Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In memoriam of 9M2GL

It is with great sadness that we announce yet another passing in the HAM fraternity.
9M2GL -
HJ.IDRIS BIN HJ. ZAINUDIN better known as Pak Hj Idris, who passed away at his home in Old Klang Road on the evening of 28th March 2006.

The late Pak Hj Idris was laid to rest at the 13th Mile Puchong Muslim cemetery adjacent to USJ21, after Zohor prayers today, 29th March 2006.

For all of us, his advices and guidance would be sorely missed. Our prayers and heartfelt condolences and thoughts go out to his family and friends.

From our muslim friends, - Al Fatihah

May his soul rest in peace …

9M2GL – you will always be remembered. You have left behind a legacy.


Rodney 9W2YJ said...

On behalf of my neighbour Mr. Selvam (ex RTM colleague) and family would like to express their condolences to the family and friends.

And not forgetting for being one of my mentor, where ever your are... if you can hear us... we will missed you dearly.


Rodney and family.

Anonymous said...

We lost an incredibly modest, helpful and respectable HAM figure, whose spirit of selfless contribution to the society should and must be recognized and upheld.

We should continue to uphold and practice this spirit to eliminate our differences based on what late Pak Haji demonstrated to us.

May he rest in peace with Allah.

Anonymous said...

I have known Hj Idris for many years.He had his technical training in Australia and even had a VK callsign. He has imparted his knowledge to many people irrespective creed or colour.He has conducted many RAE and CW classes. In fact he conducted the CW class on the air, the night before he passed away..He was very happy when he knew that many of his students
passed the CW test on the 28th March.On the same evening a group of MARES members met him to discuss a revision class before the RAE. He agreed to it.At 8.30pm I received a call from a friend that he collapsed in his house.I told him that I will go to his house immediately.Before I could leave the house, another call came and he has gone forever.His demise is a loss to the ham community. We cannot find another person like him. His dedication to ham radio is exemplary.My deepest condolonces to the family members.To Tuan Haji you may have gone, our friendship will be remembered forever.
Al Fatihah.

Note. Many people have borrowed books ,tools etc from him. Please return them to the family. )His family asked me to convey their thanks to friends for their support during their bereavement.

Kawan Lama

Anonymous said...

I am not a ham. However, I will miss his voice conducting the CW lessons on the 2 metre net. I will also miss his early morning chats normally with 9M2AU.

He was the only ham operator that I have met face to face and had shown me his Yaesu 5R. I will never forget the way he explained Amateur Radio to me. I totally agree that his passing is a great loss not only to the local HAM community but also to the others related to this hobby.

My deepest condolonces to the family members.

Al Fatihah....

Mike Echo Golf Alpha

Lady9w2jar said...

I still cant forget the nights I learn to copy his CW in my car when I come back from saltmine some years ago. Even if I was too tired to join the class, I came on air to tell him that I was listening, just to kept him company. Most of his students did the same to show respect. Its very, very difficult to find another teacher like him, who can easily make amateur radio interesting even to someone with no basic like me. Arwah never look down at anyone, even to people who cant seems to make sense of electronic and electricity. He had put his trust in our interest to join amateur radio, and had taught with his heart and soul. He waved jokes in his lessons to keep students awake, which made people more drawn to the hobby.
Its rather difficult to hold the crystal waters down my eyes thinking of our lost.

Hope Allah bless his soul and hope his spirit of ham radio continue to live among us.

9M2NAZ said...

It won't be easy to find another person like him who has contributed alot to the HAM community in this country. I am glad to know that many of his students passed the recent CW exam.

Al Fatihah.

9W2GL said...

First person who responded to my call in RUK without a call sign. His willingness to share his knowledge freely without hesitation. Thru his guidance I pass my RAE, and I became 9W2GL. With his dedication help my brother to pass his RAE, became 9W2WAN. When we meet he would refer to me as his young bro or sometime his shadow.

His memories, guidance and knowledge will be cherish forever by me and my bro.

A great loss.

My he rest in peace

9W2MCT said...

It was indeed a shock, when I got the call from 9W2CCW, an confirmed that his QSP was from 9W2TU. I was at that time away from my rig, and hence was not able to relay the message, which most hams, would want to know off. Pak Haj Idris has contributed a lot to the HAM community.
He would be sadly missed.
His CW Lesssons were legendary, and I am certain he will be missed by those who were near to him.
He will definately be proud of his 'anak buah' who passed the recent CW.

May his soul rest in peace.
Farewell, our fellow HAM .

9W2MCT - Tony

9W2EE said...

I am saddened by the news of the passing away of 9M2GL. I recall the days when I used to listen in to his classes and stopped after a while because my saltmine duties kept me away from my rig.

I received the sad news from 9M2RT whilst I was away in ZL land. In fact, I am still here in ZL land and am very sad that I could not pay my last respects to Arwah.

It was only a few days before I left for ZL land that I tuned in again to 9M2GL's class. I am glad at least I was able to hear him on air before his demise.

May his soul rest amongst the pious, Al Fatihah.


9w2wan said...

He brought the books, he answered the questions and he told me what I needed to know. He got to go out of the house for a smoke and teh tarik. I believe I got the better deal. Will remember him whenever I use the radio on the ground or in the air.
May GOD bless his friendly soul