Wednesday, March 22, 2006

2m Celebration net PDRM day..24th March 2006

It was 2200hrs when the PDRM 2m Net started. 9M2MRC, being MARTS official event call sign was used. 9W2MCT- Tony started the net, before 9M2DS-Pak Dollah took over. Perhaps, insignificant to most, the 199th Royal Malaysian Police Day, provided some insight to what PDRM is up to, as well as some historical information on the formation of PRDM. Other information provided through the net was the launch of the MARTS 2m National Repeater link, that went live on air recently. Except for some technical problems between the Ulu Kali and Brinchang link, most stations from the Northern region has been working the link.
The RAE announced earlier in the week by MCMC, was also mentioned, and along with that, MARES's RAE class this weekend was also announced. The GTI Club-V-Sixers-Gen 2 club event family drive to Koh Samui come June 2006 was also announced. Coincidentally, our friends from these clubs, were getting ready for a morning drive, recce to the destination. We wish them bon voyage. The net drew to a close around 2340 hrs with the final list of stations checking in as below;

1.9M2DSm oper 9M2CJ 2.9W2IZWm 3.9W2LLTm 4.9M2NAZm 5.9W2WIL 6.9W2XYZ
7.9W6RIE echlink 8.9W6AZG echolink 9.9M2KX 10.9M2AI 11.9W6SMB echolink
12.9W2AZL 13.9W2RWp 14.9W2RNRp
'On site' check in:
15.9M2CF 16.9W2AD 17.9W2DTR 18.9W2SSJ 19.9W2SAI 20.9W2ALT 21.9W2BTL
22.9W2ICE 23.9W2AFY 24.9W2WAN 25.9W2GL 26.9W2AXN 27.9W2GU
28.9W2XZ 29.9W2WLC 30.9w2THS 31.9W2ALX



Anonymous said...

With due respect to Pak Dollah who runs the net, I feel the net does not benefit anybody. Why dont we conduct discussions on topics regarding the coming RAE.At least it will benefit the newcomers. I have not heard MARTS conducting the RAE classes yet. We have the resources.. utilise it.

11 sen comment

Anonymous said...

9m2ds this is 9W2?? you are 59 QRU

All those check in say the same thing over and over again.
So where is the benefit.The Malay says " Menghabihkan boreh aja "
Rice and electricity is not cheap these days.

Makan Capati

Anonymous said...

so... what's your problem?? If you dont want to participate.. then dont. No one is asking you to do so...

What have you got to do with it??? Do you have any suggestion??

Boreh den boli sendiri laa.. abih tak abih den punya hal laaaa.... kalau ekau punyo boreh abih, mintak sodokah lah ngan den... ...hik!

Kalau boreh mahal, ekau tanam sendiri.... kalau "electricty is not cheap" ekau pakai pelita laaa... tapi minyak tu mahal jugo... jadi den nasihatkan ekau supaya tanam sendiri lah boreh tu... duduk dalam golap je..tak bolih nak baco majalah Ujang pon. duduk diam-diam.. abih cerita...

Nasi Lomak Ikan Masin Paneh

Anonymous said...

Wah liau man.....people post relevant issues, kena hounded by ghostly comments from unknown buggers....
Pepole create and conduct 2m net, also providing information...kena sound...
lucky we all thich skin still do what WE HAVE INTEREST IN.....if we bother you so much, go and have some
goreng pisang......and play far far.....

Anonymous said...

aiyaaaa.... you also one of the unknown buggers what.... see... no name also..

but you and I support the 2M net activity. That's the only different...

I think those who oppose it dont know that other repeaters are also active doing it. There is a place where they conduct 2M net everyday from 7.30pm onwards. If you dont know... go and find out.

Anonymous said...

why ham guys all like lady mouth.
Selalu lawan. Buat sikit berita pun tidak boleh.
WHY??? Ham KL ended up this way???
Do we need PENANG & 9M help to put KL back to track.

