobby, n it was fittin tribute to 9m2gl, thnx

9W2xyz said...

9m2gl signed my ticket.
Kept pushing me.

Makes tea everytime I visit.

Godspeed and blessings to one of the most open minded and
tolerant men I know.

9w2mct said...

People will always try to 'spot' your weak side. Keep up the good work and hope your interest grows in the hobby.
Keep on writing . . .


9W2Xi - Wilson said...

Don't let the negative comments takes the better of you. Keep up your spirit to promote the hobby.