Anonymous said...

wah.... PENANG??? 9M???? KL??? U iah boh...

WHat do you mean by that posting???
There no issue of PENANG & 9M here... posting like yours is the one who cause all the unnecessary things..

Anonymous said...

sigh, this is the issue of KL HAMs. just a 2m celebration net also got things to say. what u guys want? like Bruce Almighty & be a god right? go jump from 30th floor then can be a candidate la. but don't forget u might be the 1 to be sent down under, & not up u know??

of course "ooo iah" lor!!! last time many of u guys went up to penang & fought for positions what!!! but ended up being kicked out. that's the issue and because of this, u guys started this blogspot mar, to show u guys are smarter asses than penang guys mar!

and there's this pathetic blogger write BM also don't know how to spell correctly. if u don't know how to spell correctly, let my kids teach u BM la. lu siapa??? John doe ka? ada ic ka?? u renang mari ka??? dari mana? atau u punya gigi semua dicabut masa u budak lagi sampai u punya ejaan semua kelam kabut ka????

Anonymous said...

It's real fun reading. U guys are good jokers exchanging good ideas. Better than radio QSO. Please carry on....interesting to read on...

Anonymous said...

Hi guys..

What's the fuss is all about?? It looks like no ending from the past to present. SOme people still looking backwards. How long u guys wanna debate of who shall do the job and who is good??

Which is it now??? MARTS or PARTS??????

I think the posting is not in BM. It is one of the dialect in N9.
Know something before "hantam" people. Looks like you still dont know what we have in our beautiful country. How to be Malaysian???

Anonymous said...

oh, is it? can u find those words from Kamus Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka???? If u can, then i bow down!

Anonymous said...

Dialect is for "SPOKEN" not "WRITTEN". Know something before you stick up for people.

Anonymous said...

Kanni na boo...whats all the fuss.
Nothing better to do ha? Have projects on antenna, power supply,frequency counter,grid dip meter and 1001 more. That will keep you busy for the next 100 years.
BTW what is the blog suppose to achieve... let people fight one another.

Bo Hor

Anonymous said...

What so special about 9M & Penang?

9M is just a prefixed, they got their 9M prefixed bcoz they passed the Morse test. But that doesn't mean they are that great. If they just wanna group among themselves then they are also useless. Good ears & brains but bad mouthing!

Penang - good Char Kuey Teow, nasi kandar & pretty girls. Other than that they (Marts Council Members) are just a bunch of people who thinks they are so hip, clever, macho, handsome and whatever..... Even one of them who lived in Seberang Prai also thinked he's so smart. As though Marts is Persatuan Petani. Talk like good good but zer'0'. The other one thats from Alor Setar thinks he's good in come he's not a lawyer? But if he's a lawyer....worse....pusing sana pusing sini!

So if you who have the intention to make things bad to worst.....don't make your comments here. Just stay in Penang or if you are from Penang working & staying in KL better know how to behave yourself coz you "cari makan" here".

Give some ideas & contribute don't shit on your plate of rice & scolded your own kids for shitting.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah..what all the fuss lah. Better go and do something useful lah. The linking repeater in KL very difficult to trigger... Lagi baik do something to it lah

9W2SSJ said...

Why not YOU complain to MARTS Committee yourself..instead of bickering here..when YOU say we are not doing anything useful?

Anonymous said...

Why call this blogspot ""
It has nothing to do with MARTS.
Is this blogspot wholly for MARTS members.? I see non members also hantam MARTS.They dont pay fees and they have no right even to talk about MARTS existence. So it is high time someone clarify . The mission statement says to protect the interest of amateur radio in Malaysia.The next paragraph talk about MARTS. Are we are being taken for a ride to satisfy someones disappointment for not being elected into MARTS council.
This blog was formed after the AGM in 2005.You can cheat some people all the time but you cant cheat all people all the time.

Anti Cheat

Anonymous said...

dont like dont comein

Anonymous said...

Deep inside yr heart what have u guys achieve for the ham society since past 15 months?

Someone please answer?????

Now, what happen to the recent major issue on the abolishment of CW, HF open band and the radios AP.
Someone speak and think like a hero and just wanted some ham attention???

It's easy to said than done. U young guys do not have the contacts and capability to handle this major task.
The 9Ms can help to make this happen but do u think they will help?....
So, do it 9Ws.....

Anonymous said...

so young guys cannot do anything??? Thats mean ham is oldman hobby??? ha ha ha ha ha.... welldone 9M....

Anonymous said...

This blogspot was mainly created for some disappointed, frustrated members to embarass MARTS Council members 2005 /2006.So please stop all this nonsense. Put you effort and energy and divert to genuine
interest to improvise MARTS. If you want to be President, you can be but follow the proper procedure.
Non members and those whose fee was walloped by someone else and did not reach the treasurer cannot participate in MARTS election. You are not a member in benefit.This is simple logic.The question of 9W or 9M dooes not arise. Make sure you pay the fees, your nominations are in order. Proposes and seconders are also members in benefit.. 2007 is not far away...get ready if you are interested.

Selalu kena tipu

Just a Normal Malaysian said...

Interesting topic we have here. But do not understand why make such a BIG FUSS about this blog and those behind it. Thought ham community should be a close group but I guess some are a little jealous of what those who want to make a different are doing or little frustrated that something they been hoping for, did not get done by those pushing for.

Don't be a normal Malaysian and wait for things to happen. Don't make a fuss or laugh at those trying to get something going.

Sound obvious those making comments are the 9Whiskeys. Whether you are pro MARTS or against, your just want to make yourself be heard. So make yourself be heard by combining your effort. The 9Mike ain't gonna support you with all those negaive comment against them.

No one gonna make anything happen if you don't make it happen yourself. But I must congratulate that there many creative people around which make this blog an interesting spot.

9W2MCT said...

Wah liau.....there seems to be quite a few people out there who are just quite ready to 'jump'
on us. "What have we achieved in the past 15 months?" . Well, for one, we have been active on 2m, yes, we disseminated info on certain relevant 'insignificant', to others, significant to some people days....i.e PDRM, Intl Womens Day...etc. Perhaps some people don't like it, but some people do.
I for one think that we have achieved some objectives some what.
15 months ago, there was no forum for HAM members to voice out their dissatisfaction.
Now, everyone seems to want to say something but, acting like pirates. What you do not know, is that whenever, you leave a comment, it is your semi consicous way of saying, HEAR ME PLEASE.....
So? What are we doing? There are certainly a few of us who intend to run for office next year, and given that we are already doing our part to 'activate' Central region, and creating, both forums, and eyeballs, I for one think that there is sufficient improvement.
I can personally attest that there were some new stations who have gained more knowledge here talking and sharing with others, as compared to 15 months ago. .. .
So to those who still want to put us down, 'jump' on us, critisize us, keep that up, for, each time you do that, it justpushes us a little more . .

Anonymous said...

wow! even hokkien bad words also come out ar? u guys r cool, man!

it must be the reason why RKK is so silent these days. ppl r monitoring the blogspot now, even myself. :)

Anonymous said...

i guess it's not the right way to insult people's mother by saying "kan ni nia bo" even though u r anonymous.

ur mother gave birth to you the tough way & u wanna f*** other's mother?? r u human??? pls think b4 u say. don't be an animal.

Anonymous said...

What is the meaning of "kan ni nia bo " ? Ini Melayu tak tau cakap cina lo.It seems something obscene,
not too sure guessing only.

There is no place for obscenity here.You may go to Lorong Haji Taib, KL and shout all those words as lous as you like.

Malai Chai

Anonymous said...

cukop lah, cukop lah, kau liau mai liau.

not happy go mares website and down load the form and fill it up -go to jln tinggi club house and submit.they some more want to set up a special unit for lady members to recruit XYLs and YLs and SWLs 2 become ham operators. that's proactive, that's wanting to contribute to the ham community. marts ? unite the men oso cannot what more the rest. here all like wo - man only know 'kan ni na boo' and bickering.

no membership card man

Anonymous said...

ComeOn guys, We are hams,WE..

CONSIDERATE...never knowingly operates in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.

LOYAL...offers loyalty, encouragement and support to other amateurs, local clubs, and the American Radio Relay League, through which Amateur Radio in the United States is represented nationally and internationally.

PROGRESSIVE...with knowledge abreast of science, a well-built and efficient station and operation above reproach.

FRIENDLY...slow and patient operating when requested; friendly advice and counsel to the beginner; kindly assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others. These are the hallmarks of the amateur spirit. is an avocation, never interfering with duties owed to family, job, school or community.

PATRIOTIC...station and skill always ready for service to country and community.

--The original Amateur's Code was written by Paul M. Segal, W9EEA, in 1928

Anyway, to "Makan Capati" , if you feel that 2m net does not benefit anybody, why don't you run a net and provide some informative info like our late 9M2GL did, just don sit there and leave any comments like u did.IF you feel any place need futher improvement, just feel free to contact marts at or just propose your idea on air. Your idea maybe will contribute to the local ham community in one day.
t...Anyway, are you a Ham or A pirates ? THANKS.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

This joker is loyal to American Radio Relay League.... What a joke.
Dont behave like a parrot...follow only. You must think a bit. Dont let your grey matter idle. We are in Malaysia brother. Who cares about ARRL or Amecica the agressor.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 4/01/2006 10:53 AM ==

I just want to know that how much you know about the "Amateur's Code" . i'm not a joker nor loyal to American Radio Relay League, what i'm trying to mention take we can inspired or get some main points/ideas from the "Amateur's Code" Did you see that the code is written at 1928, but what he wrote is true, We must listen to the past, looking into the future.

"We are slow and patient operating when requested; friendly advice and counsel to the beginner; kindly assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others. These are the hallmarks of the amateur spirit."

BTW, do you have the hallmarks of the amateur spirit ?? ..did u give friendly advice ,kindly assistance and counsel to the beginner, Did u do that....

just think and try to understand before you post again..If u don't know anything about the history of the ham radio, just keep your mouth shut...
and finally, what do you mean by "behave like a parrot..follow only" i need your clarification on that.

Using Yaesu FT-847

Anonymous said...

Oh! Using Yaesu FT 847 eh . Oh that model is out of date, Why dont you try FTDX 9000D. It has the highest quality with the utmost in operating effeciency and technological advancement to enhance your total operating experience.
It has large TFT, data management unit and flash memory slot built in. Main/sub receiver VRF plus dual receice capabality, three u-tuning modules for 160 - 20m. 50V/ internal switching regulator power supply.
If you dont understand any of the terms above, refer to Yaesu
This email is paid by Yaesu

Anonymous said...

Aiya, you orang ya, stop it la..sua liao la. Ppl punya rig also complain.So u using the FTDX 9000D hor..good bo the rig?..u suan siao yeasu FT-847 means that you suan siao yaesu punya engineer la...LOL joking nia la..9M punya ppl also talk like 9M punya style wan ma...don go chap siao ppl la..let them talk lor..but he talk punya also got sense la..some also correct also ma

Anonymous said...

Ini tempat manyak hantu lah.Satu olang cakap tiga oolang cucuk. Atas bawas cucuk, sampai tak bole tahan lagi.Kasi tutup lagi baik. Orang bole cakap sama 2 meter.

Nang bo ti nang, kui boh ti kui.

Pegi malam steak Colesiuem Cafe.. hailam bikin punya lagi sidap.